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Serve in the Central Ring of the pack for three months
Serve in the Inner Ring of the pack for three months
Serve in the Faction Tiers of the pack for three months
Serve in the Sotto Capo for three months
Serve as a Servitori for three months OR hold the debt of an Indentured Servant for three months
Earn one Job within the kingdom
Earn two Jobs within the kingdom
Organize a Pack Project OR participate in five threads assisting any Pack Projects
Create 10 All Welcome (AW) threads on Salsola's pack territory
Complete all of the Thread Prompts for any one month
Take part in 5 Last Supper threads
Complete a LASKY thread at or around Fort Preble, the Salsolan Outpost at Portland
Have a thread with a member from each active Pack
Have a thread with a member from each active Loner Band
Take a mate within Salsola
Become a parent to children in Salsola with a mate
Endure a physical punishment
Recruit one Outsider to Salsola and be their Sponsor
Recruit three Outsiders to Salsola
Usurp a Job or Rank from a fellow Salsolan OR be usurped by a fellow Salsolan
Take part in a Special or Ceremonial Event
Earn 10 other Anicombs
Be the Top Poster for a month
Adopt a Salsolan OR create an Adoptable in Salsola
Awarded for exceptional service to Salsola
I participated in the First Boreas War in 2012!
I participated in the Second Boreas War in 2016/2017!
I participated in the Inferni/Salsola War in 2017!

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Loki Helsi (née Lykoi) was the Crone of Salsola.

He was the son of Itachi Lykoi and China Rose Lykoi, who died in childbirth. Siv Helsi raised him as her own, and Loki quickly chose to idolize his witch-mother over others. Fed on the ideals of secrecy and lies, he was shaped into a loyal member of the Thistle Kingdom at a young age, unquestioning in his faith, though conflicted in his morals.

A trickster and yet benevolent, unique among the thorns of his pack, Loki quickly became a prominent member of Salsola. He identified as dual-gendered following a vision that led him to become a witch. In seeking to further find his place near the top of the hierarchy, he accepted his best friend Artemisia Eternity's proposition of mateship and sired Quicksilver Lykoi and Hel Eternity. However, the pair grew distant and became the first mates in Salsola to divorce. Despite this fall from grace, Loki was the first to occupy a Faction rank: Bard.

Following his "mother" Siv's death after the red star fell, Loki changed his surname to connect himself more strongly to his magic. After a grieving period, he began to seek a new path, guided by his spirituality and his mothers' memories. The summer after Siv's death, at her funeral rites, Loki donned the Crone's cloak in a symbolic and daring proclamation. His ascent was formally announced at the Last Supper, at which he blessed his sister's union.

Loki was a popular enough choice for the Crone, especially among Salsola's youth, but his duties were complicated by his romantic feelings for Stjarna Fylgja and his dangerous attraction to student Calla Valentine. However, all of Salsola fell into danger when mysterious wolves attacked -- and Artemisia died protecting Loki. In the ensuing Boreas Conflict, Loki fought past his limits and ruthlessly enslaved one of Arte's killers, Silas Kasper, but continued to blame himself for his ex-mate's death. He found some respite with his marriage to Stjarna after the war, until the plague hit. Stjarna miscarried their first litter (something which Loki blamed his sins for), but in late summer they had their firstborns: Ask Fylgja and Embla Soul.

That autumn, Loki lost his son and his faith as a result of the Inferni-Salsola War. After Ask's kidnapping by the very soldier Loki enslaved, Stjarna fell into a deep depression and went missing on a search for the boy. Despondent and lonesome, Loki continued to raise his remaining daughter alone, going through ritualistic motions as Crone and supporting the new generation of leaders. However, he later received a tip that his son was alive, and during a blood moon ventured from the safety of Salsolan lands hoping to speak with his gods and glean information about Ask's whereabouts.

Loki was burned alive that night on a pyre of his own making.






  • Date of Birth: 03 October 2012
  • Sex: Male
  • Gender: Bigender
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Pack: Salsola
  • Rank: The Crone


Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • General conversations (e.g., greetings, chats about interests).
  • Seeing Loki around Salsola: patrolling the borders, tending to his traps, practicing magic tricks, being friendly and flamboyant, etc. Basically, anything that's "usual" for him to be doing, it's cool.

PM to discuss:

  • Specific conversations, especially conversations which may later affect RP (e.g., arguments, revelations).
  • Trade Assumptions

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Loki appears predominately wolf in his body, with a balanced build, sloping back, and long legs. His paws are large as per his arctic wolf blood. His coyote heritage is obvious at a closer look, especially in his face and size.
  • Fur: His fur is thick but short.
    • Optime Hair: Thick, very slightly wavy and feathered; falls to shoulder blades. Often braided.
  • Facial Features: His features are coyote-like, with oversized ears and a long, tapering muzzle. He looks youthful and sharp-edged, more fiendish than handsome.
  • Build and Size: Loki's size is the true mark of his hybrid blood. While he's much larger than most coyotes, he is smaller than any purebred wolves. He is narrow and slender, but strong and robust -- no hulking brute, but a more refined hunter: balanced. He is lithe and has more endurance than his build suggests.
  • Humanization: High -- Loki always adorns himself with various accessories and carries himself in an upright, refined manner.


Abbey (#595B60)
Santas Grey(#A1A2A6)
Iron (#D6D8DD)
Straw (#D3CB7E)
Wistful (#A1ACD8)

1.2  Miscellaneous


Loki very much likes to accessorize; one can generally assume he's wearing at least one trinket if he doesn't anticipate getting dirty.






90 lbs (40 kg) — 30 in (76 cm)

Infrequent use. Loki is narrow, strong, and wolfish with only hints of coyote heritage. He uses this form for hunting and long trips.


180 lbs (74 kg) — 37 in (95 cm)

Rare use. His Secui form is thick-formed and inelegant. He appears completely wolf, with smaller ears and longer teeth.


205 lbs (93 kg) — 6ft 4in (75 in) (189 cm)

Frequent use. He is of average height, slender and refined. His features are a little more coyote but remain well-blended.

