Luka Eder

Luka Eder

by Mars



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Date of Birth

14 March 2011




Lawful Neutral





A river in Germany






Birth place

Alzenau, Germany



50% Gray Wolf
25% Small Münsterländer
12.5% Eurasian Wolf
12.5% Steppe Wolf




Current pack None
Current rank Journeyman


Alzenau (14 Mar 2011 - 21 Aug 2012)
Child, Apprentice

Luka is the son of Niklas Eder? and Lea Eder?. He was born in March 2011 and was en-route to North America from Europe in August 2012. He stepped foot in Nova Scotia in November 2012.

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1.  Appearance

Luka is quite an intimidating size for a wolfdog, resembling more of his wolf heritage though holding features of his münsterländer heritage. He has a long, broad head with long legs, a straight and slightly whip-like tail, big paws and slender loins with a broad chest. His ears are a tad bit large for a wolves, the left floppy and the right erect.

Sizing Chart





124 lbs
(56 kg)

38 in
(82 cm)


211 lbs
(96 kg)

38 in
(96 cm)


256 lbs
(116 kg)

6ft 9in (81 in)
(206 cm)

Prefers Optime form.

1.1  Coloration & Fur

His fur ranges from a medium length around his ears, limbs and tail to a coarse and bushy texture that covers the rest of him. In colouration he is mostly a Mottled Gray (#808080), his flanks a Light Gray (#D3D3D3) and a Rusty Gray (#6F564C) along his back with Taupe (#483C32) patches covering part of his back and left side, as well as his head. His eyes are a vibrant Viking (#64DBC0) and his skin is Ebony Clay (#222730).

1.2  Other


  • Four across his right shoulder.
  • A nick on the top of his nose.
  • Multiple punctures on his right hip.
  • Mass of scarring on his right flank.
  • Missing his left ring finger.


  • Ear piercings (left ear only):
    • Four evenly spaced on the upper ear -- jade studs
    • One on the lower ear, stretched -- part of a finger bone
  • Navel -- silver bar
  • Septum, stretched -- small bird's bone


  • A bone hilted, silver dagger in a custom leather thigh sheath.

2.  Personality

  • Many might find Luka a dull lad; being quite precise and frank, rigid in his views and not kind to the idea of goofing off or play. Otherwise they would find him intelligent and observant, as well as a key asset to have on their side when things get rough.
  • He only exists to improve on himself and gain knowledge of the world, finding no other joys to occupy himself other than this. Everything else is just a necessity; fighting, socializing, sex. He may seem aloof at times but he is always calculating every situation and taking in any and all information thrown his way.
  • He tries to avoid conflict of any kind but knows it is inevitable, always preparing himself mentally and physically in case a challenge ever arose. He does try to keep to himself to avoid any discord but knows it is necessary to interact to gain information and that a curious soul or two will cross his path, starting to become quite apt at socialization after his sea voyage.

Possible Development

Luka may learn to come to enjoy certain peoples company and actually find a bond in someone. This would be a very rare case though as he prefers to maintain his distance to keep from hurting others or getting hurt himself and so that he can always keep a sharp mind.

  • Fears: Heights, isolation, drowning and ostracization
  • Motivations: Knowledge, improvement
  • Traits Rigid, precise, frank, realistic, steely

2.1  Ideals


He has no known biases as of yet, preferring to keep an open mind in the pursuit of knowledge.


Pansexual or omnisexual; he prefers female partners but has been known to enter in rare sexual encounters with males. He is by no means a romantic or a monogamist, and has no strong desire to procreate.


He is not against the use of substances, having tried marijuana and alcohol multiple times on his sea voyage, but does not actively seek it out.


Having never been taught anything involving or pertaining to spirituality Luka is in no way a spiritual person, though he is open to learning about any spiritual aspects.

3.  History

3.1  Pre-'Souls

Reared in a community called Alzenau in Germany Luka was raised a happy pup alongside his younger sister. Members of Alzenau were all encouraged to take on a job that they would apprentice in until they were skilled enough to practice it themselves, as well as encouraged to pursue other passions. Being the young, headstrong lad that he was he decided upon warrior, though dabbled in fishing and keeping history.

He learned to make weapons, the skills of unarmed and armed combat as well as the history of human war and the wars of their time. One night he was fast asleep beneath the pages of a book when cries of fire broke him out of his rest. Bandits had found their quaint town and were ravaging his people and their resources. Headstrong as he was he rushed out of his home to aid in fighting the bandits off, battling tooth and claw and amassing many an injury until he was finally knocked out by a stray rock. When he awoke the village was in cinders and the corpses of his loved ones scattered about like a child's discarded dolls. He spent a week burying his family, his friends and his mentors. His soul had died along with them.

He had taken from this harsh experience that he could look after only himself or face the harsh pains of loss again. He decided to pursue his studies elsewhere, adopting the title of journeyman out of necessity and searching out a way to seek his revenge. In his travels he reached the sea and stumbled upon a port city where he befriended the Captain Betwick and in turn his crew. The young lad sought their aid in his revenge and Betwick saw no issue in taking what had already been taken. With their ship they set off around the coast to gain on the bandits more swiftly, tracking them down until finally in the night, on land, they stumbled upon the bandits. It was a merciless killing and the crew had attained quite a bit of loot, admiring Luka for gaining them so much, but Luka himself got little out of what had passed and knew he would need more to fill the hole that had been formed by his loss.

The crew soon decided to sail overseas to North America for different prospects and since Luka had little to go back to he joined them. At first he was a wreck aboard the ship; sick as a dog--no pun intended--and barely a clue as to what it took to run a ship. Soon though he was securing sails and playing dice like the best of them, gaining piercings to mark his status with the crew and amassing a knowledge from across the globe. Now he has landed on Nova Scotlan soil and has decided to continue on his search for what will one day, hopefully, sate him.

3.2  'Souls



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3.3  Threads


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