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By Songbird!

Khael Mwinyi Lykoi is the daughter of Machidael Lykoi and Mirutes Mwinyi, born in Blackmoor Castle with Sepirah Lykoi as her mother.

Raised with the expectation that she would take on "womanly duties" as she grew, she instead fought to be seen as equal to her brothers, bullying and manipulating her way into their lessons. Following Anathema's occupation of the castle in late 2014, the family was forced to move -- and journeyed to Egypt, the fathers' homeland. Here Khael continued to learn and grow stronger, craftier.

She returned to North America a little over a year later, and trespassed on Salsola territory during a robbery gone wrong. However, she was found by Katinka Holt -- who believed Khael to be a victim of Boreas -- and permitted to stay with the pack as an Associate. Khael remained largely uninvolved in Salsola's community and politics, forging a bond only with Tink, whom she became increasingly protective and possessive of as they grew closer. It wasn't until the Inferni-Salsola War that Khael, now a member of the Family proper, acted on her pack's behalf. Khael preyed upon multiple Infernians over the course of the war -- only some of these in proper defense of her home, and others victim of unfortunate circumstance.

The long and deliberate courtship of Tink culminated in marriage in March 2018, elevating the couple to the rank of Warden. For over a year, the couple remained stationary in the hierarchy, unwilling to play the pack's political games and cautiously finding footing under new leadership. However, the arrival of Khael's brother and rival, Ossidael, lit an ambitious fire in Khael. Training with others of the Shield and showcasing her vicious fighting style in defense of the pack, she earned the Milite job, and she and Katinka discussed their next step as a couple: children. After traveling to Portland so that Tink's older brother could sire the litter, Khael carried her pregnancy in secret -- one discovered by an experienced Salsolan, who blackmailed Khael with knowledge of her dealings with indentured servant Odalis. As a result, the Henchman was usurped only a week before the birth of her daughters: Keturah and Kineret.





OOC Info

  • Date of Birth: 30 July 2014
    • Age: ~6 years
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Jackal-Coyote Hybrid
  • Mate: Katinka Holt

Pack Information

OOC Assumptions

  • Pack: Salsola
  • Rank: Henchman
  • Job: Milite

Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • General conversations (i.e. unlikely to affect later roleplay) -- though Khael is not very talkative.
  • Khael frequently patrols through the territory and along its borders, armed with her spears. She can be glimpsed training alone.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • General Description:
Khael resembles a coyote-jackal hybrid but for her dark pelage; those unfamiliar with jackals may just mistake her for an exotic-looking coyote. Her fur is sleek and silky, but very thin and ill-suited for cold. Her sharp, angular jackal's face is blended with some coyote and wolf features; her ears are far more coyote than jackal, and her muzzle is too thick and long for a jackal's.
  • Optime Hair: Nearly shoulder-length, silky in texture but choppy and uneven in its cut.
  • Build, Size, and Forms:
Khael is lean but well-muscled, more thickly built than her littermates. Despite her breeding, she is of average size among most canines, even falling into the normal height bracket for wolves. This is true only in her Optime form, however; her feral forms are tiny, and so she is never seen in them.
  • Lupus: 21 in (53 cm) ↔ 26 lbs (9.5 kg)
  • Secui: 39 in (99 cm) ↔ 120 lbs (54.5 kg)
  • Optime: 6ft 3in (75 in / 182 cm) ↔ 180 lbs (81 kg)


Rangitoto (#2D2B24)
Armadillo (#4A4640)
Natural Grey (#8B8680)
Tuscany (#BB4D26)

Optime Hair

Rangitoto (#2D2B24)


Pomegranate (#EB471B)

Nose/Pawpads, Claws, Scars

Dune (#1F1D1B)

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Speech: Mid-tone, very smooth voice; not generally emotive. Her voice is moderately accented; she is fluent in Arabic.
  • Scent: Herbs and spices (ginger, dill, et al.), water and pine, blood and sand; Katinka, Salsola (evergreen, salt and marsh, female-dominant hybrids)
    • Note: Khael disguises her Salsolan scent (masking it with bayberry and marigold) when outside its borders.
  • Physical Expression and Quirks:
    • Khael carries herself in an understated but very self-confident fashion, sometimes appearing languid, like a lioness with nothing to fear. However, she is inwardly alert and often tense.
    • She is extremely deliberate with physical contact when interacting with others; each touch has its purpose.
    • She does not emote strongly. When she smiles, it tends to appear almost synthetic.


Khael is highly humanized. Beyond displaying wealth through her ornamentation and garments, she requires clothes to survive the cold winters, thanks to her thin, desert-adapted pelt. Most of her winter clothes are lined with fleece or fur. She prefers clothing that is plain or dark in color, but her eyes are drawn to gold for her accessories.