Interaction / Other

  • Speech: Loki has a natural tenor voice that changes constantly in vocal mannerisms, vocabulary, and expression -- a true liar's tongue. His tone is usually bright and his words flowery. His voice is most "honest" when he's laughing.
  • Scent: Salsola, marshland, pine forest; leather, herbs, smoke. Ambiguous in sex, male with overtones of female (Violeta's scent).
    • Disguised: Pine, meadowsweet, pennyroyal.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Loki has very feminine mannerisms, his motions often elegant and exaggerated. He talks with his hands and touches others to deflect attention and endear himself to them. He has a tendency to fidget, too, especially when nervous, with small grooming gestures or rotating his jewelry.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Loki has fluid posture that ranges from feminine, elegant mannerisms to quick, graceful, movements. He often looks relaxed and comfortable in the presence of others, but demonstrates subtle dominance cues, such as the set of his ears and other movements, when in the company of lower-ranked Salsolans.
  • Scars: Claw marks on right forearm, stab wound in left hip,


2.  Personality

  • Benevolent, Outgoing, Flamboyant
    • Whereas the archetypal Salsolan is aloof, dark, and cold, Loki shines like a light -- outgoing and apologetically friendly. He is the life of the party, a shoulder to cry on, gift-giver and flatterer. He greets everyone like an old friend and is a constant, cheerful presence in the pack.
    • An entertainer by nature, he aims to stand out with his exuberant, flashy behavior. He uses magic tricks and jests to put others at ease, as well as to push boundaries and challenge his dour pack mates.
    • Though his friendliness is strategic (as it means more allies), Loki also honestly cares about his pack mates and enjoys having friends. He is kind-hearted and helpful; he will do favors and offer support without an ulterior motive.
  • Mischievous, Clever, Deceptive
    • Loki is a trickster and a trouble-maker. He pushes buttons and upsets the status quo of his pack by making light of dire situations and grim-faced comrades. His pranks are rarely mean but intended to knock others down a peg and showcase his cleverness.
    • Intelligent and crafty, Loki makes an excellent trapper and enjoys a good mental puzzle. He views his schemes like "traps." He is clever and quick-thinking, able to weasel his way out of most situations.
    • He is a liar and a storyteller. He uses deception to control -- his presentation, others' behavior, etc. He crafts personas for himself on the fly to ensure he is underestimated by his pack mates and feared or trusted by outsiders.
  • Devoted, Loyal
    • Loki is devoted to his loved ones, a trait that is most evident with his daughters. He would give his life for them, and fights to make sure that they have all the wealth and opportunities in the world. His devotion and love gives those he cares about a solid support, though he may overlook their worst qualities.
    • From a young age Loki has been conditioned to be unquestioningly loyal to Salsola. The word of its leaders is law, and while he might mistrust individuals, he accepts the whole -- problems and all. He rationalizes concepts which might conflict with his own views, such as slavery, and to outsiders he is just as bad as his peers in the pack.
    • His love and loyalty are slow to wane; Loki has demonstrated affection and conflicted emotions with those who have betrayed him.
  • Hidden Depths: Good and Evil, Sorrow and Ambition
    • Loki is an oddity in thorny Salsola, kind-hearted and forgiving even to outsiders. His kindness might be seen as "weakness" by his pack mates, and Loki fights to hide any connection with outsiders, lest his motives be misunderstood. While he often pretends to be frightening and cruel, he is never malicious to those who don't deserve it. He has strong, good morals and sometimes fights to reconcile them with his pack's ideals.
    • Despite his friendly demeanor, he struggles with trust and loneliness. He feels that he has few true friends in Salsola, a place where ulterior motives hide behind every smile. Pretending makes him weary, and he is prone to letting his guard slip for want of someone to love him.
    • A quiet ambition drives Loki. He places importance on his rank and standing in Salsola, and many of his conflicts and dark moods come from perceived threats to this. He believes that, as (mostly) a man, he especially needs to prove himself. While he has grown out of much of his moodiness and vanity from his adolescence, he very much sees many others (especially men) as beneath him.
    • Loki also might be hiding a frightening ruthlessness...

2.1  Ideals


  • Outlook: Faithful
  • Sociability: Extroverted
  • Expression: Dominant, but submissive in context.
  • Alignment: ???
    • To an outsider, Loki would seem Chaotic in his trickster nature -- but Loki's devotion to his family and Salsola is absolute. He follows its laws and acts for its greater good. The few times he's broken Salsola's mores have left him devastated.
    • Loki is generally good and gentle at heart, but he rationalizes the evil of Salsola and had his own dark moments.


  • Salsola: serving it, upholding its culture and laws
  • Providing his daughters with wealth and opportunity
  • Proving himself worthy (of rank, of his Helsi bonds) despite his gender and flaws
  • Maintaining rank and standing in the pack
  • Befriending others, supporting his friends, finding support for himself


  • Ostracism from Salsola
  • Disappointing his family, especially his daughters
  • Loneliness, friendlessness
  • Disfigurement
  • Lack of control


  • Likes: Deception, seduction, tricks and games, control, friendliness, magic, new frontiers, Norse culture, women, trapping, clothing and jewelry, aesthetics
  • Dislikes: Grim and dour folk, violence, masculine men, loneliness, dirtiness and dishevelment


  • Packs: Salsola is superior; all other packs are flawed in some way. He has been conditioned from childhood to believe this.
  • Gender: Women are the superior sex -- cunning mothers, magical witches. Loki distrusts men and sees himself, partially of the female gender, as above them. He believes that gender falls along a spectrum.
  • Non-Luperci: Inferior canines who are foolish for refusing an obvious advantage.
  • Sexuality: Supportive of lesbian couples, viewing them as a union of the strong to the strong. Loki disdains exclusive homosexuality in men and believes every man should seek the company of a woman.


  • Predominately heterosexual, exclusively heteroromantic, probably polyamorous
  • He appreciates the aesthetic of both sexes, and the line of sexual attraction is blurred for him. He is an equal-opportunity flirt and presents as bisexual and flamboyant, though he does not acknowledge his attraction to men to himself.
  • He finds pleasure in seduction and emotional or mental control during sex, even if he takes a "submissive" role. (Ironically, he is really easy to seduce.)
  • Loki is romantically attracted to women only. He is far less experienced in romance than seduction, and he makes an uncertain and vulnerable romantic partner. He has been a victim of unrequited love before and would likely deny his romantic attraction to others.


