Konstantine Avery

Konstantine Avery

Konstantine, by Anna
Name OriginUnknown
Date of BirthUnknown
Age3 years
Subspecies100% Canis lupus ligoni nonnisi
Birth placeUnknown
Current packN/A

Konstantine was created solely for the purpose of a murder thread because Anna is stupid and wanted to amuse herself.

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1.  History

Konstantine, like most any other wolf pup, was born to the higher ranking within her birth pack. Her parents, in fact, happened to be the beta wolves. They were highly respected, for they both had great leadership skills and took great pride in being general care takers of all within the pack. Kindness was a major aspect for both parents, and was passed down to Konstantine. It naturally ran within the family, however, some of Konstantine’s other traits could conflict with it.

When Konstantine was only of about two years, she met a young male who was a member of a pack that coexisted next to Konstantine’s own. Neither pack was hostile towards the other, but it was a known rule not to interfere or mix affairs with one another. But soon Konstantine fell in love, though it was forbidden. However, she managed to keep it secret from the rest of her pack.

A couple years later, the secret of Konstantine’s love was discovered. There had been some raise in suspicion, but finally the truth was out with evidence to support it. Because of this forbidden love, Konstantine was exiled from her pack for breaking the known rules – no one was allowed to disobey the laws of the pack.

Knowing that they would most likely run away together, the neighboring pack kept Konstantine’s love within its territory – preventing them for living their lives together and starting a family of their own. It seemed as if everyone wanted them to live in despair (almost like a Romeo and Juliet with tails).

Clouded Tears

Joining date1 Jan 2007

Konstantine knew she couldn’t wait around for her love, and that she would have to move on no matter how impossible that seemed. Knowing this, she set off away from her old home and her love, in search of a new life far away from the bitter hearts of her birth.

Soon after, Konstantine came across Clouded Tears’ borders. There she talked to Laruku Tears and was accepted as a subordinate. Not long later, Konstantine was killed when Merrick Phire pushed her from a cliff ledge.

2.  Personality

Konstantine is tender hearted and born with a natural streak of kindness running through her. She always finds a kind spot in others, and tends to look out for them no matter what their age or disposition. However, a trait that sometimes contradicts with her kindness is the fact that Konstantine has a sarcastic flair to her. In most conversations she finds a way of making some small sarcastic remark that truly reveals her opinion.

Though Konstantine has lost the first true love in her life, she believes that she may find another. However, her heart is still healing and she is a little skeptical of new people at first. However, she will always give someone a chance to reveal their true selves, since first impressions can often be misleading.

3.  Appearance

The long and slender body is the main attribute which gives Konstantine the look of being graceful. Her body is not lanky or awkward, but rather it seems as if her steps are perfectly choreographed – naturally perfect. It's not something taught, it's just a sense of being comfortable in her own fur. Konstantine is no larger or smaller than that of an average wolf her size, age, or gender. There is nothing about her size to make her stand out, except for perhaps her paws seem to be a tad bit bigger than what would seem natural for her body size.

Konstantines’ fur is a brilliantly colored canvas of long healthy fur – though most would like to say their fur feels much like silk or satin, Konstantine would rather compare it to cotton; for cotton is soft and comfortable, but sturdy and multipurpose… beautiful and practical. Appearing to be colored dark onyx, it is in fact made up of a variety of dark colors. When the sun lights upon her it is especially apparent that a variety of deep browns and charcoals help to create the appearance of an all black coat. A rather striking feature is the bright color of Konstantine’s eyes. Of course it is most common for a wolf’s eyes to be colored an auburn or light golden brown; however Konstantine has been endowed with a peculiar color of blue. Her eyes aren’t a deep stormy blue, but rather, a bright piercing blue that often causes others to stop and gaze in wonder.

4.  Notable Threads