Character, by Amanda
Name MeaningHeart of a Man
Name OriginAnother word for Lupin, a female dominate breed of werewolf.
Date of BirthSeptember 2nd, 2011
Age3 years
Subspecies50% Canis latrans
50% Canis lupus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth PlaceEl Paso, Texas

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Lubin is a cannibal coywolf from the border of what used to be Mexico and U.S.A., she is now in Souls, hungry and alone, she eats puppies that travel too far from home, or puppies that have no adults protecting them.

Apart from that, she is also a healer and a spiritualist.


Lubin is a female coyote/wolf hybrid from the deep south.

Her birth pack's and her own ancestors dated back to a wolf sanctuary where the wolves were looked after in their fenced in community. This was a haven for wolves and wolf-dogs alike. But it soon became a death trap upon the fall of humanity. Their protectors had made sure that the wolves could not escape and there they starved and rotted, at first, they dared not touch the dead, but when their starvation worsened, the pack began to become desperate and ate the remains of those who had left them, allowing the stronger members to survive a little longer. Soon, their pack dwindled in numbers and all hope seemed lost, until... a small pack of coyote siblings came across the trapped wolves. They were curious, they could smell death and fear and hear the quiet cries of the mourners and dying. The smartest of the small coyote family managed to open the gate and slowly entered. At first they thought the starving wolves were going to eat them, but they soon found that the wolves were too weak and skeleton-like. Their curiosity was sated, during this time wolves and coyotes were still enemies and any smart coyote would leave. But the eldest brother was different from most coyotes and these wolves had caught his attention.

Quickly, the siblings went to action and hunted not only for themselves, but for the wolves as well. In the beginning, they force fed the weak wolves but eventually they could eat on their own and hunt on their own. But the four surviving wolves stayed with the coyotes, grateful for their saviours' rescue and often sought their guidence in the new open world they were introduced in.

As the years went on, the wolves and coyotes bred with each other. The pack grew larger and stronger into modern times. Coyote hybrids often bred with each other to keep their coyote side strong as they remembered what their coyote ancestors did for their wolf ancestors. This often led to inbreding and albinism became common until new coyote blood entered their pack.

Lubin came one generation after the new coyote blood mixed with her birth pack. Her father was a coyote while her mother was mostly wolf.

Lubin's father was a 'mystic' (was just a religious title) and often practiced in the healing arts, making him the caretaker of her family whenever she became sick as a pup and her mother was the provider, feeding the family along with the other hunters.

Lubin learned from her father's teachings and practiced and experimented of what would work or not, she also prayed to their gods since she found it sometimes worked. Once Lubin's father passed away from old age, Lubin became their leader's advisor and spiritual guide. She became known as a fortune teller as she was smart enough to know to think ahead whatever plans they had, not because she had a magical power.

One day, her pack's leader fell in love with a wolf from another pack who obviously had no interest in him. The Leader spoke with Lubin about this and asked for advice on how to woo the she-wolf. Lubin knew who the she-wolf was, she was their rival pack leader's daughter.

Lubin could also see her own leader's intentions and told him that no good could come from stealing her away whether or not he successfully woo'd her.

The leader ignored Lubin's advice and kept trying. Eventually, the rejections angered Lubin's leader and did the unspeakable.

It initiated war and Lubin's pack was kept in the dark on what really happened, but Lubin could see. She confronted her pack leader about it and told him that he would destroy their whole pack if he didn't confess and leave. The leader took this as a challenge and attacked Lubin. She fought him to the point where she could escape and run off, but she wasn't without injuries. She moved north, branded as a traitor by her birth pack. And though she never saw the end of war, Lubin assumed her vile ex-leader found his end, or she at least wished he did.

Even so, Lubin respected her ancestors and her history, she still wears paint in the shape of a skull to remember those lives that were lost in the Sanctuary, who saved her ancestors' lives.

For now, Lubin is a loner, a wandering healer. But that is subject to change.


Lubin is a laid back Luperci in nature; she always tries to remain calm as life is short, too short to worry over the small things in life. She doesn’t like violence, but she will protect herself if threatened. Lubin sometimes makes dark jokes, especially when she is speaking with someone who knows of her ancestors’ cannibalism. Which may be why she had trouble making friends in the past… oh well. Socially, Lubin is introverted, but she is outgoing to a degree. Like, she will run off with a group of other Luperci she feels comfortable and have fun with them, but while she is alone, she likes to stay alone. Yet she will socialize if someone else initiates it or if she is curious enough about them. Professionally, Lubin will dump all of her knowledge on you, especially if there is a problem that needs to be solved. She always wants to help in one way or another. Liben is more of a follower than a leader, this isn’t a bad quality, Lubin just is not interested in politics. However, she is an involved follower. Lubin will want to know who she is following and how great at leading they are. All in all, Lubin is kind and intelligent and that’s about as much one all needs to know. Everyone has their secrets.