  • Loki uses mushrooms and other psychedelic drugs to commune with the gods; he also sneaks them to others to control them.
  • He abstains from alcohol, as it completely incapacitates him and has made a fool of him in social situations before.
  • He has little experience or desire to try other substances, such as cannabis or tobacco.


  • Polytheistic with a Norse flavor
  • Loki was raised on stories about the Hearg Njorth gods and spirits. He believes in some individual gods, like the Hearg's fertility trio and his namesake, but generally he invokes a pantheon of nameless gods when he prays, accepting others into the fold.
  • He believes in magic as an ambiguous mix of deception and true magic, such as visions. Under the influence of drugs, he believes he can commune with the gods -- and he uses them to influence others. He owes his lack of "real" magical ability to his gender, but he feels that he has the right to be a witch because he is female-gendered, too.
  • Thanks in part to Pierrat (and drugs), Loki has grown more sensitive to ghosts and spirits and often invokes them in his prayers.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

  • Extended: Loki has an insanely large extended family, with a ton of cousins from his Lykoi heritage on both sides of the family, and additionally the Soul family through his father's line. The Kimaris and Sadira families also play a part in his heritage due to their links to the larger families. Additionally, as the adoptive son of Siv, Loki considers himself an honorary member of the Helsis and changed his surname to show this bond.

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Salsola: Loki is loyal and unquestioning to his pack, and his role in it defines his life. He follows its laws and mores even where they conflict with his own personal ideals.
  • Artemisia Eternity: Artemisia was once Loki's best friend. He fathered puppies on her as a favor and became her mate for reasons of rank, but their relationship became strained because Loki harbored real feelings for her. They dissolved their mateship, becoming the first Salsolans to do so. Their friendship likely will never recover, but Loki still cares about Arte despite himself.
  • Hel Eternity: His stoic daughter. Loki believes that she can rise far in Salsola, and sees echoes of other powerful women he knows in her. Despite their differences, they are devoted to one another, and Loki acts as the beacon of light and affection that her mother wasn't.
  • Quicksilver Lykoi: His other daughter. When Quicksilver came out as transgender, Loki accepted her warmly. Loki has a tendency to coddle her and her apparent sweet nature, as she reminds him of his sister and even himself.
  • Siv Helsi: His adoptive mother. Siv raised him and conditioned him to be loyal to her, her ideals, and Salsola. Despite her teachings, Siv accepted him as a male witch and gave him more freedoms than she did his sister or niece -- and in turn, Loki overlooks some of her actions.
  • Salvia Eternity: The Boss and Queen whom Loki fears as much as he respects. He believes she took mercy on him with his nearly-failed Cueponi ritual and other mistakes, and acts accordingly like he is in her debt.
  • Pierrat Benoît: Loki "captured" Pierrat as a slave to teach him about magic and trickery -- but proceeded to give him a lot of leeway and eventually freed him. Loki bosses Piers around and occasionally takes his anger out on him, but Piers' tolerance for him is high, and he has helped care for Loki and his daughters.

Positive Relations

  • Violeta Rose Soul: Loki adores his gentle littermate. He treats her with easy affection and feels protective of her, seeing her as pure -- something he feels too tainted to ever be. She is the only true link he has to their birth mother. He borrows her scent so he can smell properly androgynous.
  • Kynda Helsi: Though Kynda isn't his blood sister, they were raised together and were best friends and confidants in youth. Siv chose Kynda for a different path with greater expectations, however, which has made their relationship somewhat more distant -- but Loki visits her and her daughter as often as permitted.
  • Reykja Helsi: Loki spoils his niece as much as he can, encouraging and affectionate to her. Like her mother, she is under Siv's thumb, but Loki does his best to see her and be involved in her life despite this.
  • Stjarna Fylgja: A faerie girl from Hearg Njorth who believes Loki is truly his namesake's incarnate. Loki adored her for her playful, unrestrained nature, recruiting her for the pack perhaps against his better judgment. He likes the control that he has over her, as well, and can be somewhat embarrassed by her behavior -- but he feels strong affection for her. She's since withdrawn into herself since being assaulted in neutral territory.
  • Isabella Heiwa & Lillith Trombetta: Strong woman mates whom Loki respects. Loki looks up to Isabella as one of Salsola's witches, and she has trained him in the art of seduction -- and in turn, he has done them a favor in siring puppies on Lillith. He sees himself as a friend of the family.
  • Bacchus Revlis: Nephew of the Lord Commander, a seemingly stoic man with hidden depths Loki is eager to explore. Their relationship began as a teasing one, but it's turned into something more ambiguous, and Loki seems willing to teach Bacchus what he wants to know.
  • Ankh D'Aabt: One of the few men Loki considers a friend, Ankh has been around since their childhood. Loki thinks that Ankh is unambitious for Salsola but is fond of him nonetheless and is happy to do favors for him.
  • Hope D'Angelo: A newer member to the pack from Khalif. Hope seems to like Loki, and he is friendly to her in turn, acting as a teacher to her though he is not her offical sponsor.

Neutral / Negative

  • Lokr Revlis: For a long time, a young and vain Loki viewed Lokr as a rival -- an upstart man whose only claim to power was blood. Loki has tried to outsmart and even seduce Lokr to gain power and control over him, as have many of Salsola's other witches. However, Loki's opinion of Lokr has mellowed somewhat -- especially when Lokr promised to keep teaching his daughters after the divorce. He views him with a cool neutrality and some gratitude.
  • Osrath & Dullahan Eternity: Cautious of nepotism, Loki is uncertain what to think of the attitudes of the Eternity children. He treats all of them with his usual open, flamboyant friendliness -- but has no idea where he stands with Osrath, and is seen negatively by Dullahan, who he in turn thinks is a brute. He is wary of them despite their age and know that, either through their own power or Salvia's, they might be dangerous.
  • Blair Eternity: If uncertain of her siblings, Loki is downright confused by Blair. He feels judged by her yet is conflicted over her relationship with Reykja -- something his mother discourages but that he views in a positive light. He wants to get to know her better.
  • Fire D'Angelo: Hope's brute of a brother. Loki thinks Fire is a simpleton and too out of control for Salsola.

