Lossë Fir-Chlis


Lossë is a young member of New Caledonia, where he holds the rank of Privileged. He is the son of Saga D'Angelo and Arran Fir-Chlis. He is working towards becoming a knight and upholding the code of chivalry, and wishes to be a man that his family, his clan, and his pack can be proud of.

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by budskull

Basic Info

Date of Birth03 Dec 2020
FamilyD'Angelo, Fir-Chlis
BirthplaceFort Louisbourg, New Caledonia



  • Nickname: Los
  • Pronunciation: LOH-zeh Fur Kliss
  • Etymology: 'Snow' (Quenya), 'Northern lights' (Scottish Gaelic)
  • Epithet: Bug-eater, Bee Boy


Plot Opportunity

  • Losse is currently working on becoming a knight! He is learning swordplay and hand to hand combat and needs sparring partners!
  • He is also learning how to ride a horse -- could your character give him lessons, or maybe help patch him up if/when he falls off?
  • Losse is also working to acquire wealth so he has trading opportunities! He would like to learn how to preserve food and pelts/hides for both storage and trade.


OOC Information

OOC Assumptions

New Caledonia members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Lossë writing or drawing in his journal in the Square
  • Seeing Lossë practicing with his wooden sword
  • Seeing Lossë praying at the Menel shrine in the Star Moors



  • Speech: With age and with trauma, Lossë has begun to put thought into his words, and he listens more than he speaks these days. When he gets going about a subject, though, the rapid-fire speech of his youth returns with a vengeance. It's just significantly more focused and less rambling than it used to be.
  • Scent: New Caledonia, D'Angelo, ink, apples, and fresh earth.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: He eats his food very slowly and precisely, chewing it thoroughly with care and never taking too large of a bite.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Lossë stands very upright, taking his full height with excellent posture, but has open body language and gestures with his hands when he speaks. Lossë is left-handed.


Color Palette


Pearl bush (#ebe1dd)
Cork (#41261a)
Millbrook (#53392d)


School bus yellow (#ecd402)
Malibu (#46ebfe)

Nose, Skin, Paw Pads

Sambuca (#2c130b)
Lilac (#d19dc7)

Physical Appearance


Lossë's mixed heritage leans more towards dog and his appearance reflects it in coloration and proportion, though the wolfen genetics show in his size. He is long-limbed and almost waifish, but filled out just enough to not appear gangly or awkward, and as he comes into his own as a man and works on his swordplay, his musculature is filling out significantly, though he remains lithe and slender in physique. He isn't yet fully grown in terms of his build, though he has reached his full height already. His ears, overlarge and pierced with shining gold hoops and one bar, will never be grown into.

During the Tears in the Tapestry war, Lossë was attacked by one of the enemy, and reopened his wounds multiple times on accident -- the result of this is raised, knotted keloid claw scars across his chest and down his back, and a deformed bite mark on his right shoulder.

It is in Lossë’s coloration that his dog heritage is showcased. His fur, silky smooth and soft to the touch, is a bold chocolate merle pattern with patches of a slightly lighter, but no less rich, brown. His nose is mostly black with a small portion in pink. His paw pads are the same shade of pink, with the exception of his rear left, which is a dark liver brown. On his belly, where his fur is thinner, the patterned coloration continues into his pied skin. Along his haunches, elbows, cheeks, and ankles, his fur lengthens into soft feathering, a counterpoint to the flowing length of his hair, which is long, going to his mid back, and has a gentle curl to it, though it is very often kept in elaborate braided updos or a simple French or Dutch braid that reaches past his shoulder blades. He very often wears a flower crown, and has learned how to carefully dry flowers so as to keep the crowns available all year round. He has multiple that he wears, and when his hair is in a single braid he tucks flowers into the woven strands. His left eye is a bright amber-gold and his left a clear, icy blue.

He currently has no clothes, but he wears a necklace with a simple wooden unicorn charm made of black oak, a gift from his pack when he first shifted. His ears are pierced, and his left bears a single golden-colored industrial piercing, while his right has two simple golden hoops.


110 lbs (49.89 kg)
29 in (73.66 cm)
Lossë uses this form rarely. He vastly prefers the freedom of Optime and the ability to use his hands. He really only uses Lupus if he is hunting or if he wants to travel very quickly and very light.


155 lbs (70.3 kg)
43 in (109.22 cm)
He almost never uses Secui, finding it uncomfortable and awkward to stop between his other two forms. He hasn't been able to find a stopping point that feels natural, always having limbs too gangly or a spine too long to truly move well.


