Laurel Booth

Laurel Booth

Laurel Booth, by Alex
Date of BirthJuly 10th, 2003
Age5 Years
Subspecies100% Canis latrans ortus
Birth placeN/A
Current packNone
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Laurel is probably going to be evil, he has forum profile 666. ._.

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  4.   4.  History
    1.   4.1  Early Life
    2.   4.2  2008-2009

1.  Appearance

At first glance, he's quite a character, wearing clothes and all. Standing at a respectable height of seven feet two inches (7’2”), Laurel possesses a build of a traveller. Rarely out of his were-coyote form, a tweed hat sits on his head (with notches cut out for his tall ears), dirty-blonde hair adorned sporadically with bright, colourful beads here and there. His coat is compromised of two different sandy shades, one a dark tan and another a light, almost creamy-white. Rarely seen without his trademark dark grey vest and pants, his back is a smattering of typical coyote patterns, complete with a patchy black and silver saddle. Often, he can be often toting no weapons at all, unless you count a worn banjo that is often affixed to his shoulder with a equally worn leather strap.

2.  Personality


3.  Relations

The eldest of two other brothers, Laurel is the son of Ash and Réséda; his younger brothers are Tares and Oliver. Though he left his home at an early age, he also has two sisters—Lene and Mackenzie—which he has never met. Much of his adulthood has been spent in much promiscuity during his travels and in turn he has sired a number of (unknown, mind you) children between several women. More information about that can be found here.

4.  History

Akumu is so horrible that she has never worked out Laurel's history and probably will take years to do it. But the short list fact sheet of it all is that he's travelled around more or less since he was six or seven months old and never stopped. He's been all over the place, never gone overseas in his life, and probably knows more people around him than he realises but doesn't remember them and vice versa. Somewhere in his adventures he met Laurent Nakado on the road, did some trippy shit in the same gypsy band as Poe D'Angelo, and eventually left another gypsy band with Nikita Eirisa in tow. Then he came to ‘Souls and founded Esper Hollow. Yay. At least I wrote a paragraph.

4.1  Early Life

4.2  2008-2009

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