4.  Assets

4.1  Abilities

Spoken and Written Word

  • Education and Learning: Loki's talent for talent is largely talent, but he has honed his skills greatly through practice. His betters (namely Siv and Salvia) tutored him in language and reading.
  • Deception (Master): Loki is a master at feigning emotion and controlling his expression and vocal mannerisms. He is convincing when given a lie to tell, delivering it with a flawless performance. He falls effortlessly into various personas dependent on the situation.
  • Storyteller (Journeyman): Loki uses his theatrical nature and command over his voice, as well as his good memory, to entertain others with the tales he's learned from his mother.
  • Runes (Master): Loki can read and write the Elder Futhark alphabet. He knows every letter rune and so can convey messages with this, given a bit of time to read it.
  • German (Apprentice): Salvia has begun to teach Loki the German tongue. His vocabulary is small, but he understands the basics of how sentences are put together, and his accent -- if slow and too-articulated -- is good.


  • Education and Learning: Loki learned the basics of hunting and trapping from his parents. Reverse-engineering others' traps and fiddling with new mechanisms have helped him with more techniques.
  • Trapping (Master): Much of Loki's job involves traps. He knows the prime locations for traps and how to set them carefully as well as mask their presence. A clever inventor's mind allows him to come up with new mechanisms for his traps, as well, even if it is simply adapting one trap to fit a different type of prey.
  • Hunting (Journeyman): Loki can hunt decently well in his Lupus form. He can chase down smaller animals with an average success rate, and when hunting in a group, he follows orders well and knows how to work with others to play to their strengths.
  • Net-Casting (Dabbler): Siv taught him a little about how to cast nets from horseback to capture prey. However, he has not sought to improve his net-casting skill after the first lesson and is waiting on an opportunity and the goods needed for it.


  • Education and Learning: Siv has taught him most of what he knows regarding leatherwork and other crafts, as she herself is a master leatherworker. Salvia gave him a good foundation with horses.
  • Animal Products (Leather, Pelts, Toys) (Journeyman): Loki works with animal skins to create various products. He sews with sinew to create simple items, from leather bags to furry toys. He can fashion simple capes, cloaks, and other accessories from pelts. He dabbles in parchment-making, though his parchment is still rather thick.
  • Horseback Riding (Journeyman): Loki learned quickly after shifting how to seat a horse, and Salvia has additionally given him experience riding bareback as well as the opportunity to handle stronger mounts. He is not an experienced rider who can sit any horse, but he can adeptly control those within his skill level.
  • Plants (Apprentice): Loki can identify native plants very well and so can be trusted to find them in a pinch. He knows the properties of a few useful plants, and is learning how to brew teas.
  • Lute (Dabbler): Weaver has begun teaching Loki how to play the harp; he can play play simple chords.

4.2  Inventory


The Ruins, Salsola

Loki lives in a tower east of the castle ruins. It's swathed in ivy, half-encircled by a crumbled stone wall that encloses a small yard shaded by a small pine. A tanning rack, bucket, and other tools settle in the yard.

The main room of the tower is the warmest, the cracks in the wall filled with mortar and the hearth blazing when the weather is cold. The room is sparsely decorated; three small chairs provide a place for guests to sit, while the fireplace mantle is decorated with various small trinkets.

A decent-sized room is separated from the main room by a weak door; it's used largely for sleeping, with various pelts spread in the room.

The spiraling staircase leads to a cramped "office" smelling of incense, leather, and parchment. Plans for traps and other notes, as well as candles and bowls of incense, are spread across a dark-wood desk.


Loki is a haggler with an eye for shiny trinkets; he can't resist a good trade. He embellishes the value of his goods while downplaying the worth of others', but he is a good sport about this and actually a pretty fair trader.

  • Offering: Leather sheets, pelts (raw or cured), leather bags, fur cloak or cape pieces, fur/leather toys, fresh-caught prey, performances
  • Accepting: Jewelry, exotic pelts, fabric and clothing, tools for leatherwork or sewing, wire



  • things

5.  History

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    Loki hangs out with his sisters.
  6. Where All Other Eyes Avoid Us
    Loki and Isabella Heiwa cool off from the summer heat.


  1. Grey Stables and the Horses of the Righteous
    Salvia Eternity instructs Loki about horses.
  2. Lose My Soul
    Lochlan Stormbringer trespasses and falls into one of Loki's traps. Loki acts nasty to scare Lochlan off, though he desperately doesn't want to hurt the fellow youngster.
  3. Mountain Rock Bare as Bone
    Loki meets Panda Behr and learns a little bit about Anathema.
  4. As Long as the Room Keeps Singing
    Loki searches for an appropriate house in the Ruins.
  5. Shiny Things
    Loki meets Kiara Amarok, a non-Luperci confused by the concept of jewelry. He makes fun of her.
  6. You Must Move On Or I Will Bury You
    Loki helps Kynda scout out the territory expansion.


  1. [M] This Bog is Thick and Easy To Get Lost In
    Salsola has a meeting to bring attention to the hunt for traitors.
  2. Give It All to Me
    Loki helps Artemisia sort through supplies.
  3. The Snake in the Basement Found the Juniper Shade
    Loki discovers some snakes living in his new home. Siv collects him for a ritual.
  4. Invisible Fog Don't Bother Me
    Loki meets Achilles, a loner.


  1. Your Forgotten Name At the End of an Endless Chain
    Loki daydreams.
  2. [M] The Universe Will Probably Expand Forever (NPC)
    Loki attends a sacrifice.


  1. [M] The Lovesong of the Buzzard (LASKY)
    Loki witnesses a loner, Holly, being attacked. He tries to save her, but he cannot prevent her rape -- and she commits suicide once he comes to.


  1. Freetown Departure (NPC)
    Loki goes to Freetown with the other Salsolans.

2014 Threads


  1. [M] Tooth and the Tongue, the Target and the Gun
    Loki runs across Grackle, one of Holly's attackers. He learns the trio meant to join Anathema, and so leads him to Salsola territory, where he traps and kills him. He later disguises himself as an Anatheman to dispatch Sam, the old wolf who'd beaten him up, with another trap.
  2. [M] A Promise Made of Smoke in a Frozen Copse of Trees
    Loki kills the last man.
  3. The Snows Fall and the White Winds Blow
    Loki attends the Last Supper to learn that others now outrank him and that Salvia is mated.