203 lbs (92 kg)
6 ft 2 in (74 in / 188 cm)
This is the form he uses almost constantly, only stopping if he needs to hunt or travel quickly. He prefers having hands, and he enjoys how tall he is. His hobbies and interests revolve primarily around being able to walk on two legs and utilize his hands, so he sees very little reason to ever shift out of it.



by forest friends

In his young puppyhood, Losse was very bright and upbeat, exceptionally curious and rambunctious. He spoke with extreme speed and very little breath, as if everything was the most important thing on the planet at all times. As he grew, under his distant and bluntly honest mother's care, he began to have worries beyond his young age about what adulthood would entail and what he would be expected to do for the pack. When he shifted for the first time, he was terrified of the future, but with reassurance he hesitantly looked forward and, eventually, lapsed back into the optimism he naturally tends towards. It is this optimism that serves as the foundation of who he is, and though events of the past have shaken that foundation, it remains strong and impenetrable.

As he has grown and been traumatized, he has become a very upright and responsible young man. His first inclination is towards kindness, and he chooses to believe that there is more good in the world than evil. He had complete faith and trust in his pack, but has become a little distrustful of newcomers, believing that they need to show effort to integrate into the pack and culture in order to be fully trustworthy, and he is aware and saddened by this small loss of innocence. Regardless, he believes that he needs to act the way that he would like the people around him to act. He is honest, forthright, and moral. Lying and secrecy does not come willingly or happily to him, and his one experience with theft overwhelmed him with so much guilt that the knife he stole was secretly returned to its owner.

Excitable, inquisitive, and passionate, Losse is a fast and eager learner, consuming any knowledge shared with him with gusto. He is dedicated to his pursuit of his goals, and believes that he has the capability and strength to achieve anything he sets his mind to. He is generally very happy and quick to laugh, and not given towards melancholy, but he has become much more serious as he becomes a young man. He still is more than capable of rambling and monopolizing a conversation, and very often talks to himself through puzzlesome situations, but his capacity and attention span for listening to others has increased tenfold.

For the most part, Losse is very sweet tempered and not given to anger, but he is capable. His temper is very slow to start and often presents as very frigid, with very few external signs and more snapping than yelling. He does not tend towards raising his voice in general, and only does so if absolutely necessary. He enjoys the quiet more than he enjoys breaking it, and believes that his regular speaking volume is one that blends fine with the sounds of the world around him.

While he is sweet and kind, Losse is capable of fighting and of defending himself, and believes in mercy when available. Sometimes, however, mercy is presented as the quick slaying of an enemy, rather than allowing them to live, and he will not hesitate to slay an enemy of his pack or his people.


  • Optimistic: It is very difficult to take Losse's spirit down, and the first place he looks in any situation is the bright side. His well of hope runs deep, and is nigh bottomless.
  • Passionate: He has his convictions and his goals, and he holds to them with a white knuckle grip, and works towards them unceasingly. He know what he wants out of his life, and he will achieve it.


  • Weakness:



  • Emotional Disposition: Calmly happy, content with his life.
  • Sociability: Somewhat reserved, but opens up easily and enjoys being around other people in varying numbers and social situations.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
    • "Will not want to disappoint his family."
    • "Believes everyone should be treated fairly and kindly."
    • "Feels guilt when he commits a wrongdoing and will seek to right his wrong."
    • "He will never kill for pleasure, only in self-defense or in the defense of others."
    • "In times of war, he strikes down the enemies of his nation."
  • Tropes:


  • Packs: None.
  • Species: Generally believes all species to be equal, but has a notable soft spot towards coyote females.
  • Non-Luperci: He doesn't understand why anyone in this day and age would remain a non-luperci, but he holds no ill will against them and liked the one that he met.
  • Gender: Losse is more inclined to trust a female faster than a male, and generally prefers the company of females as well.
  • Color: None.
  • Sexuality: None.
  • Age: None.


Losse is deeply faithful to the worship of Valleuar and Valleui, the two headed god of the sun and moon his clan worshipped in Old Caledonia. His faith grows and deepens each day, and he appreciates the duality and balance his god represents and prays to them every day. He will maintain his faith for the rest of his life.


  • Knighthood: Losse's main motivation is to become a knight. He was crippled by survivor's guilt and the shame of not being able to help protect his pack, and he will not rest until he has the skill and strength to be a stalwart defender.
  • Rank: He desires to climb through the ranks and show his King and his pack that he is a valuable member they can be proud of.
  • Faith: Losse spends much of his time in prayer to Valleuar and Valleui, deepening his faith and strengthening his convictions.
  • Family: In the future, Losse will be extremely motivated to be fruitful and multiply.


Lossë is heterosexual and exclusively interested in women, though he is aware and able to note when a male is attractive.



  • Fatherhood: Boy golly is this guy one heck of a dad.


  • Skill: Alternatively, maybe your character gets spectacularly seasick.

Familial Relationships


Italics indicates an unknown relationship; they may be offboard or the relation is merely uncertain.
* indicates character does not know this person by name.


