Karli Stryder

Karli Stryder is the daughter of Reyna and Iuli Stryder, born in Ontario, Canada. She is currently travelling with Kenyon Stryder as a NPC.

Karli Stryder

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Date of Birth

16 January 2011




Birth place

Ontario, Canada



100% Canis lupus (Wolf)


55% Alaskan Tundra Wolf
45% Mackenzie Valley Wolf




Mate --
Pack Loner
Rank --


Mates --
Stryder (Jan 2011 - Jul 2012)


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  • Optime Hair: --
  • Eyes: Juniper (#66908D).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily White (#FFFFFF).
    • Sisal (#D2C8BE) Drapes over back, ears, & face
    • Darker Nomad (#B4A79C) Drapes over back & ears

Lupus Reference

Karli's body type is a lot different from that of an average Stryder; she possess a natural gift of muscle and strength, her figure still tall and somewhat slim, but with an obvious edge of power. Karli's Mackenzie Valley Wolf and Alaskan Tundra Wolf heritage give her thick and soft fur, while most of her facial features are sharp. Karli's fur is primarily a light white, with progressively darker greyish-browns draping over her back, tail, and face. Karli's eyes are a vivid blue juniper, and are usually bright and thoughtful. On the right side of Karli's face she's missing part of her upper lip; two slices cut across her muzzle, revealing a tooth or two at times. Because of this, she doesn't smile very often in fear of scaring others with her facial imperfections.


Family: Stryder

  • Mother: Reyna
  • Father: Iuli Stryder
  • Siblings: Abi Stryder, Indi Stryder, Finn Stryder
  • Extended:


Karli was born into the feral Stryder pack in January of 2011, to Iuli Stryder and Reyna, alongside her littermates Abi, Indi, and Finn Stryder. Her father, Iuli, was the brother of the alpha, Oriq, while her mother Reyna was a wanderer that had joined the pack not too long before Karli's birth. She had a normal childhood, and witnessed the births of her cousins Lyris Stryder and Kenyon Stryder. When Karli was about a year and a half old, the pack embarked on a hunt. While heading toward their fertile hunting grounds they unwittingly stumbled upon grizzly bear territory. Two bears appeared, and the warm summer day turned into a nightmare. Karli's mother was the first to be killed, and in panic, she tried to run back. This was when one of the bears swiped at Karli and she lost part of her lip. Realizing she could not save her mother, Karli was smart enough to flee into the woods, the screams of the packmates in her ears.

After a course of several weeks, Karli came across her cousin Kenyon Stryder, who had managed to escape the attack. She tended to his wounds and he to her's, and the two decided to continue looking for their family together. They searched for a year, before hearing rumor of the packs of Nova Scotia. In early 2014, the pair made their way to Nova Scotia, continuing their search for any survivors.



  1. (NPC) Not a footprint to be seen (22 Jan)
    The Dampwoods, with Kenyon Stryder. Karli and Kenyon continue their search and run into Iris Lynn.
  2. Dig up her bones (22 Feb)
    Drifter Bay, with ChloƩ Moineau. Karli meets ChloƩ Moineau on the beach.

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