  1. Fox Fur for a Nobleman's Cloak
    Loki meets Scorpius D'Angelo.
  2. No Tribunal Under the Trees
    Loki and Salvia track a cunning cougar.
  3. [M] This Is Not Water Running Here
    Loki gets drunk and frisky with Ingerid Neiquist at The Outpost.
  4. This Will Take You Down
    Loki helps Azucena Lykoi find a plant for the garden.
  5. A Man's Place
    Loki meets Lokr Revlis and initially dislikes him, though the conversation is smoothed by talk of traps.
  6. Passed Hand to Hand
    Loki brings gifts to Aedan de Valence for his new pups.
  7. Now Is The Time
    Artemisia catches up with Loki and makes him an offer: she wants him to eventually father a pup on her.


  1. Hoofbeat Background of My Thoughts
    Loki rides with Euphoria Tenebrae.
  2. I Make My Own Luck
    Loki protests Kynda's engagement.
  3. Is Luck On Your Side?
    Faolan Kido unluckily comes across Loki at the borders.
  4. Firefly Come Back to Me
    Loki catches up with Lillith Trombetta and asks her for a new cloak.
  5. Hey Sister, Know the Water's Sweet but Blood is Thicker
    Loki takes a walk with his filly and meets Bellatrix D'Angelo.
  6. Wealth is a Source of Discord Among Kinsmen
    Loki meets Stjarna Fylgja, who first mistakes him for the god. They realize they both have a connection to the Hearg and talk excitedly together about gods and magic.
  7. Be Not a Shoemaker nor yet a Shaft Maker Save for Thyself
    Loki attends a Dísablót.
  8. Missing Sun and Sand
    Loki patrols with Imhotep Aabt.
  9. A Mess of Wood and Wire
    Loki talks traps with new slave Lux Attican.
  10. And We Were a Zephyr
    Loki hangs out with Svasra near the stables.


  1. The Sky Forgives No One
    Loki plays with Claire de Valence.
  2. The Child Conqueror
    Loki and Delphinium D'Angelo hunt for snakes.
  3. Out on the Water
    Loki tries to warn Bec Nachtdottir away from Salsola with lies.
  4. Bone Tide
    Loki wanders restlessly and fights his doubts.
  5. Eddying Stream and Broad Geysir
    Loki learns more about his sister's new mate, Hugleikr Silfr.


  1. Get Your Brain on the Prize
    Azucena Lykoi teaches Loki and Sol D'Aabt a little about poisons.
  2. It's a New World, It's a New Start
    Loki helps round up foals in the Ash herd.
  3. Some Red Handed Sleight of Hand
    Marlowe de le Poer teaches Loki some coin tricks.
  4. One More Word
    Loki reunites with Peregrine -- who is revealed to be a former Salsolan slave.


  1. We Carelessly Carry On
    Loki chastises new member Lucias Sunders for her carelessness with her child, and provides her with other tips about Salsola culture.
  2. Our Atoms Straining to Align
    Loki and Lokr Revlis talk about magic.
  3. I Woke You up with Poetry and Stones
    Loki tells Artemisia Eternity that he's finally decided to accept her offer.
  4. Be Very Wary of Dreams
    Loki seeks out Siv Helsi -- telling her that he wants to learn magic. She offers him a concoction of drugs, which he drinks -- and has a vision, one that tells him of his true nature as a witch.
  5. In That Dream I'm as Old as the Mountains
    Loki brings gifts to Isabella's girls.
  6. La Vie en Rose
    Loki approaches his sister Violeta to ask to borrow her scent.
  7. There's a Ton of Mess of Tangled Leads, and a Golden Ring
    Loki reunites with Stjarna Fylgja.


  1. How Do You Want My Blackbird to Sing?
    Loki captures a slave who claims to be able to see ghosts and perform magic.
  2. This Doesn't Feel Right
    Loki attempts to win Delphinium D'Angelo's trust.
  3. I Can See the Cuts upon Your Hands
    Loki learns about his mother from Itachi.


  1. I Hold a Cornucopia and a Golden Crown( For You to Wear upon Your Fleecy Down)
    Loki teases a loner, Orion North.
  2. You Rarely Win, but Sometimes, You Do
    Loki and Siv make something from a silver fox pelt.


  1. Making a Famine Where Abundance Lies,
    Artemisia informs Loki that her pregnancy has taken. Loki admits his desire to be her mate and be a father to the children.
  2. No Wealth, No Ruin, No Silver, No Gold
    Loki affectionately teases a grumpy Peregrine.
  3. Eden Cursed Shall Harrow the Earth
    An uncomfortable Loki treads near Eris Eternity's home.
  4. Tension
    Loki sets up a dangerous, tension-based trap.


  1. But a Scabbard Is of Swords
    Loki and Stjarna prepare a "tiger" pelt for Salvia and Stjar's joining, going over the process and flinging dye at each other.
  2. And Only Herald to the Mighty Spring
    Loki bonds with his new children while discussing moving in with Artemisia into a bigger house.


  1. A Tide of Web and Horn and Black Soot
    Loki attends the Last Supper in a good mood -- until Lokr Revlis' promotion.
  2. Wool Comes down in the Form of Fire
    Osrath Eternity visits Loki at his home.
  3. Feathery
    Loki meets the stoic Bacchus Revlis.
  4. Steppenwind
    Loki and Ankh D'Aabt catch up while attending to Loki's traps.
  5. Riding Is Said to Be the Worst Thing for Horses
    Stjarna joins Salsola.


  1. She Was Lying in the Grass, Could Hear the Highway Breathing
    Prophet de le Poer attempts to swindle Loki and his slave, but the three end up drugging an innocent fourth party instead.
  2. But the Joke That Kills Is Just a Joke to You
    Loki trades "magic" for magic with Marlowe. Drugs. The magic is drugs.
  3. [M] The Kombucha Mushroom People Sitting around All Day
    Migraine-suffering Domovoi Tarasova is visited by the mischievous Loki, carrying a brew he claims will help.
  4. And Tender Churl Mak'st Waste in Niggarding
    Loki and Artemisia investigate a larger house to see if it suits their needs.
  5. When Forty Winters Shall Besiege Thy Brow
    Loki attempts to tame the puppies while Artemisia works.
  6. Thy Youth's Proud Livery so Gazed on Now
    Artemisia confronts Loki, wondering about their situation and in disbelief that he is truly happy with her.
  7. Tastes like Blue
    Loki meets loner Juliette Grimm.
  8. I am weary, let me rest
    Loki is kind to the newly-returned Svasra.
  9. Runes Shalt Thou Find / and Fateful Signs
    Loki tells fortunes from his painted rune cards.
  10. [M] You Make Your Love a Liar
    Isabella Heiwa schools Loki in the art of seduction.
  11. Hail Is the Coldest of Grain
    Loki teaches Stjarna how to read rune cards.
  12. Caught in a Wildfire
    Loki finds a coyote caught in one of his traps.