  • Parents:
    • Lossë loves his parents, but in a more distant way than he did as a child. As he's grown into the man he is becoming, he had started to understand his distant mother and her aloofness more and more, his former pure adoration and near worship settling down into respect and deep affection. His father, however, he feels guilty about avoiding during the most traumatizing times of his life, even as he knows he was too angry and scared to be a good son. He loves his father, but he has drifted apart from him and longs to bridge that gap.
  • Siblings:
    • Lossë, just as with his parents, has grown apart from his siblings by virtue of many of them simply leaving, and his own avoidance. He feels guilty about this, and wishes to reconnect with the siblings still within the pack and still living.

Other Relations


  • Battalion is his wife and absolute love of Lossë's life. He credits her with his being able to find purpose in life as well as maintaining his sanity after the trauma of the wars. Having relocated to the Citadel, he's structured his life entirely around being the best husband and father he possibly can.


Minor Relations

  • Sex:
  • Friendly:
  • Significant Positive Acquaintances:
  • Enemies:
  • Murders:
  • Significant Negative Acquaintances:

Past Relations:

Home & Inventory


Losse lives in residence number 9 in Fort Louisbourg. It is a stone building with exposed rafters on the inside that he has draped with a flower garland. On the southern wall is a window overlooking a small nook that has a half wall separating it from the rest of the large room, where he plans to set up an altar for Valleuar and Valleui, as it always catches light from the sun and the moon. Directly across from the window tucked into the north-western corner is a large fireplace that is more than enough to keep the building warm in the winter. There is a large pile of furs near the fireplace that he sleeps on. The door is on the eastern wall, tucked next to the south eastern corner, and a window to the left of it (from the inside). Along the western wall, midway up, are a series of stone bricks that jut out enough to put wooden planks overtop of them to make shelves. Neither of the windows have any sort of covering, and he plans to put up fur curtains before the winter comes around again. The door is in surprisingly good working order, and opens smoothly and closes firmly.


Does your character have any prized objects? Or maybe you can list trade items here instead, if you'd prefer.

Animal NPCs



  • Name: Belaith
    • Meaning: mighty
    • Pronunciation: BEL-aidh
  • Gender: Stallion
  • Species: Shire-heavy mix
  • D.O.B.:
  • Onboard?: No


  • Appearance: An extremely large and stout horse with a dark brown coat and a dappled buckskin underbelly. Black mane and tail, and black feathering on all but the left rear hoof, which has white.
  • Personality: Belaith is generally calm, though he's not especially fond of Luperci other than Losse. He has a strong work ethic and enjoys challenging Losse, but able to focus when needed.
  • Skills: Warhorse in training


  • Traded for by Liam in 2022
  • Gifted to Losse by Liam in 2022

Can be Referenced

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New Caledonia

Duration: 03 December 2020 – Present
Residence: New Caledonia
Ranks: Privileged (03 December 2021 - Present)
  • Page (03 Dec 2020 - 02 Dec 2021)
  • Corank 1
  • Corank 2

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Post Log & Archives


December 2020


May 2021


  • Joins as a played character

  1. A Drink
    With Seira Greyfire, Seira waters the flowers and explains how flowers grow to a young Losse.
  2. a very odd butterfly
    With Woodsmoke, Losse tries to eat a bee and learns very quickly why he shouldn't.
  3. i lick my wounds & screech
    With Ierian Songthorn, Losse seeks medical treatment for his bee sting. Takes place immediately after 2.
  4. curiouser & curiouser
    With Saga D'Angelo, Losse asks his mother about growing up.
  5. that which is honorable & unknown
    With Toraberā Tanaka, Losse cloud gazes while not listening to Tora talk about honor.
  6. One goat in the fence is worth two in the brush
    With Gwaun Fir-Chlis, Losse helps his big brother fix a fence in the Rhovanion.

June 2021


  • Losse's first shift!

  1. merry minstrels & melodies
    With Ambrose Rose, the pack's bard tries to compose a song about Losse's bee mishap. It does not catch on.
  2. & tell me, please, what are these things that mark a boy a man?
    With Iomair, Losse has his first shift and is scared. His King reassures him.
  3. I'm a pretty boy, I'm stunnin'
    With Evariste, Losse's big brother pierces his ears and shows him how to style his hair.

July 2021


  1. Splendor of the Silver Moon
    With Yuki Tanaka, Losse talks about Valleuar and Valleui with a fellow fledgling believer.
  2. absolution is free to those who seek it
    Read Only. Losse apologizes to bees for hurting one and makes a promise.

August 2021


  • Lancaster Stock Show!

