Karim D'Aabt

Karim was the personal slave of Ankh D'Aabt. He got mauled by a bear in early 2016, alongside Ankh's horse, Killian.

Karim D'Aabt

by captaen


None -- NPC



dee AAH-bt

Date of Birth

Circa June 2014




Birth place



Hybrid (Mostly Jackal and Dog, traces of Wolf and Coyote)




Current pack Salsola
Current rank Personal Slave

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    2.   1.2  Modifications
  2.   2.  Lifestyle
    1.   2.1  Speech
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  4.   4.  Personality
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1.  Appearance

Built stockier than his master, but shorter and with longer fur. Karim is perfect for most jobs. Specifically, his physical traits make him perfect for the jobs Ankh cannot do. Scarred and weakened left hind leg, it doesn't effect him a whole lot.

1.1  Coloration

  • Zambezi
  • Indian Khaki
  • Bison Hide
  • White Rock
  • Reef Gold

1.2  Modifications

  • Septum piercing, as per Salsolian slave guidelines.

2.  Lifestyle

2.1  Speech

Karim speaks fluent English with a typical Canadian accent. He also speaks standard Arabic, but without any noticeable accent.

2.2  Abilities

  • Thieving (Master): An expert at stealing things due to a live of crime.
  • Survival (Advanced): Considering he rasied and kept himself alive from a young age, he's pretty good at basic survival skills.
  • Medicine (Beginner): Karim knows a few things considering Ankh is a healer. Knows basic first aid.
  • Gardening (Beginner): Karim is also learning to garden.
  • Physical Stuff (Advanced): He is built stockily and is well conditioned to hard work.

2.3  Purpose

Karim basically does whatever Ankh tells him to do, which is usually helping him with medical situations, gardening and doing work that Ankh cannot undertake.

3.  Residence

Lives in the Western watchtower with Ankh.

4.  Personality

Karim is unsavoury to say the least. What around Ankh he has a tenancy to run his mouth a little too much, due to the fact he knows that Ankh is very easygoing. Naturally he's smart enough to keep his mouth shut around other people. Being a slave has been shocking experience for the young hybrid, who is very used to being his own person and answering to no one but himself. Although Ankh goes easy with him, he has used physical force in the past to kick him into gear. His relationship with Ankh is testy, he's grateful to him for patching up his leg, but hates him for making him a slave.

5.  History

  • Karim never speaks about his past, so Ankh knows very little. What he does know is Karim was born in Canada, was left to fend for himself at a young age, and kept himself alive by thieving.
  • They first met when Karim attempted to trespass into Salsola, set on stealing what he could. Ankh had set a trap (having been taught by Loki), and the trap was subsequently set off by Karim. The sharpened stick almost impaled his left thigh and rendered him unable to escape. Ankh agreed to save him, on the understanding that he was now Ankh's personal slave.
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