2015 Threads


  1. Two Hearts in Three-Quarter Time
    Loki dances with Peregrine until a jealous Dullahan Eternity steps in.
  2. A Grim Fandango, Full of Flames
    Salsola dances in a masquerade.
  3. [M] Plenty Is a Boon to Men
    Loki and Stjarna dance close.
  4. Both Right and Wrong, the Sound and the Song
    Loki dances with Jezebel Revlis.
  5. All That Whirling
    Teasing each other, Loki and Delphinium D'Angelo dance.
  6. Grace the Game with a Blindfold On
    The tired dancers feast.
  7. [M] Don't You Know, You Fool, You Never Can Win
    Loki attempts to seduce a poisoned Lokr.
  8. All the Loose Ends Would Surround Me Again in the Shape of Your Face
    Drunk, Loki confesses his love to Artemisia.
  9. To Say within Thine Own Deep Sunken Eyes
    Quicksilver brings Loki a present, though his broken relationship with Artemisia ruins the moment.
  10. [M] Eyes Painted Black, the Shadows Have Teeth
    Loki and Peregrine take "potions" to speak to the gods.


  1. Were an All-Eating Shame, and Thriftless Praise
    Loki spies on Artemisia extracting information from a loner in case she needs backup.
  2. It Takes Two to Undo Everything
    Isabella Heiwa and her mate Lillith Trombetta ask Loki to father their puppies in exchange for Isabella's teaching.


  1. I Wish I Saved up for Rainy Days
    When they are cooped up because of the storm, Loki teases Bacchus Revlis.
  2. Just Tell Em We're Coming and the Ocean's Cold
    Loki and some others look for the missing Khirot Marae during the floods.
  3. Touch the Stars
    Hel tells her father about her allergies, and Loki talks with her about runes and dreams.
  4. Just as the Tar Seeps up from the Ground
    Loki and Violeta work to free a deer carcass from the river.
  5. By the River Bridge, a Cradle Floating Beside Me
    Loki captures an orphaned bear cub.
  6. Exit, Pursued by a Bear
    Loki presents the bear cub to Artemisia, though it doesn't fix their relationship.
  7. Perhaps There's an Easier Way
    Loki taunts the bratty, hungry Laufey Revlis.


  1. The Sea Speakth My Name
    Loki meets a loner, Calypso Katra.
  2. With a Mind as Clear as the Sea
    Loki takes Trader and Berkanan for a little ride by the sea.
  3. Little Butterfly
    Quicksilver comes out as transgender to her parents.
  4. Falling out of Love at This Volume
    Loki breaks the news to his daughters that he and Artemisia are divorcing.
  5. Loki Was Fortunate in His Deceit
    A bloody, weak Stjarna crawls to Salsola. Loki panics, but Dullahan and him together take her to safety.


  1. Some of You Got Your Families, Living in Cages Tall and Cold
    Loki approaches Salvia Eternity to seek permission to dissolve his mateship with Artemisia. Salvia warns him that he and his children will be shamed.
  2. [M] The Truth Burns Deep Inside and Will Never Die
    Itachi Lykoi is taken aback by Loki's cruelty toward an intruder.
  3. For He's a Jolly Good Felon
    Loki talks to Osrath Eternity about the divorce; she reveals that she knows he was involved with Lokr.
  4. Ate You up and Spat You Out
    Harrow D'Angelo visits Loki, with ulterior motives.
  5. I Make Worms Turn into Butterflies
    Ankh D'Aabt and Loki spend time together.
  6. Lived Here Before the Days of Ice
    Loki begs Lokr to continue tutoring his children despite the divorce. They speak about Loki going south for information.


  1. Things Like Love the World and Let Your Fancy Flow
    As Mercury Alazoneia, Loki joins Cour des Miracles for some weeks to gather intelligence.


  1. And I'm Balancing History Books up on My Head
    Loki returns, bringing Artemisia a book and helping her with her wound. She is suspicious of his intentions, but he is merely still fond of her.
  2. The Strong Smell of Burnt Sage
    Loki meets fellow "witch" Bane D'Angelo.
  3. Oh, Fantasy Free Me (so You Can't See Me, No, Not at All)
    Bringing gifts, Loki intrudes on a "moment" between Blair Eternity and his niece Reykja Helsi. He subtly expresses approval of their relationship.
  4. Dream Weaver
    Loki brings Hel a dream-catcher; they bond.
  5. The Warm Belly of the Earth
    Loki and Ondine Heiwa scout out a location for Bane's walipini project.
  6. Stone Markers and Steel Shovels
    Loki and Hope D'Angelo chat while Pierrat fetches shovels for the walipini project.


  1. Dirt Beneath My Fingernails
    Loki and Odessa D'Angelo lounge while their servants -- and an angry Fire -- dig out the walipini.
  2. It's Nice to Know You Work Alone
    Loki and Bacchus Revlis flirt.
  3. The Church-Bells All Were Broken
    Lillith Trombetta, swollen with Loki's children, pays him a grateful visit.
  4. Dios Mios
    Loki mocks Heine Kaiser, who's been caught up in one of his traps.
  5. I Went for a Walk on a Winters Day
    While out on a ride, Loki meets the lovely Akantha.
  6. Waning Moons Wanting to Be Swallowed by the Sea
    Loki meets the secretive Pisces D'Angelo, the "Fish."
  7. In the Land of Gods and Monsters
    Loki reunites with Claire de Valence.
  8. [M] Life Is the Vehicle for Something to Come to Earth
    Salsola comes down for a ritual. Loki tells a story of the Wild Hunt -- when the red moon is suddenly eclipsed.
  9. Night After Day, Black Flowers Blossom
    The formation of the Salsola Outpost is announced at the Last Supper.