Lubin came from a pack with cultural views that reflect, if not almost mirror the Aztec culture. Lubin's people believe that coyotes are holy beings, making the healers/mystics always be a coyote or a Coywolf that takes after their coyote half.


Lubin and her people believe that theit ancestors watch over and guide them to their destiny and when they die, they too will join their ancestors in guiding their children and their children's children.

  • Lubin's discovery of the Aurora Borealis has caused her to believe that the colorful lights is actually a rip between the worlds of the living and the dead. Lubin believes with all her heart that 'Souls is a holy land because of this.
    • Lubin will either dance under the lights or smoke cannabis to communicate with her ancestors. Sometimes she does both.



  • Parents — Father is dead and mother's whereabouts are unknown.


  • Ares Knight: Ares found Lubin stealing sweet fern from Cercatori d'Arte territory on the edge of the Beast Peninsula border. After that, Lubin and Ares have been meeting up more frequently and a sort of relationship has began to bud between the two.
  • Luna Fluer: Lubin met her during the night the Northern Lights danced in the night sky under the full moon. The usually cautious coywolves got close to one another after a night of hardcore toking on some herb [s]weed[/s] and playing chase under the watch of their 'ancestors'. They kissed and that's bound to be trouble in the future, can you say... awkward puppy love? Haha.


  • Olivia Tarasova: Olivia found her in Western Tangles and shared her rabbit with Lubin.


  • Aspen: Lubin tried to eat her and Ascher Stormbringer's puppies
  • Valerie Rhiannon-Knight: Lubin tried to eat her pups too, but Val caught her and broke two of Lubin's lower ribs and also succeeded in scaring the living shit out of Lubin.

Characters that have been eaten

None, apart from some faceless NPC puppies.


Lubin with her mask on. Drawn by Amanda

Lubin is a female Coywolf, a coyote/wolf hybrid. Her coat is a sleek black with a white throat marking that travels down to her belly then to her tail and while she has some beads in it, Liben likes to keep her mane that ends over the small of her back, wild and free.

Lubin also has a large scar on her right side, a gift from the tyrant she used to follow as her leader.

Her eyes are a bright green and in her youth, those green eyes held much mischief, but as she has grown older and mature, the mischievous glint has dulled and replaced with a hunger of knowledge in her craft. The Coywolf is an average height of 5’5” and 135lbs in her Optime form, 38 inches and 115lbs in her Secui form, and finally, she is 23 inches and 21lbs in her lupus form. Lubin doesn’t wear much clothing… or any as a matter of fact, she is more attuned to her wild side than she is with her civilized side, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be polite.

The only form of clothing she wears is her cow skull she found wandering her birth pack’s desert during her puphood. The mask has been hollowed out so she may place her own head within it and the skull keeps from falling off by the leather straps that go behind her ears. The skull was hollowed to the point where it was light enough for her to comfortably wear in the fashion that she does. She also has a belt to hold up the pouches of herbs and water she carries with her. And last, but not least, Liben wears white paint on her face to make her look like a skull, which she wears in memory of her Ancestors.

Build and Species

Lubin is a Coywolf, a hybrid of the coyote and wolf. Her size takes after the coyote part in her, but her fur is wolf-like. Lubin is rather lithe with lean muscles, she was made for running.


  • Optime Hair: Black (#000000), highlighted with White (#F2F2F2)
  • Eyes: Lime green (#00FF40).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Black (##000000).
    • Throat Markings White (#F2F2F2).





21 lbs (9 kg)
23 in at the shoulder (58 cm)

115 lbs (52 kg)
38 in at the shoulder (96 cm)

135 lbs (61 kg)
5ft 5in (xx in) (165 cm)

Lubin rarely uses this form unless she needs to get into tiny spaces. All of her accessories tend to fall off in this form, one of the reasons why she does not use it often.

Lubin is basically just a fluffier, bigger version of her lupus form, she uses this form to hunt.

Lubin's mane is wild and free, she never cuts it and decorates it instead with glass beads and feathers. This is her preferred form.

Lubin in her Lupus form. Drawn by Amanda



  • Piercings: None.
  • Tattoos: None.
  • Scars:
    • She has a huge scar on her right side, kindly given to her by the leader she tried to stand up against.


  • A bovine skull
  • A belt with pouches
  • White and red paint
  • Glass beads
  • Feather


  • Lubin doesn't like clothes, they're too much of a hassle especially when trying to shift, clothes that fit in your Optime form are a death trap in your lupus form.


Lubin has a laid-back attitude and is rather open-minded and liberal.



  • Likes: Cannabis, medicinal knowledge, religion
  • Dislikes: Close-minded people, diseases, leaders that take too many unnecessary risks.


She is helpful to those in need, hopeful that things will get better for her, affectionate to those closest to her, benevolent.

