Light Goldenfeather

Light Goldenfeather

Light, by Kiri
Date of BirthMay 15, 2006
Age> 5 years
Subspecies100% Canis lupus hydsonicus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth place?
Current packAniWaya

'Souls Profile

Current Pack


Joining date10 Nov. 2011-3 Feb. 2016
RankTsisdu Kanati
MeaningRabbit hunter

Light Goldenfeather is a former member of AniWaya ranked as a skilled-level hunter. He is the uncle of Saxif Goldenfeather.

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1.  Personality

  • Stern - He can seem quite tough a lot of the time. Like a man who never lets emotion show upon his face.
  • Wise - He is knowldgeable as a leader, hunter and is life experienced.
  • Dominant - Being Beta and holding the position for 3 years was both a test of his strength and ambition. He finds it difficult to submit to anyone because he refuses to show weakness.
  • Alcoholic - On his journey to souls he discovered alcohol and has taken to it quite a bit. Some days he might overstep things making him testy or over flirtatious. When he is drunk he gains a slight flamboyance as well.
  • Insecure at rare times - Light is a struggling in the closet homosexual, it was never accepted in his pack and for him in such high power would have been unwise to let his secret slip. He tries to compensate for his sexuality by acting tougher/manlier around females who flirt or males he likes.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

  • Parents — Juniper and Fleet Goldenfeather
  • Siblings — Nimble, Swift, Airy, Pasque, and Willow
  • Nieces and Nephews — Saxif, Lilac, Bell, Tulip, Nimble Jr., Lithe, and Haste

3.  Appearance

Light's scars

by Katie

Like many of the canis lupus hydsonicus of his tribe he is light in color with brown eyes. His mane is hinted with shades of grey and hints of brown while the rest of his body is a more off-white. His left ear is tattered while a chunk is missing from the side of the right. He thinks he's mister most handsome in the world cause he's covered in scars (pack thing/belief). (Scars on back and sides yet to be made) Silver/grey/light brown hair from top of his head and ears to mid back, half silver tail, grey right paw, grey left leg and paw, grey under chin to mid pecks/chest... kind of like a diamond/oval. Every other part of him is white to offwhite. All his scars come from various things, bear wrestling, wolf fights, antler scratches/stabs, etc. etc.... Thanks so much in advance if anyone helps me out.

In each form he keeps much of his coloring except for a slightly darker silvery mane that fills over his shoulder and down his back in a thick braid when he is in optime. Athletic to muscular build.

His most distinct qualities are scars that peak through his thick fur. Bear clawings and bites from the annual hunting game for Beta position. He has kept his place for 3 years but the damage to his body was the price.

4.  History

4.1  Pre-'Souls History

Born as the second litter of pups to his mother Light, he was never a candidate for Alphaship. His older brothers, Nimble and Swift, had been his rivals growing up. So, the position of Beta was his best hope of leadership.

He trained hard with the help of his brother Swift and father Fleet. Fleet had almost reconsidered Light as an heir to Alpha leadership but chose not to break tradition of the older brothers reigning the title. Light took his reign as Beta the year after their father's death. He had proven his strength through the capture and battle with a polar bear. This tradition was known as the annual bear hunt. Together with his brother Swift they proved to be great leaders. Light with the strength of a warrior, vision of change and the ability to never give up. Swift with the wisdom of order, the power to command effectively and the love for his pack. A pairing that kept the pack stable and well cared for, for 3 years.

Light had great respect and love for his family. Never having pups of his own he adored his niece Saxif Goldenfeather as a daughter. He admired her new way of thinking and often pushed her to stay that way. He taught her everything he knew as a hunter and a warrior. He however had been bound by law to not teach her in a more direct manner so he had done so through stories and allowing her to watch him create traps. He seen the great love of the hunt in the girl like he had as a pup, she was in a manner of speaking his equal in personality and ambition. He knew the girl would not be allowed to pursue her dreams when his brother announced her sister and her arranged mate would take the Alpha role upon his death. He knew this would crush the young female so he told her a story about a bird that could fly but he was of a flightless species. As he had hoped this story led her to free herself of the shackles of royalty. He aided her by leading the guard off her scent.

Later Light worried for his niece, her father Swift was a wreck. He felt maybe it would be best she return. He felt he might convince his brother to reconsider her to join the hunt. Though deep down he knew his brother would not change the law. He set out one night without a word to find his niece. He followed the very faint and dying trail of the young golden wolf. Testing every trick to keep her trail masked he eventually set out blind. It would take him a while but he would eventually find the youth and discover a world he had never expected.

4.2  'Souls History

Since arriving in AniWaya Light has started to train in various weapons. The weapon that he was familiar with before arrive to souls was the Spear & Atlatl. It was used to hunt whale therefore they were larger and was crafter more as a harpoon than a spear but he will adapt it as a smaller spear into his hunting repertoire. He is also learning to use it with out the Atlatl javelin style as the force could be too much for certain animals with the power increasing device.

Light remained in the pack for years throughout the turmoil. In August 2013, he falls ill when many of his fellow tribesmembers become sick from a mysterious cause. Luckily, he manages to recover. Following the sickness and the AniWaya leadership's decision to move the tribe north to Quartz Shoreline, Light assists in the process.

4.3  Threads

2014 (NPC)

  1. Family Reunion (NPC) (Feb) with Ulilohi, Amorette, Ocèane, and Olivia
    Light accompanies Ulilohi to greet the new joiners, Amorette and Olivia
  2. J Escaping the devil's grasp (NPC) (Jun) with Fenrir and Claudius
    Light accompanies Claudius to greet a joiner
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