  1. [M] Gossamer Threads
    Elektra and Neith Trombetta are born.
  2. And All I Wanted Was a Shimmer in Your Shine
    Quicksilver runs home after being attacked by (and killing) an Outsider; Loki comforts her the best he can.


  1. Toxicity in Our Lungs
    Hel sleepwalks; she and Loki discuss what this might mean.
  2. And the Sap of the Trees on Your Fingers Have Bled
    Loki practices his cast-net; Salvia gives him tips.
  3. Can the Old Bard Still Sing a Tune?
    Loki takes his anger out on the lazy Pierrat Benoît.
  4. In Between, We Live
    Loki runs into Blair Eternity, and they talk about their respective mounts.
  5. Let's Make It Clean and Run out the Spirits
    Loki scouts with newcomer Hyacinth Silevue.
  6. And We Danced on into the Night
    Loki teaches Weaver Valentine a little more about Salsola in exchange for lute lessons.
  7. Don't Believe a Word That I Haven't Heard
    Loki and Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi scout together.
  8. A Thistle That Withered Dry
    A loner, Venatrix Elaphae, tails Loki in hopes of stealing from him.


  1. Nothing Works, They Say You Don't Mind
    Loki makes a surprise visit to the home of Rafael Salcedo, his sister's paramour.

2016 Threads


  1. A Constellation of Tears on Your Lashes
    Loki briefly takes in a frightened girl, Evening?.
  2. Like a Snowflake Distinct Among Snowflakes
    Loki plays in the snow with Berkanan before going to help clear paths with Duncan de le Poer.
  3. Look at Your Face Like You're Killed in a Dream
    Thomas Blanc is captured by Loki, Weaver, Till, and Viktor.
  4. See Your Rugged Hands and a Silver Knife
    With the help of Basilaris Eternity and some of the slaves, Loki resets his deadfall trap.
  5. [M] Emboldened Thorns Made Their Bed with Toppled Stones
    Fire D'Angelo attempts to bring a prisoner, Ezra Vahn, into Salsola. Loki establishes dominance over him with threats and takes over responsibility for the man.
  6. The Blessing and the Curse, Their Crooked Words
    Ezra Vahn, the captive, regains consciousness in Loki's tower. Loki nicely explains the situation to him, at least in half-truths.
  7. You Would Fall and Turn the White Snow Red as Strawberries in the Summertime
    Loki breaks down when he comes across yet another murdered girl. Artemisia finds him, and they have a long talk -- where Loki reveals his own self-loathing.


  1. Great Is the Claw of the Hawk'''
    Loki is moved by Stjarna's return to Salsola, but he cannot comfort her.
  2. Get Them Drunk on Rose Water
    Loki teaches his ward, Calla Valentine, and her sister Hyacinth about "potions" and the gods.
  3. Lighting a Match on the Suitcase's Latch in the Fading of Night
    Loki and Hel investigate The Outpost's disappearance and have a altercation with a couple of disgruntled loners.
  4. The Fals Fox Camme unto Owre Croft
    Loki commissions Heine Kaiser for a gift for Stjarna.
  5. And Packed Him in an Old Shoebox
    Loki comes to Lokr's tower, bringing toys for his daughters.
  6. Help Me Fill in the Blanks
    Izrian Firebringer approaches Salsola's borders for information on Ezra Vahn's whereabouts. Loki lies to her face.
  7. Legions and Doubt, the Whisper and the Shout
    A furious Loki threatens and blackmails Ezra because of Izrian's visit.
  8. In Distant Woods One Hears the Call of the Hallali
    Indra Revlis wanders across Loki, and they chat.


  1. All in the Name of Being Holy
    Loki assists Weaver Valentine when slave Corrine Pauva has a panic attack.
  2. The Scent of Roses and Raspberry Leaves
    Loki seeks Bane D'Angelo's advice on brewing teas.
  3. Without the Hurting We'd Never Change
    Pisces D'Angelo helps Loki break Berkanan to saddle.
  4. [M] Free as the Morning Bird, Fragile as China
    Loki helps Stjarna reconnect with her faith.
  5. I Pay the Price, but I'm Grateful
    Loki saves Abeni from Berk's attentions and takes a walk with her, to the slave's discomfort.
  6. I Found Something in the Woods Somewhere
    Loki tells new Associate Elody Lykoi a little about magic.


  1. It Burns Quiet, It Burns Slow Until a Firestorm Explodes
    The red star falls. Loki is awoken by the earth tremors and finds Blair Eternity and Reykja Helsi fleeing the fire of his mother's yurt.
  2. And Praise the Shapes, and Then Praise the Way They Change
    Siv is dead. Loki changes his name.
  3. [M] In the Brightest Hour of My Darkest Day
    Calla Valentine pays the grieving Loki a visit, and things get intimate.
  4. No More Skipping Rope, Skipping Heart Beats
    Loki wanders across a young loner, Saghani Frostfire, who seems quite taken with his kindness. He deems her to have enough potential to be recruited and chats vaguely with her about Salsola, arranging a date for them to meet again.
  5. I Keep the Ends out for the Tie That Binds
    Saghani proves her cleverness to Loki.
  6. They Say No Way, Oh, I Say I'll Rule the World
    Loki brings Saghani to join Salsola.
  7. The Entry Point
    Loki turns away an unprepared wolf seeking to join Salsola.
  8. Dream Away These Evil Days
    Loki has a heart-to-heart with Plague D'Angelo, encouraging her.
  9. Etchings on Your Conscience by the Hands That Had 'Em Killed
    Loki communicates with ghosts in the Blackwoods, learning that a girl he saw die is one of the spirits, and that several more were awoken by the red star falling.
  10. And We Claim That This Collection Has a Name and Is a Being
    Loki leads a ritual for the sake of the ghosts, encouraging others to leave offerings so that the spirits walk with them in peace.


  1. Little Hermit
    Loki meets Dion Akreon.
  2. With the Dancing Reaper
    Loki assists Fayne in caring for her son Brinan's minor injury.
  3. Like Fireflies on Fixtures, Like Drops of Devil's Tinctures
    Loki talks herbs with a traveling apothecary, Rio Marino.
  4. But in His Dreams a Lover Sprang Forth from Under Covers
    Loki and Stjarna share a quiet moment.
  5. Under His Paws, Caught up in His Vice
    Loki and Calla flirt and harvest mushrooms.


