Kierkegaard DeForge

Kierkegaard DeForge

Kierkegaard, by Alexy?
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Date of BirthJuly 26th, 2012
Subspecies83% Russian Wolf
17% English Setter
Birth placeRussia
Current packLoner
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Kierkegaard DeForge is a religious, formerly nomadic male from the Russian arctic who comes to Souls with the spirit of a German wolf, Adalric, attached to his soul. He has no blood ties in Souls as of yet, but he comes from a largely extensive and religious family.

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  1.   1.  Pre-Bleeding Souls History
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  2.   2.  'Souls History
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    2.   2.2  Life in the pack
  3.   3.  Personality
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  4.   4.  Relationships
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  6.   6.  Appearance
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  7.   7.  Notable Threads
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1.  Pre-Bleeding Souls History

1.1  Early Life

Kierkegaard was born in an extremely, extremely cold place in the vast wilds of Northern Russia. His large pack was largely nomadic, traveling the huge expanses of land for all of Kierke's life with them. They often visited extended family that lived throughout the far Northeastern part of the continent. The DeForge family line is seemingly as vast as Russia itself, with all kinds of personalities genetics stretching from purebred Russian wolf to being more dog than wolf. Some branches of the family take pride in their pure, unmuddied blood, while others are proud to look like their dog parents. It's common for them to stick to traditions when it comes to breeding; thus, wolves in the purebred lines tend to breed with other pure wolves while others tend to take dog mixes to purebred dog to reproduce with.

Kier's family had been wolves that intended on breeding with other wolves, but there was a streak of dog lovers within them coming from his grandfather down; Grandpa took a dog for a mate after falling madly in love with her, despite his extremely traditional religious views. From there, the boy's line was born. Most took after their grandfather in looking like a wolf, while there was usually at least one dog-looking pup in each litter. Grandpa was a harsh soul; once the kids were old enough, most of them wandered off to start a new life away from them. Grandma would be the only reason for one to stay as she was a kind, exceptional and loving mother(she had to be some sort of awesome thing to soothe the Grandpa beast to begin with). Momfigure had stayed with her parents, having been extremely loyal and a devout Kephriti follower, making her father very proud. Finally he had raised the perfect child who was as deeply religious as himself. She was a very cold, aloof and distant person because of this, having been molded into the perfect religious minion. She was not at all a bad person... just entirely disconnected from emotions and everything except her Goddess.

She met a male and eventually, after quite some time, he was able to court her; they mated and thus Kierke's litter was conceived. But his father was someone he never knew; he left shortly after they were born. He was born alongside three siblings: firstborn, the firstborn, favbrother, the second, he himself the third, and favsister, the fourth and the precious baby of the litter. firstborn was damn near a clone of her mother in personality. All of them took after their wolf heritage... except for Kierkegaard, who was a blend of Russian wolf and English Setter. favbrother also took more after Momfigure, but struggled with pulling it off effortlessly like their older sister. He struggled with his emotions while the two youngest embraced them. firstborn and favbrother were the loners, following their mother's footsteps perfectly, and while Kierke and favsister also did so, they did not lose sight of being their own person, being unique, and being the way that made them happy; themselves. favsister was the one who taught Kier the importance of being himself, as he was torn between wanting to be just like his mother to make her proud but also having issue with being a cookie cutter puppy.

It was quite the endeavor, and still is, really. But he's definitely unique and turned out to be extremely in-touch with his emotions, acknowledging and embracing them. It's what made him human. Unlike his mother and older siblings, who let themselves be entirely guided by the Goddess they all so loved. He's just as religious as the rest of the DeForge, but he keeps it to himself more often than not. He will share if one asks, or wants to learn or just listen to him talk about his Kephriti. He's a very friendly, open and empathetic person because of his efforts to be true to himself.

He was closest to the baby girl, favsister, having been intimidated by Momfigure, firstborn and favbrother. But after efforts to bond with his brother, the two began to successfully grow closer, and Kierke began to adore his brother just the same as he did Fi. Now he loved firstborn too, but she was a lost cause trying to be friends with; she was only interested in Kephriti and Momfigure. After Fi wandered off again he spent most of his time exploring with favbrother. The two could go long periods of time exploring without saying a word. Kierke was usually the one to strike up a conversation. He was teaching the boy the same lessons his precious sister had taught him, making favbrother realize there was more to life than just their religion and being distant to everyone. The older brother began to get close to his fluffy brother, soon becoming overprotective of him.

