Kane Ardelean

Sigrun "Kane Ardelean" Eklund

Name MeaningWarrior
Name OriginGaelic
Date of BirthMarch 16, 2017
Age3 Years Old
Birth placeNorway
Current packNone
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Eklund Clan

Joining date3/16/17

Kane is a member of the Ardelean family which has been known to be a group of fierce survivalists and warriors bent on doing whatever it took to get ahead to the next season. The surname itself is Roman in origin, but the family adopted it after migrating from Iceland to start a new life, and meeting other Luperci who's family were Roman. Kane herself is a proclaimed Volva, or seeress, within her Old Norse traditions of spiritual and religious belief. Kane's lifestyle is backed by survival skills taught by her family, though some could use improvement.

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1.  Personality

Kane speaks with a heavy Icelandic accent and follows pagan traditions and the Old Norse Pantheon of Gods. Kane is mostly quiet and shows little emotion. It was a façade she used to make herself less of a target in most occasions. It protected her from being taken advantage of. She supposed it was part of being cunning or cautious, and it served her well so far. Only for those that she trusted so well did she open herself up. When Kane opens up, her personality changes a bit. Kane is energetic, fearless, bold, and tough-minded from seeing how cruel the world can be. Some of her softer traits include compassion, love, kindness, extreme loyalty, and empathy. Kane's name means "warrior" when translated from Gaelic. Since birth, Kane had always been picking on her siblings and looking for a good fight. Most of it was for fun, but it was also to improve her skills in case one day she got herself into a life or death situation. Kane loved to train, to push her limits, and to see how far she could go. It made her feel good to exert her body like that besides hunting large animals or running for long distances. Kane is known to defend the weak and others who needs help. Whether or not they are in a pack she belongs to, or if she’s a rogue herself. Kane is normally good-hearted, and that has gotten her hurt in the past before, so she’s hardened her heart and learned to wear a poker face.

Kane tends to judge others based on their appearance. Mostly to figure out how well they would do in a fight. Fighting skills was not the only thing on his mind. Kane is a cautious fellow, but she’s still respectful. Keeping one’s guard up was one of the best ways to defend yourself, and to keep yourself from being read by your opponent. Generally, Kane is very social and willing to talk to others and get to know them. She won’t put up with derogatory marks on her character, however. Other things she doesn’t like is laziness, failure to act, dishonesty, and taking advantage of the weak. That being said, Kane can be prideful. She takes her own successes into account and holds herself high for those. This can sometimes cause her to exaggerate stories of her history, or just make them up. Not to make her look better, but because the original situations formulating the stories were just so exciting back then. Besides pride, Kane also runs with a code of honor much like a soldier would. She follows a specific creed and if she breaks even one of those rules, she takes it very seriously. Kane also appreciates having honor within oneself to further move forward and become more successful. Kane is extremely loyal to those she dedicates her life to. Trust, kindness, respect, loyalty, all of these are traits she has when she’s in a pack or she is attached to someone very closely. Almost like a brotherly bond. Kane is willing to go to the ends of the earth to protect someone and make sure they are safe.

If someone were to betray her trust, it’s a lifetime of hatred and disappointment, and thus she never trusts the other again. It would take an extreme act of betrayal though to do this. First impressions are extremely important to Kane. If she fails to give a good first impression, she takes it very seriously. She wants to do good in everything she does, so one of her weaknesses is that she is self-conscious. She is concerned about being judged by others and being labeled as worthless or useless. It's a funny thing to see when you get to the center of who she is because she wears a poker face to protect herself. Kane doesn't always allow herself to be this vulnerable to learn to take criticism better, but she's improving with time. Her other weakness is that she tends to get so focused she tunnel visions and blocks out everything. This can be caused by trying to get a task done quickly, her moods, or different situations that require extreme focus. Kane can block out the entire world pretty quickly to where she has no idea someone is standing next to her. Most of this however is done during rituals and trying to connect with the Spirits around her.

