Kobel Blaise


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Kobel Blaise

by Westy



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16 June 2007











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25% Mexican Wolf
75% Common Gray Wolf




Current pack Pack?
Current rank Omega lol


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Cheese? (I)
Puppy, Beta, Alpha

Kobel is the son of Sybald Blaise? and Inara Coven?. He is a wolf, born into the wilds of Idaho?, U.S.A and has been a loner since the age of two years. He currently seeks to find his sister, Adari Blaise and his other half siblings.

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1.  Lifestyle

1.1  Speech

Describe accent, general pattern of speech, whether confident speaker or not. Note mannerisms regarding speech -- e.g., "um" or "er?" a lot.

Do they speak loudly and clearly, or do they mumble words? Are they prone to speaking very fast, stumbling over words and occasionally mixing them up, or do they speak slowly and deliberately, rarely fumbling their words or losing their train of thought?

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1.2  Abilities



Kobel has an excellent way with animals.



Kobel is very easily influenced by others and can be seen as a bit of a pushover. He also has inner conflicts with his emotions regarding his sexuality.

1.3  Residence

Kobel can join ANY pack (the best suited for him being VN and ND). He can remain a loner, but it's preferred he eventually join a pack.

1.4  NPCs


Kobel's female Gyrfalcon.


Kobel's cat. Brown tabby tom.


Kobel's horse. Black Gypsy Cob mare.

1.5  Inventory


Household Items

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Other Items

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2.  Appearance

Kobel can most often be found in Optime form but occasionally will use Secui form. He rarely uses his Lupus form unless trying to be particularly stealthy. He is almost fully Gray Wolf with traces of Mexican Gray Wolf in his blood. He wears a pair of cut off Khaki pants with no top and a bandanna around his neck. He is rather large in size (sizing chart can be determined by player). See below for more details!

Sizing Chart





107 lbs
(48 kg)

32 in
(82 cm)


154 lbs
(70 kg)

38 in
(96 cm)


180 lbs
(82 kg)

5ft 11in (71 in)
(180 cm)

Prefers Optime form.

2.1  Forms


Lupus description.


What does their Secui form look like?


His hair is short, brown and messily spiked.

2.2  Build & Species

Kobel is built tall, sturdy and with a fine layer of powerful muscle. His legs are digitigrade but slightly straighter than the average Luperci.

2.3  Coloration & Fur

His thick, coarse pelt is a light copper-orange color with mixes of coppery-brown, rich chocolate brown, and dark brown. His inner ears, tail tip, muzzle, cheeks, underside and paws are a faded tan. Markings include a light copper-orange "mask" or sorts that extends from the bridge of his muzzle and around his eyes. He also has a dark brown "blanket" over his back and top of his head extending partially down his cheeks. His ear tips are dark brown and his tail has a dark brown "ring" around it just before the tip. His eyes are deep gold. His nose and paw pads are black.

2.4  Modifications

  • Scars:
    • None
  • Tattoos:
    • A black tribal tattoo of a phoenix rising marks his right shoulder. It is the crest of his family. He had it done when Adari did by their father at only a few months of age.
  • Piercings:
    • He wears a single gold stud and a small gold hoop in his right ear

2.5  Accessories

  • A green bandanna adorns his neck and he wears a pair of cut off khaki pants.

3.  Personality

Reserved but curious, calm, understanding, chivalrous, protective, not easily angered, gentlemanly, affectionate. Kobel is quite the opposite of his sister.

  • Fears:
    • Fear one
    • Fear Two
  • Motivations:
    • First motivation
    • Second motivation
  • Traits
    • Trait
    • Trait
    • Trait

3.1  Demeanor

Discuss how your character treats others here, and their general "presentation." Although less a defined appearance quality, think about the way your character presents him or herself -- are they open, outgoing, and social, or introverted, quiet, and aloof? Considering and jotting this down as part of their appearance can help you as you're roleplaying -- keeping this small but vital detail in mind can give you major clues as to how your character would act and present themselves in situations in terms of body language.

How do they react to certain situations -- newcomer at the borders, a stranger with bad attitude in the neutral territories, a lost puppy? Do they have a strong sense of right and wrong, or does their morality shift to accomodate the situation and their best interest? What motivates them, and what frightens them? What do they enjoy and what do they dislike? Although this is a lot to think about, considering these aspects can help you fully flesh out your character. It's helpful to make sure that aspects of their personality mesh well with their biography -- thus, try to think of a plausible reason why a character acts a certain way.

3.2  Outlook

Optimist/pessimist? Submissive/dominant? Introvert/extrovert? A character who is more introverted might cross his or her arms while talking or avoid eye contact more often. This can also assist others in “reading between the lines” of your posts. While you may not take the time to detail how your character presents him or herself every time they make a move, having a general idea stated in your profile can help players fill in the blanks if they don't know your character so well.

3.3  Ideals


Big Bias

A big bias goes here, discussed in paragraph form

Other Biases

  • Species: How do they feel about different species, perhaps? Maybe not just coyotes versus wolves, but how they feel about pets, how they feel about prey, etc.
  • Non-Luperci: How do they feel about non-Luperci?
  • Human Behaviors: How do they feel about human behaviors?


Kobel is gay but still "in the closet" about it. He's tried to have relationships with females before but they've never worked out.


How do they feel about the use of substances such as alcohol, tobacco, etc.? Would they use them?


Discuss the character's spirituality and religion under this section -- a brief overview goes here.

Specific Beliefs

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4.  Relationships



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Various Minor Aquaintences

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BRIEF description of relationship. If more than three sentences, consider moving to "Key Relationships" -- don't forget to reference threads, either. [3]

Does your character have many friends and acquaintences? How do they treat them?

4.1  Key Relations


Character and Character Name?'s relationship is FAIR/NEUTRAL/POOR.