Then one day everything changed; it had been the start of what was supposed to be a normal day. Kier had gotten his brother up and talked him into going out exploring early that day. They wandered many hours away from where the family was staying at the time, into a very open area of flatlands. The forest they came from was just a line on the horizon, with another lining it far ahead of them. The weather had been perfect, but suddenly it grew dark and got exceptionally windy. Looking to the sky, the black clouds churned; in the distance, dust was kicked up and swirled around a vortex, causing the tornado that had just touched down to become visible. Startled and nearly panicking, Kierke turned to his dear brother with the intent of saving his life, even at the cost of his own; sharp eyes spotted a small burrow with a large boulder on top of it. There was only room for one, but neither of them could get in it on their own. favbrother was a lanky thing, too; a lot skinnier than Kierke, who was thickly muscled even at this point. He pushed his brother toward the hole, and when he lowered his head, the boy took the opportunity to harshly shove him into the hole. Jammed in there, safely tucked under a rock too heavy for the violent winds to pick up, he would be safe and the tornado would not take him. He himself, however, would be greedily taken by the Mother of nature, At the very instant he felt his paws leave the earth, he prayed to Kephriti to guide him safely to her, to not let him suffer a painful death. He prayed for her hands to take his spirit peacefully before he died of his injuries upon hitting the ground, or being hit by debris within the vortex itself.

The bi-colored wolf mix awoke in intense pain in his body and head. His vision was severely blurred when he first opened his eyes. Kier had to lay there for hours, close to a full day before he was even able to roll onto his belly and sit up. He was in optime form-- before he had been in lupus... the intense stress of being carried away by the tornado must've forced him to shift up for the first time, a month early before his first natural one. Not only did he get taken and tossed far, far away from the flatlands and his brother, he was injured and on top of that, he was injured [i]and[/i] in an unfamiliar form he was unaccustomed to. His right leg was damn near broken; he had fractured ribs and what felt like his collarbone, and his left forearm. If he was careful, he would heal properly; thankfully he'd been dabbling in healing, taking lessons from family, especially when he visited other family packs, so he knew his way well around many herbs, and how to make sure he didn't worsen any of his fractures. He bound his leg properly and found some nice sticks to use as makeshift crutches to walk on. He also bound his arm.

He was able to find an old human village after wandering for a few days, finding there were still plenty of things there for him to use-- it was like the place had been untouched since the humans left. There were a lot of remote villages and towns like this out in the wilds of Russia. He made a sling for his arm, found clothes to put on and bundle himself up in. He would stay here until he was healthy enough to move on without worry of injuring himself further. He'd been ignoring a voice since he woke up after being tossed; a voice that got clearer to his ear as the days passed. After the voice became totally clear, as if there was someone right there speaking to him in German, he began to see things out of the corner of his eye. Then he'd look directly at the faded figure before blinking and it disappeared. Basically the same thing happened; at first the figure was unclear, but the more time that passed, the more clearly he'd see the creature, for longer, until finally the wolf was able to stay visible for as long as he chose to. Kier had been scared for a while, but eventually he grew used to the being's presence, and then welcomed him as a friend, especially after he had lead the injured wolf to food, old kills of other carnivores and stuff, taught him to make traps for smaller game. He had even learned German from the being, who he soon found out was a ghost, and his name was Adalric.

Kierkegaard finally healed and was able to move away from the village. He searched for his brother and small family pack for a few months before he realized he'd only wandered far, far, [i]far[/i] away from where they would be. He wanted to go back, but being the religious man he was, figured out that perhaps this was a sign from Kephriti. She wanted him to go on an adventure, to live life on his own no matter what awful unexpected things had happened. She had saved his life, making sure he survived the tornado; now she wanted him to go on a journey. To help find himself more, to learn things of the world, to forge his own path. Right now this was his calling. He welcomed it with open arms and set out to a port to travel to another continent.

He boarded a ship bound for Freetown; he worked hard during the voyage and was glad to finally get back onto solid ground once they made it. He traveled around Canada a bit, staying in the East for the most part, doing work here and there and eventually saving up enough money to buy himself a pair gorgeous mares and a wagon. The mares are huge black and white Clydesdales. He has many personal items within the wagon, from furs to all his healing supplies including herbs and such, weapons from knives to spears, including a bow and a quiver full of arrows, clothes, a nice supplied of dried meat, religious garbs and many things with ram horns attached, including a few hallowed out ram skulls that he wears often on his head, along with a some months worth of blue dye for his fur. The personal items are kept at the back of the wagon, on the wall back behind the seat he sits on as he drives. His tradable supplies are toward the front so they're easily accessible; he has potions and poisons, hand-made bone and wood weapons among other things he crafted himself, along with clothing he sewed made out of recycled human cloth and furs and other things he has as trading fodder, that he usually trades for dyes or other things he needs. He also sleeps in the wagon.

The DeForge male comes to Souls by the guidance of his Goddess and will of his own to experience new things and learn as much about the world as he can. To live life and be happy; it's what his Goddess wishes of him. He's excited for this new life and eagerly looks to the many packs within the lands to find his new home and family, and hopefully begin his own in the future, as well as become a member of value to whatever pack takes him into their ranks.

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6.2  Other


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