Kane has a high standard she sets for her appearance. At times, she is very self-conscious which also explains why she cares so much about first impressions. Kane isn't afraid of getting dirty or smelling like woodfire smoke, but she also appreciates being clean and smelling like roses. Kane is in touch with her feminine side as she is with her masculine, though most of the time she seems to be more masculine in nature. Secretly, Kane is also fascinated with romance and finding that one special lover that sweeps her off of her feet. Kane has heard many legends and stories of such love, even the unrequited kind. With her raw and untamed nature, having such interests in things seemed so unlike her. Kane supposed it was because she wanted to feel love and felt envious of those that had found their forever partner.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

Father: Tyr Eklund Mother: Latherga Eklund

Siblings: Vidar (m), and Balder (m)

2.2  Friends

2.3  Acquaintances

2.4  Enemies

3.  Skills

List your characters abilities, talents, skills, and any knowledge they have!

  • Cooking - Novice
  • Cleaning - Intermediate
  • Hunting - Intermediate
  • Fishing - Intermediate
  • Plant Medicine - Novice
  • Healing - Novice
  • Foraging - Novice
  • Farming - Novice
  • Animal Husbandry - Novice
  • Archery - Intermediate
  • Skinning - Intermediate
  • Fighting - Intermediate

(will add more as she grows and learns)

4.  Appearance

Kane’s coat was Agouti with various browns, creams, blacks, tans, and copper colors. Her body structure is rather fit and muscular, but she still retains her slender feminine curve in her Optime form. Starting with her face and black nose, the upper half of her face exchanged browns and blacks, where around her is eyes remained a light sand color, and the bridge of her muzzle was copper before it changed to white. The white continued along her face to pass under each eye, and then abruptly changed to the black and tan grizzled coloring. Both ears on the inside were white, but the backs were a warm copper. A black band encircled the tops of her shoulders all the way down to her breastplate, where above the band was silver, tan, dark browns, and cream as they grizzled together.

Kane’s throat was an off-white color that continued to her chin. Along the back of her head and scruff, all the way down the spine to the base of his tail, and fading along both of her sides, black intermingled with tans and desaturated sand. As the black extended down to her belly, it completely faded into sand, where her belly became cream. A warm, copper toned color covered both front and back legs stating from just under the shoulder and hip joints. Kane’s tail was mostly copper colored, even the underside, and the tips of the fur in places was black, except for the tip which was completely black. Kane's eyes are a bright, golden yellow color that had no other variations or changes in hue. Only one small dark brown spot was seen close to her pupil in her left eye. Kane had no scars, not yet, but she did have a small black dot, almost like a birthmark, on the inside of her rear leg, which was white. Both legs on the underside were shite, even on the groin, but became copper along the ribcage and the insides of her front legs.

4.1  Luperci Forms

Text about forms. Eg: which they prefer.


Kane in her Lups form stands about thirty-two inches tall and looks like any wolf would. A small scar is on her left cheek from battle.


Kane isn't in this form very much unless she has to be. It's a more rounded and well built version of her lupus form, her darkened mane brushes either side of her neck at this point.


This is the form Kane prefers to be in.

Kane stands seven feet tall and has long brown hair that brushes her shoulders. Her golden eyes remain a stark contrast against the rest of her fur as her black claws are retracted most of the time in her hands unless she needs them. Kane will occasionally braid her mane, and within the braids have eagle feathers woven within. Kane, in her optime form, will carry a quiver of arrows made of oak wood and feather fletching, with stone tips. Sometimes, tips will be made out of metal which was salvaged from buildings, but it's not as effective or useful because of their odd shapes. Kane also carries with her a leather cross body satchel that can fit some medicinal supplies, a small flask for water, and small tools when she is constantly on the move.

Kane occasionally wears jewelry, but the one piece she wears is a small metal Thor's Hammer with Celtic etchings. It's one of her favorite pieces passed down by her family representing the religion she chooses to follow. It keeps her connected to her ancestry and her spirituality. Kane is hardly in her Lupus form unless she truly wishes to be on all fours for once. There's just something about using her hands and apposable thumbs that makes it so easy to live, craft, and socialize. The only time she was in a different form was when she had to run very quickly, and for that she went into her Secui form.

5.  History

April 2020:

Kane has arrived in 'Souls territory by means of boat and walking many miles. She started in the Ethereal Eclipse for some time before moving more inland to visit the Mistfell Vale pack and join its ranks.