  1. The Promise Was Eternal but You Couldn't See That Far
    Kynda returns to Salsola.
  2. I'll Sing the Song of the Forest
    Loki comforts Violeta and promises to marry her to her "prince" in spite of their father's wishes.
  3. Nature's Bequest Gives Nothing but Doth Lend
    Artemisia helps train Loki in combat.


  1. Spirits Supernatural
    Idrieus skeptically observes Loki meeting with ghosts.
  2. Meadowlark, Fly Your Way Down
    Cinareae Eternity helps Loki create a bird trap.
  3. The Bright and Black That's Making You Run
    Loki flirts lightly with new Associate Bayani Grimm.
  4. [M] What Matters Most Is Not What You See
    Calla comes to Loki with news.
  5. But Faith Has Never Caught Me Unprepared
    Loki performs the funerary rites for Siv Helsi -- then symbolically dons her old cloak in a dangerous proclamation.
  6. Leaving Proof of the Damages Done
    The Last Supper. Loki becomes Salsola's Crone, and his first action is to bless the union of Violeta Rose Soul and Rafael Salcedo, against his father's wishes.
  7. While the Goddess Dances with Fathers, Sons, and Ghosts
    After the Supper, Itachi Lykoi jumps Loki.
  8. The Paupers Laugh 'Cause They're Better off Than Dead
    Loki reveals what happened to Salvia Eternity.
  9. All I Am Is the Bones You Made for Me So Garishly Clean
    Hel discovers her hurt father and swears vengeance for his sake.
  10. And All My Demons, You Said, Come and Go with a Haze
    Quicksilver comforts her father.
  11. Time Expands and Then Contracts
    Blair and Reykja approach Loki to ask for his blessing, which he gladly gives.


  1. Fire to My Lying Heart
    Ondine Heiwa approaches Loki to speak of magic and plants, though their talk turns to unrequited love.
  2. Like a Huddled Moon-Lit Exile on the Shore
    Loki comforts Claire de Valence after she has been hurt by her father.
  3. To the Old Stone Fountain in the Morning After Dawn
    Loki meets Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi's crippled little son, Coaxoch.
  4. Addicted to Remembering, Like Some Idiot Oracle
    Elphaba Revlis comes to the Crone for advice.
  5. Unpardonable
    Trespasser Merlin Knight is caught in one of Loki's traps and discovered by the Crone and Basilaris -- and learns that Loki's mercy comes at a price.


  1. Wet Flowers on the Ground
    Weaver Valentine approaches Loki to get his blessing for marriage to Syringa.
  2. I Was Waiting at the Ancient Gate
    While investigating cairns in the Bay, Loki comes across a Cavalier.
  3. Together, We Rise
    Loki and Hel Eternity discuss magic and the recent goings-on.
  4. [M] A Penance and a Pittance and a Petal from Their Bed
    Loki sees Calla Valentine properly for the first time after she terminated her pregnancy. Regret, anger, and a dangerous co-dependence bring them together.
  5. [M] I Could Just Die Laughing on Your Spiral of Shame
    In the aftermath of sleeping with Calla, Loki is flooded with fear and regret. When Pierrat calls him out, Loki flies into a rage -- and realizes how dangerously out of control he has become. Piers suggests he focus on another woman he cares about.
  6. There Goes the World, There Twirls My Heart
    Loki confesses love to Stjarna.


  1. And Over at the Crossroad They Stole the Sign
    Cesare dei Cattanei, a cheese-peddling loner, mistakes Loki for an enigmatic woman.
  2. Tending the Fire
    Loki suspiciously approaches a loner, Janik, in Drifter Bay.
  3. It Ain't Supposed to Rain on a Sunny Day
    Loki tries to assist Abeni in retrieving one of the mysterious stick-figures.
  4. Þurs Vældr Kvinna Kvillu
    Loki rescues Stjarna from the mud.
  5. The Golden Age Is Over
    Elphaba Revlis shows Loki a great secret.
  6. So You Talk About Who You See at the Top
    Loki comes upon Heine Kaiser mending a trap and toys with him as usual.
  7. Taím Chomh Láidir Le Cú Chulainn
    Ankh D'Aabt brings Loki a belated gift for his ascension to Crone.


  1. An Ace of Wands in Your Future
    Loki introduces himself to new Associate Cleome Valentine.
  2. Reminisce Over You
    Loki saves and scolds the reckless Scourge D'Angelo.
  3. Stale Lamplight From the Corpse of Flame
    Loki runs across another witch, Evangeline Lykoi.


  1. Fǫr En Skalpr Er Sværða
    Stjarna sets up a "date" for Hvitr and Berkanan.
  2. No One Saves Us but Ourselves
    Salvia has a foreboding dream.

2017 Threads


  1. [M] Up Is down, One Last Shot
    Calla comes to Loki for matters business and pleasure.
  2. Tea Time
    Primrose Grimm makes a good first impression Loki with a gift of tea.
  3. Once upon a Wanderer
    IN PROGRESS. w/ Famine.
  4. Treasure Maps, Fallen Trees
    Neith Heiwa investigates and mends traps set off by Salsola's mysterious enemies. Loki offers his assistance.
  5. [M] So Great a Sum of Sums yet Canst Not Live?
    Artemisia is killed by Boreas wolves while protecting Loki.
  6. Stand Beside One Another, Cus It Ain't over Yet
    Driven by grief and fury, Loki joins in the final battle.


  1. Hagall Er Kaldastr Korna
    Stjarna cheers Loki up with a present -- and a snowball fight.


  1. Une Douzaine De Chats
    Quicksilver brings up moving out of the tower while Pierrat plays with her kittens.


  1. Ár Er Gumna Góðe

Bearing a magical snake, Stjarna proposes to Loki.

  1. Such a Foam of Gold, and Eyes Burning Beryline
    IN PROGRESS. Loki brings gifts to Ondine Heiwa and her baby son.
  2. Mon Merle a Perdu Ses Ailes
    IN PROGRESS. w/ Quicksilver Lykoi.