  • Dark kaftan with golden-thread embroidering
  • Wool tunic lined with fleece
  • Plain trousers with wraps for the ankles
  • Dark, hooded winter cloak lined with fur
  • Foot-wraps made of hide for winter


  • Golden "droplet" earrings
  • Golden necklace
  • Golden bangles with lion ornamentation
  • Various rings and bangles


2.  Personality

2.1  Summary

Being raised by a violent, egotistical, and misogynistic father made Khael the woman she is today. She fought hard for recognition in her youth and demanded to be treated as an equal. Unfortunately, she conflated the strength she wished to prove with cruelty -- turning Khael into an individual who lacks empathy for others and will be cruel to obtain what she "deserves."

Khael is difficult to read and does not emote strongly; she attempts to maintain her composure at all times. There is an undercurrent of her father's infamous temper in Khael, though, which she tries to control but often leads her to acting out very violently. Maintaining control and dominance is important to Khael, who patiently manipulates situations to her favor -- choosing weak-willed "prey." (An intelligent opportunist, Khael derides the concept of "honor.") However, she is not emotionally adept, and most would sense something "off" about her; she takes advantage of this to appear cold and intimidating, not bothering to pretend to be friendly.

2.2  Traits

  • Outlook: Realistic, controlled expectations
  • Sociability: Introverted, cold
  • Expression: Dominant, self-confident, little emotion
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
    • "Values her family, but will not heed their requests necessarily."
    • "Supports their nation when profitable, but is not concerned with politics."
    • "Uses any means necessary to evade justice."
  • Motivations: Power and control, wealth and security, progeny, proving her strength despite her sex
  • Fears: Loss of control, vulnerability, snakes

2.3  Details


  • Likes: Her children, feminism, power and wealth, felines, hot and dry weather, gold, spices in food, combat and physical training
  • Dislikes: Misogyny, cold or wet weather, snakes, politics, religion, challenges to her status, honorable people, powerful emotions


Khael is bisexual with a preference for women. She demands to be the more dominant one in a relationship. She occasionally uses her sexuality as a tool and is not particularly picky with casual encounters, but she wants a mate who will fit her ideals of strength and loyalty. While aromantic, she carries a certain fondness and pride for her mate -- as she would any other extension of herself. (She is more than capable of familial love and cherishes her children.) She is very possessive, to the point of being overly controlling.

Khael derives only some enjoyment from the physical sensations of sex, instead getting pleasure from her dominance and her partners' reactions to their pleasure (or pain). Despite her belief in jackal superiority, she seems to have a thing for fluffy dogs.


  • Biases: Strongly pro-jackal -- while not biased against other species to any particular degree, she believes jackals are just better. In contrast to her fathers, Khael believes that the sexes are equal. She sometimes gives preferential treatment to women and challenges those that fit the subservient stereotype her fathers believed in. While neutral toward men, she finds the average male easy to take advantage of, but respects intelligent men.
  • Substances: Khael avoids intoxication (other than a small amount of alcohol to "wind down"), not wanting to be caught unawares.


As with her fathers, Khael was believed to be the personification of a deity. Specifically, she is Sekhmet -- a warrior goddess depicted as a lioness, whose very breath formed the desert. Since crossing overseas where her pantheon is not recognized, Khael does not address this so much; she has no desire to spread religion. However, she does still believe she is the incarnation of a god, and therefore all other religions and spiritual beliefs are wrong. She would challenge anyone (outside of her family) who believe themselves connected to deities.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

  • Children: Keturah Lykoi, Kineret Lykoi
  • Extended: Khael has extensive connections to the Lykoi family (specifically the Kimaris branch), through her prolific, twice-over grandfather, Samael Lykoi. She cares little about these oft-removed blood connections and only acknowledges the "Egyptian-blooded Lykois" as her relevant family members.
  • Machidael Lykoi is her father. Proving Machidael wrong about her worth (as the "inferior" sex) motivated Khael's growth. She initially wanted his acknowledgment and love as equal to his sons, but her independence has spurred her to become even "better" than Machidael. She sees weakness in Machidael's tempestuous and emotional nature, and scorns these same tendencies in herself.
  • Sepirah Lykoi was looked down upon and ignored when Khael was young, but she later realized that Sepirah possessed an inner strength and cold resolve despite her submissive demeanor. Sepirah taught Khael many lessons, from speaking English to deception and manipulation. Khael doesn't love her mother, really, but she knows she owes much of her success in life to Sepirah.
  • Mirutes Mwinyi, her other father, shared the same beliefs as Machidael.
  • Her brothers, Ossidael Lykoi and Rekhyt Mwinyi, were rivals for her fathers' attention growing up. Khael regards Rekhyt with neutrality, especially because she has not seen him in some time. She loathes Ossidael, however.
  • Khael treasures her daughters, Kineret and Keturah, but also expects greatness out of them. Teaching them all she knows and ensuring their success is one of her chief goals; she wants to grant them opportunities she did not have as a child. She is encouraged by Keturah's near hero-worship of her, but suspects that Kineret may be too clever for her own good.

