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Liam is a certifiably insane male who hears things that aren't there, sees things that don't exist, and enjoys the taste of wolf flesh. He murders any 'Shadow wolves' he can to avenge the destruction of his family. And because he is insane. He is the father of D'ryn Rhiannon and Bridget Rhiannon, by his former mate Ayasha. His violent crimes caught up with him in 2013, when AniWaya had him castrated[1], and then Cercatori d'Arte had him killed.[2]


Liam, by Nat
Name MeaningStrong-willed Warrior
Name OriginIrish
Date of Birth15 Dec 2010
Date of Death1 Jul 2013
Birth placeMuskegon, MI
Current packAnathema

'Souls Profile

Previous Packs


Joining date
Previous Rank(s)

Cercatori D'Arte

Joining date
Previous Rank(s)Infido, cuciolla
Significancetraitor, puppy


Early history

The first thing he remembers is a black demon attacking his smaller sisters. The first sound he remembers besides his mothers murmurs about the butterflies is the snapping of his sister's neck. His father carried himself and Brighid, the runt, away. The days were cold. Brighid got weaker and weaker, and the days got colder yet. The three of them were traveling during the worst blizzard of the year, one that would cause massive amounts of damage in Nova Scotia, where the three were heading to.

One day, Brighid stopped breathing. Liam's father, Taliesin, only stopped long enough to bury her body. Mourning would have to be done once they were safe. Liam still mourns his sisters.

Souls history

They arrived after the blizzard had passed. Others came and went, but the father and son stayed primarily by themselves. One day Liam's father began walking around more and more on two feet. One day, a black stranger came to visit. Unknown to Tal, Liam witnessed the rape of his father by Lucifer Sawtooth. This served to further deepen his hatred of black wolves. Soon after this, Tal uprooted the two of them and took them to join a new pack, Cercatori d'Arte.

While Tal took well to the pack of "artists and dreamers", Liam hated it. He was bored, and didn't like that his father was trying to push the tree hugging knowledge that his mother had taught him. He began wandering further and further from the pack, disdaining anything that the pack had to offer. When Jade followed him to Crimson Dreams, he got in trouble. On returning, she followed him around the pack, keeping an eye on him. He was furious, and told her to stop it or she would be sorry, since the butterflies had told him he would be the one to destroy all the shadow wolves. Of course, jade went and tattled on him, resulting in his demotion to Traditore.

Time went on, his issues got worse, and led to him brutally murdering his adopted sister Tameri. He would have been executed if his father had not pleaded for his life and gotten him exiled instead. After his forcible removal from D'Arte, he took Ayasha as his mate and moved to Anathema in January of 2012. They had pups not long after, and he named them D'ryn Rhiannon and Bridget Rhiannon. Liam had a rare moment of lucidity and decided to leave Anathema for a long time, traveling back to his birthplace to try and deal with his issues for the sake of his family. He finds Liadain's killer, his half-brother Azza, and executes him.

The visions of butterflies leave him, and he finally returns to his mate and children. Sky Rhiannon forgives him for Tameri's murder, tearing off his ear in tribute. The respite from his issues is only a brief lapse, however, and soon he grows more unstable than ever. He takes his uncle Noah Sawtooth prisoner and tortures him just outside of Anathema. He revisits AniWaya to harass his relative Gemma Rhiannon Sawtooth, but unlike the last time he did so, he is captured by their leaders and punished. They castrate him, and he returns to Anathema in shame. He releases Noah to New Dawn, and leaves his mate a note explaining that he is leaving for good. Without the positive influence of Ayasha, he gives in to the clamoring voices in his head, and seeks out Taliesin dir Rhiannon to murder him. All of Cercatori d'Arte rises to rebuff him, and it is Skye Collins that lands the fatal blow and ends his life.


Liam has schizophrenia in varying degrees. His moods and actions are unpredictable and can be dangerous; he has raped, murdered, and cannibalized throughout his violent life, and is particularly vicious toward black wolves as well as his family members.


Family: Rhiannon and Sawtooth


His silky coat is mottled shades of browns and rusty reds. His eyes are a crisp amber. He is around average size for a grey wolf, which is predominantly what his heritage is. He has reached his full grown size. He prefers his optime form, and loves wearing black jeans, and a black tanktop. He's begun working out on his own, to develop his muscles better. He has a gold hoop in his right ear, and a claddagh tattoo above his left wrist on the outside. He has scars hidden under his thick fur, mostly on his chest. The most notable scarring is his left ear, which has been mostly ripped off by Sky Rhiannon as penance for the murder of Tameri.

Precise Size

  • Lupus: 120 lbs. 36 in.
  • Secui: 235 lbs. 44 in
  • Optime: 260 lbs 6ft 10in
    • Preferred Form: Optime