  1. The bees knees
    With Ingvildr Knight, Losse helps Inga build a beehive.
  2. bright beat, electrifying pulse
    With Esperanza Tejada, Losse sets up his campsite for the stockshow with the help of a pretty local.
  3. like meeting like liking meet
    With Caspian Knight, Losse meets a fellow chaotic little boy at the stockshow.
  4. Staring out at the setting sun
    With various characters, Losse attends the bonfire opening the stockshow.
  5. nice guy, good guy
    With Salka Huxley, Losse asks maybe the wrong girl for dating advice. Spinoff from bonfire thread.
  6. guilty conscience
    With Caspian Knight, Losse pulls off the world's lamest knife heist. Takes place immediately after nice guy, good guy.
  7. o frabjous day, callooh, callay
    With Azalea Eternity, Losse gets better relationship advice.
  8. so bad
    With Esperanza Tejada, Losse ignores the better advice he got and tries to impress a girl with a knife. It goes poorly. Takes place immediately after frabjous day.
  9. Go dig in the meadow, good people
    With various characters, Losse wins the lure coursing event at the stockshow.
  10. Crack a bottle
    With Esperanza Tejada, Losse shares his winnings from the race and a stolen bottle of moonshine with his crush.

December 2021


  • Losse reaches a year old and is promoted to Privileged.

  1. [M] devil's bargains
    With Silivren?, Losse kills a loner in self defense and is manipulated into telling an enemy secrets about New Caledonia.
  2. I'm stuck between two good things, but I just wanna get out
    With Kule del Morte, Losse breaks his guilt-imposed silence to check on a packmate that ran into a tree.
  3. deft hands & silken locks
    With Valkyrie Savoy, Losse forgets about his guilt to fix someone's tragic hair.
    With Iomair and others, Losse finds a threat to his king while he went to confess his crime.

January 2022


  1. [M] oh, my lost childhood woes, totally motionless but for my heart
    Read only. Losse's whereabouts and account during the war and siege.

March 2022


  1. what wretched wonders have we wrought?
    With Baelfire Flynn, Losse finally gets his infected and still open wounds from the war treated.

April 2022


  1. don't forget to let me know
    With Saga D'Angelo, Losse has a longer, quieter discussion about growing up.
  2. [M] grinning & bearing til my jaws ache
    With Liam del Morte, Losse finally starts to process the trauma of the siege.
  3. Spin your partners round and round
    With Daphne Braithwaite and others, Losse participates in the dance contest at the CDC youth fair. Despite his talented parter, he does not do well.
  4. Cause I found myself here by the water
    With various characters, Losse participates in capture the flag at the CDC youth fair. Despite their valiant effort, his team loses.

May 2022


  1. Squire'd
    With Toraberā Tanaka, Losse begins his training with a sword, starting his journey towards knighthood.
  2. fish scales & dog tails
    With Aenan Pyr, Losse learns how to fish.
  3. polite society's niceties & laws
    With Fennore, Losse learns how to be a gentleman.
  4. wishing well, wishing river, diving bell, dying sinner
    With Rand Coara, Losse seeks out a way to stop his nightmares. Also, puppies!
  5. [M] birds & bees & pollinating things
    With Dorian Savoy, Losse gets The Talk.
  6. over & under & all around the daisy chain
    With Name?, Losse makes flower crowns for the beehives (-:
  7. in this place we'll set root
    Read only. Losse moves into his own place and makes a broom.
  8. walk, trot, canter & gallop
    With Liam del Morte, Losse learns how to ride a horse.

June 2022


  1. [M] There's a fire within my soul
    With Lorien Coara, Losse helps water the garden.
  2. she says she's no good with words but I'm worse
    With Daniel, Losse gets tired of how his brother talks to their mother.

July 2022


  1. clutch at the sun & devour the moon
    With Luka Stryder, Losse teaches a fellow packmate the basics of the gods of his clan.
  2. The clouds aren't so high
    With Liam del Morte, Losse is gifted a horse.
  3. tell me what to do to make it feel better
    With Valkyrie Savoy, Losse comforts a packmate.
  4. adorn yourself with grace & leave softness where you've stepped
    With Sólveig Dawnrunner, Losse braids his horse's mane & tail. (Dragoon Co-rank Tier 1 thread)
  5. A path that leads to nowhere.
    With Battalion, Losse questions a potential new New Caledonian.
  6. [M] Family Feud(?)
    With Hokori Tanaka, Saga D'Angelo, & Ierian Songthorn, Losse attends an extremely awkward family dinner.

August 2022


  1. Can I wish on a star for another life.
    With Battalion, Lossë begins teaching Tali to read and write.

September 2022


  1. Thread Name
    With Characters, crazy stuff happens!

October 2022


  1. Thread Name
    With Characters, crazy stuff happens!

November 2022


  1. Thread Name
    With Characters, crazy stuff happens!

December 2022


  1. Thread Name
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