  • Outlook: Her fashion choices make her look scary to those who do not know her, but she is actually very friendly.
  • Expression: Introverted
  • Alignment: chaotic neutral
    • You shall break the law whenever convenient.
    • You shall not betray others unless your life is in jeopardy.
    • You shall pursue pleasure.
    • You shall not aid enemies of freedom or those who promote law.


  • Losing a patient/someone dying under he care
  • Being a loner forever.
  • Dying alone.


  • Knowing that her Ancestors are guiding her.
  • Hope.
  • Proving to herself and her birth pack that she can and will survive.


  • Packs: Lubin loved her old pack, but they didn't love her back, because of how she was treated, Lubin is wary of all packs regardless, she wants to make a home where she knows she'll be accepted.
  • Species: Due to her religion and her ancestors' history, Lubin believes that coyotes are holy creatures/canines of good luck. She will want to be around coyotes because of this, hoping her ancestors would smile down upon her. She is also friendly toward wolves and dogs and find their puppies especially tasty.
  • Non-Luperci: Lubin has no real opinion on them, they're just.. there. All that matters is that they're canine, which makes them equal to her.
  • Gender: Lubin grew up in a den with her parents' gender roles switched, with her mother being the provider and her father the home maker, Lubin's opinion is that females and males are equal and can do whatever they please.
  • Color: Every canine has a different shade of fur, Lubin likes this because it's interesting.
  • Sexuality: Lubin wants love to spread, this does not matter to her.
  • Age: The old have stories and advice that you must listen to so that you may not make the same mistakes as they and children are good snacks.


Lubin doesn't really have one, another would say that she is technically pansexual, but Lubin doesn't identify with any sexuality, nor does she want to. All Lubin knows is that she wants to have puppies some day and it doesn't matter to her whether her chosen mate will be able to produce some with her or not. There are other ways of getting puppies.


Lubin likes cannabis, she doesn't use it often, however, but on the nights where she can see the Aurora Borealis, Lubin will light one up since she thinks it helps with communing with her ancestors and/or gathering visions.


Lubin is a Spiritualist, she believes that every thing from the smallest mouse to the mightiest bear has a connection. She also believes that her ancestors guide her and her actions, which makes her feel that her cannibalism is justified. Not that she likes it, but she doesn't regret it either.


Key Relations

  • Lubin's master (no one right now, but there is a plot thread up about this)
  • Ares Knight (?)

Minor Relations

  • none

Former Relations

  • None.


  • Lubin has a Spanish accent and frequently interchanges from Spanish to English, she has a hard time understanding English sometimes and will use the incorrect English words sometimes. (Kind of like this, but deeper)
  • Scent: Desert, sun, sand, herbs, blood


  • None, she's a drifter.



  • Species:
  • Age and DOB:
  • Description:
  • Personality:



  • Herbalism: Lubin's father often made his own medicine, especially with the limited resources the desert gave, a healer would need to know how to make their medicine from scratch, her father taught her how to make something out of nothing and how to preserve herbs for later use. She was also taught what plants were poisonous or not, most by nursery rhyme, Lubin collects poisonous herbs as well, for defensive purposes.
  • Fortune Telling: This ability isn't what it sounds like, Lubin does not have any magical powers, rather, she has enough intelligence to know how to think ahead and see what will happen in whatever situation she or others are in. Lubin isn't always right, but she's not always wrong either.
  • Diagnosing: Lubin has studied illnesses since she was a pup under her father's teachings, she knows what a cold or the flu looks like and what the difference is between the two. Lubin knows almost every common illness(i.e; cold, fever, flu, mange) and some genetic diseases(i.e; hemophilla).


  • Dyslexia: Words jumble up for Lubin, making it hard to read, so she doesn't.
  • Hunting: Lubin just really sucks at hunting, healers in her birth pack never hunted and Lubin was never taught how, she relies on instincts, but that can take you only so far.
  • Paranoia: Lubin has dealt with a lot during her days as a loner, she is slow to trust and wary of packs. This has made it difficult for her to find a pack.
  • Language Gap: Lubin knows enough English to get by, but a lot can go over her head, so orders may need to be repeated to her slowly so she can decipher what she needs to do. Lubin can't understand fast English speakers.
  • Physical Injuries: Lubin doesn't know how to set broken bones or how to properly remove arrows/knives out of a canid's body without causing extra injuries and pain. Her father doted on her and felt that she needed to be protected from such things, but because she was never taught this, Lubin doesn't know what to do with physical injuries, which can become disastrous if she ever gets hurt herself. She would need help from another healer who has that knowledge.



Lubin doesn't trade, but if she can, she will trade herbs and knowledge as she is always seeking to hone her healer abilities.

  • Offering: Medicine and Herbalism knowledge.
  • Accepting: Any kind of Medical knowledge and FOOD.



  • Pouches of herbs
  • Waterskins for holding water and elixir