3.2  Other Relations

Key Relations

  • Katinka Holt is her wife. Khael initially just "used" Tink for security in the pack, but she grew amusedly fond of the woman when Tink demonstrated strength of character despite her softness. She initiated their courtship and genuinely enjoys being Tink's partner, as they shared many values and goals (and later motherhood). However, Khael is extremely possessive of Katinka; her jealousy and anger issues have made her an overly-controlling partner.
  • Odalis appeared to be a pathetic servant, an easy victim for the dominant Khael -- at least at first. Khael enjoys the sparks of ferocity in Odalis and is curious to see how Odalis will deal with her captivity, arming her with combat knowledge. Dangerously attracted to Odalis, Khael has already been caught with her once...

Notable Pack Relations

  • Mirte Haumann blackmailed Khael when she caught the woman with servant Odalis; she later usurped Khael, taking advantage of her physical weakness in her late-stage pregnancy. Khael bides her time to get her revenge on Mirte.
  • Khael vaguely dislikes Elphaba Revlis, sharing many of Tink's opinions about the woman -- if obviously not offended by any cruelty Elphaba has exhibited. She is more fond of O'Riley Eternity, whose actions and demeanor she understands much more.
  • Owing to her general indifference toward others, Khael has few true connections in Salsola and tends to view most of her pack-mates as "coworkers" rather than Family. She has a generally positive opinion of the Shield members that she has trained with. Specific pack-mates are mostly listed below.

Minor Relations

The following relationships may include individuals who Khael has a positive or negative opinion of; these feelings may not be reciprocated. If once notable, the character may has since fallen inactive or lost relevance. Many of the negative acquaintances listed have been violent encounters. Basically, Khael's lack of strong emotion leads her to be indifferent, vaguely approving of, or quietly derisive of most -- and few characters have left a strong and lasting impression to warrant full descriptions. (Also I'm lazy.)

4.  Assets

4.1  Skills

Key: Dabbler --> Apprentice --> Journeyman --> Master

Main Focus: Combat

  • Combat (Spear) (Master):
    • Assegai for throwing and range
    • Iklwa for close combat
    • Vicious, fights dirty, relies on ambushes, choice of victim important
    • Basics taught by father, honed in Egypt, later through Salsolan conflicts and training
  • Combat (Unarmed, Knife) (Journeyman):
    • Prefers to fight only long enough to fall back to better position
    • Uses techniques suited for use against larger opponents
    • Alternatively, just beats the shit out of weaker opponents (her favorite)
    • Philosophy: if u shiv someone enough times they'll eventually die
  • Hunting and Scouting (Journeyman):
    • Patrols routinely, good at covering long distances
    • Very observant, acute hearing, able to notice small signs
    • Prefers to hunt with assegai, throwing it at prey -- often messy gut wounds

Auxiliary Skills and Hobbies

  • Deception and Manipulation (Journeyman):
    • Expert poker face, often lies flatly and bluntly, gaslights others
    • Intelligent and observant, adept at reading others' body language and expressions
    • Deliberately uses physicality and touch, usually to intimidate but sometimes to seduce
  • Gardening and Cooking (Dabbler):
    • Decent cook, but flavors things only to her own taste (i.e. bloody and spicy)
    • Experimented with planting warm-climate herbs, such as ginger, but without success
    • Stubborn and single-minded in her endeavor, unlikely to ever become a good gardener

4.2  Residence

A three-roomed cabin close Marrgerd. The main room has a couch (cushions made of stuffed hide), a low table, and a "cat tree" made from a scavenged branch. It leads to the kitchen, which boasts stone counters and a woodstove. The bedroom has a single master bed and a closet for storage. Overall, the cabin is in good shape, but the roof has a tendency to leak, and some floorboards need replacing.

4.3  Trade

Khael sometimes trades on behalf of Salsola or (more frequently) for personal goods. Khael is not a warm, charming, or silver-tongued individual, but she is a shrewd trader with an eye for quality -- and often uses intimidation to convince others to give her what she wants.

  • Offering: Raw prey items, old jewelry and trinkets, Tink's dairy products, Salsolan trade goods
  • Accepting: Herbs and spices, vinegar, salt or preservatives, clothes (warm and practical)

5.  History

See overview summary until I stop being lazy. :')

5.1  Significant Threads

The following threads are notable because they are related to significant events, demonstrative of relationships, or otherwise grant insight into plots and characters. Mostly, though, it's an abridged list so I don't die cataloging years and years of threads!

Conflict (2017-2018)

Family (2019-2020)