Prior to 'Souls: May 2017 to April 2020

Kane had been told on more than one occasion of how her family traverse the Atlantic ocean from Iceland to the sandy beaches of Norway, Sweden, Ireland, and Scotland many years ago. While details were muddled on how they originally got there, the rest of the story was quite clear. Kane's blood family, originally known as Eklund at the time, mainly came form Norway and Sweden. The Eklund family was a large, Viking clan whose religious believes revolved around the Old Norse Pantheon of Gods. They lived raw, rugged lifestyles that many found to be intimidating. For Kane, it was home. Many of the men and women were trained in skills such as combat, homesteading, animal husbandry, hunting, farming, smelting, armor crafting, weapon crafting, and tool crafting. The clan was self sufficient and didn't find the need to trade without outsiders, though it was welcomed should the opportunity arise. Unlike human Vikings, the Eklund clan found very little use out of raiding and stealing resources from others. Food was plentiful, and there was no need to fight over territory.

Kane was born named Sigrun, but adopted the name Kane since she liked it better. It was one syllable, and easier to say. Kane would eventually keep this name and bypass her other, using it as a "magickal name" of which she performed rituals with. Only Kane would know this name, as if anyone else had it, they would have power over her. Kane was born alongside two brothers named Vidar, and Balder. Vidar and Balder took their place of becoming warriors and defenders of the clan, while Kane started her path by becoming a seeress, healer, and eventually moved into becoming a shieldmaiden. Over the months it took to train, Kane and her brothers spent many hours and says moving between training to conducting their daily chores. By the time they each reached their first year, Kane was well versed in performing rituals, chants, and healed basic injuries and illnesses. Kane could even go and forage for plants now that she could recognize them. Kane found a particular joy in working with the medicinal plants she grew in the farmlands. Kane brought them back as a way to limit the need to go and forage on a daily basis by growing them.

At two years old, Kane got to experience her first taste in bow hunting. While the first few weeks of archery was rather difficult, Kane eventually got the hang of it and was able to show just how skilled she was in archery. Kane wasn't a master by any means ,but she could at least take down a deer or elk with her bow. That was all that mattered to her, really. When it came to repairing the bow from use or damage, however, that was completely outside of her skillset. Kane found more often than not she would have to have her bow repaired from heavy use. Both Balder and Vidar had expanded on their warrior training to be capable of fighting with axes and swords before they moved on to weapon and armor crafting. Vidar showed more prowess in weapon crafting than Balder did, whereas Balder had better skills in fighting than Vidar. It was a constant struggle of power between the two, though everyone knew the brothers had an inseparable bond. Kane was quite happy being on her own rather than being stuck with her bickering brothers all the time.

When Kane turned three years old, she was betrothed to another that she didn't love. It was not necessarily a secret wedding, but everyone was curious about when they would produce puppies. Kane was not the least bit interested in birthing children quite yet since she was still so young. It caused problems between Kane and her husband, and the fights weren't exactly non-violent. They never conceived in the marriage, though he tried to force himself at least once. Her husband was deceitful, hardly loyal, and slept around. While this was common within her culture, Kane felt it hardly appropriate. Her husband also had a habit of drinking pretty heavily. When Kane was tired of the abuse, she slipped a white powder into his ale one night. When he didn't wake, the whole village knew about it and mourned for the loss of Kane. Kane never wept unless she was in public. It took some time to heal from the trauma, but Kane was at least happy her life could get back to normal, somewhat. It would be a secret Kane would take to her grave, and would condemn her to death if anyone found out.

Overtime, Kane felt the need to move around and explore beyond the borders of her home. It wasn't uncommon for a young seeress like her to want to find a place of her own. Her clan encouraged it, really. As Kane performed rituals and called on the Gods, she had this urge to move westward, across the seas and into new territory. While it saddened her family to see her go, they permitted it knowing she needed to find her own way. It wasn't that Kane was unhappy being home, it was that he wings of her heart wanted to fly. Before she left, a ritual of blessings from Odin were performed, and Kane received an Owl brooch so that she would always remember to follow the wisdom she was taught, and to keep to the skies. Afterward, Kane bartered her way onto a ship and sailed to Nova Scotia. From there, she finds herself in the territory and setting of 'Souls where she hopes to find her place in the world.