4.2  Groups


Describe how they relate to their pack here -- why did they join in the first place?

  • Packmate?: A description of someone within the pack your character has interacted with might go here.


Maybe a different pack -- how do they feel about this pack?

  • Foreigner?: A description of someone within the pack your character has interacted with might go here.

4.3  Family

What's their relationship like with their family? Do they like being part of it, are they indifferent, or do they dislike it?

Immediate Family

Extended Family

5.  History

Born in Idaho, USA to a father (Sybald Blaise) with no sense of what it meant to raise a family and a mother (Inara) who was oblivious to her mate’s lack of interest in his children and too absorbed in his lies, Kobel and his sister Adari grew up almost entirely by themselves; constantly in a fight to survive. At a few months of age the only real interaction the pups had with their father was when he tattooed the Blaise family symbol onto their shoulders: a phoenix. Sybald was a greasy, unfaithful bastard of a wolf whose only drive in life was to take as many women as he could, sire pups and then run off and start all over again. He would never stick around long enough to even see his children shift for the first time. Inara, although a kind hearted woman, was not exactly the smartest wolfess out there. She fell head over heels for the suave male and followed him around like a slave, doing anything and everything he pleased, falling into his trap and believing his lies when he made excuses for wandering off in the middle of the night. When Sybald eventually permanently left the woman who had borne him two healthy offspring, Inara slowly deteriorated in her mental facilities only to finally slip into madness when her children disowned her and went off on their own. She passed away within a week of the young wolves’ departure.

Due to these messed up circumstances, the two siblings had to learn their way through their puppy years with very little influence or guidance from their parents. From learning to shift, hunt, fight, and even capture and train their own animals, almost all the skills Kobel possesses today were self-taught with some assistance from his sister. Because of the neglect of their promiscuous father and their air-headed mother, Kobel and Adari had to find out for themselves what their history was. It turned out that Sybald had fathered two previous litters before them and those children were somewhere out in the world by themselves having been raised in a similar atmosphere. When the siblings reached a year of age they set off in search of their older siblings, quite happily leaving behind their useless kin and going forth in hopes of finding something better, something to live for. With the few things they owned and on the backs of their trusty mounts, the two soon traveled outside of their homelands and into a whole new adventure. Being so deprived as she was Adari grew up to be very rigid and unforgiving. She had to play the part that Inara could not and learned to be protective, serious and to never let her emotions rule her mind. Kobel was capable of taking care of himself for the most part, but he had inherited his mother’s tender heart and emotional weakness and it was only by his sister’s constant pushing that he even survived their first year alone. Kobel didn't think of his bigger heart and outward emotions as weaknesses however. When around his sister he hid his true nature beneath a hardened mask. In reality he was the type to enjoy walking through a field of flowers or running around in a rainstorm. Adari wouldn't have any of that kind of 'frivolous behavior' and so it was until the two siblings split up that Kobel could really have a life of his own choosing.

Kobel went South while Adari continued to travel North. They went their separate ways in hopes of covering more ground in their search for the rest of their family. By this time, Sybald had found another mate and had been given yet another litter. Kobel would not glean this information until a whole year later. In the meantime, Adari had stumbled across their sire and discovered the truth after getting into a fight with the older male. She had Sybald promise to actually take care of his newest litter in exchange for his life but she doesn't know if he actually fulfilled his promise. She did however learn the names of her siblings and so now had some information to go on in her search. Ryuujin and Kaito were the oldest, from the first litter, next came Sephora and Absynthe of the second litter. Lastly was her younger half siblings Eun and Ithelo. She would have gone and rescued her young brother and sister but from what she gleaned from her father, their mother was sound of mind and fiercely protective of her pups. Adari did not wish to start a fight with a woman who was properly caring for her children. Kobel learned of his siblings from a old loner who had served as a sort of nurse to Ithelo and Eun when their mother had become ill at one point during the first weeks of the pup's lives. Happy to know his youngest half siblings were in good paws, Kobel turned his focus onto attempting to track down Ryuujin, Kaito, Absynthe and Sephora.

During his travels Kobel once and a while stayed with a few hospitable loners. It was one such loner, Lakota that he had his first intimate encounter with. He nearly settled with her in her home deep in the wilds of Washington. The woman was intriguing and fun but Kobel never felt truly satisfied with her, their relationship never took off as the woman expected and so one day the two wolves went their own ways again and Kobel resumed his search for his siblings. He never forgot his mission unlike his sister who was a victim of a series of unfortunate events which only hardened her heart further and caused her to abandon her quest. It wasn't until Kobel was four years of age that he had his first encounter with a male which would start a chain of events that would haunt him. A lone coyote by the name of Nikila opened a new door in Kobel's life, awakening a desire in him for the love of a man. The relationship between the two of them steadily grew as the two luperci traveled together. Although Kobel felt greatly for the coyote, he feared what his sister would think if she'd known he was gay. So in his fear he rejected Nikila and ran off one night without a word and vowed to never let himself get so far out of control.

At times come the next few months, Kobel found traces of his siblings here and there but the trails always went cold. Finally, torn to pieces by his selfish decision to leave his lover, his confusion of his feelings, his worry for his sister (whom he'd heard whispers of, was on a path of destruction), he sought out his blood kin, the only family he'd really known. Adari. Even though he feared her reactions, he was used to her protectiveness and ways of handling difficult situations. He also wanted to try and help her find herself again as well if he could, remind her of the good things in life. So, abandoning hope of finding the rest of his family he followed a lead given to him by another nameless loner who had seen Adari heading towards Nova Scotia. He hopes to find her there and reconnect with her. He doesn't know just how much his sibling had changed in her time alone, he just looks forward to seeing her familiar face once more.

5.1  Timeline



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