Lukács Szarka

Lukács Szarka [loo-kah-ch sar-ka] is the son of Zaets Russo and Kezia Havok. Born on January 1st, 2008 in Csenyéte, Hungary, he is just your average, fabulous, snakeoil salesman.

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It started with Zaets Russo falling in love with a woman named Kezia. He believed he'd found a mate with her, and for a time they lived happily ever after. They bore a large litter of children together, raising them with the pack Kezia had been traveling with, moving around Europe. As soon as the children were born she changed, growing moody and unhappy, lashing out often. After a final confrontation between the two Zaets was forced to leave. But Lukács ran away, trailing after his father as he boarded a ship and returned to his birthplace in Canada, only to find it burned to the ground and nothing remaining but ash. Together, once Lukács had revealed his presence, they traveled across the mountains in the trail of all those who'd fled long before and took up temporary residence in the abandoned human city.

In 'Souls Luka leaves his father to travel on his own, and he quickly heads south again. After a time in the Caribbean, he returns to Europe. In Budapest he gets by as a petty thief and a snake oil salesman. This earns him the nickname “Szarka”, which he readily adopts. Prague is his second home, though he prefers not to be tied down to a single place. He visits his father in Sobirat'sya at least once every year or so, and his mother in Csenyéte more often, though he always returns to Prague after these wandering stints. He is a known trader, peddling whatever he can get his hands on and despite his absences he has developed a loyal business. When he returns he normally comes bearing something interesting from afar.

He is the father to a son named Dmitri, named after his own half-brother for his red hair, though they have no relationship. Luka shirked his duties one too many times, and like his mother before him, he couldn't stand the idea of being a parental figure. As a result, he does not know his son or his whereabouts.

Family: Russo


Luka is a lazy, hedonistic creature. He prefers to sit back, relax, and enjoy life. Inadvertently this leaves him with questionable morals. He is unreliable, promiscuous, and lies often. He refuses to be tied down to anything and shirks commitment. Even so, he is loyal to his family—when it suits him. He is the guy at the party smoking a clove cigarette, playing guitar, and hitting on your girlfriend.


Luka's coat is mostly white, overlain with pale gray and traces of black. His eyes are deep amber. His build is lean and slender, almost effeminate. His hair is long and pin-straight, hanging down to his mid-back. He has multiple piercings: his left eyebrow contains two rings, each ear various small hoops, and his right ear has a small stud in the upper side. His tongue is pierced by a silver barbell and both of his nipples are pierced. On his wrist is a small symbol is branded. His accent is peculiar, not matching any one particular part of the world, like Tommy Wiseau. Wears lots of silver jewelry—rings, bracelets, necklaces, and anklets. Dresses like a rockstar bohemian and carries around a lute that he often plays.

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Outside of playing the lute, Luka is particularly skilled at picking up languages. This is helped by his extensive traveling lifestyle, immersing himself so often in foreign places. He speaks Czech, Romani, English, Hungarian, and Russian with varying amounts of fluency.

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