Juniper is a friend of Vesper. They became acquainted, and then lovers, when Vesper joined the coyote band of which Juniper was a member. Long after her falling out with Vesper, Juniper became the mother of two sons, Kallistos & Damianus.


Juniper, photo by CJ Smith
Name MeaningTree or shrub of the cypress family
Name OriginLatin
Date of BirthApril 5, 2010
Subspecies100% Northeastern Coyote
LuperciYes (Verto)
Birth placeAttawapiskat, Ontario
Current packNone

'Souls Profile

Previous Pack

Unnamed coyote gang

Joining dateUnknown

Attawapiskat Pack

Joining dateApril 5, 2010
Previous RanksPuppy, Subordinate
SignificanceBirthpack; member

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1.  History

Juniper originally hailed from northern Ontario west of James Bay. Her family had carved out a home for themselves near Attawapiskat. They believed the Akimiski Island was sacred and lived to protect it. Juniper grew up learning Cree traditions that had been passed down by family members. She had a peaceful and content life, but it lacked adventure. Her parents, understanding that she needed to make her own path, bade her farewell when she was one and a half years old.

Juniper joined a band of other young coyotes with hopes of belonging and getting close to the handsome leader, Oliver. When they did finally enter a relationship, however, she found that he was verbally abusive -- and physically on occasion. However, during this time Vesper had joined the band, and she and Juniper became fast friends -- and then more than friends. They had a covert relationship until finally Vesper took it upon herself to kill Oliver, who had been terrorizing the pack. Juniper did not agree with this or follow her afterward.

In late 2013, she made her way to Nova Scotia and by December, she had found a coyote clan. Thinking that, perhaps, shelter might be preferable, she considered joining. She met Brumaire Moineau and for a moment, she thought she might be able to stay with him, but quickly realized that she had no place in a clan -- not after her last attempt at forging a home with coyotes had gone so awry.

A month later, she realized that she was pregnant. Not knowing how to break the news to Brumaire, and now having journeyed far west, she took up residence with a group of hybrids. They were semi-nomadic, journeying across a swath of land as the seasons changed. It gave her room to give birth to her puppies without worrying about too many questions.

Once the puppies were two months old, she returned to Inferni and sought out Brumaire so that they could have a stable life with him.

2.  Personality

Juniper is thoughtful, respectful, attentive, and caring. Despite these positive traits, she has a streak of recklessness and frequently enjoys testing the rules. Living in a traditional environment caused her to long for the unknown. She has a strong taste for adventure and the more she tasted, she more she wanted.

She was easily swayed by charisma and populism when she first left Attawapiskat. As it turned out, she was rather young and naive and it took her some time before she realized what was going on. Once she realized what Oliver was doing, she became enraged and finally realized her own true potential: that she need not bow to the foolish leader of a nothing coyote gang.

When Vesper killed Oliver, Juniper found herself torn: her loyalties lay to herself, and although she was very fond of Vesper, she could not approve of her heinous actions. To Juniper, it was not worth killing another. When Vesper left, Juniper felt sad and alone and returned to Attawapiskat. There, she found the structure and familiarity for which she so desperately longed. She realized that while she needed adventure, all she had really wanted was to discover herself -- not new places.

After living in Attawapiskat for another six months, she bode farewell to her family for a second time and set out to create her own fortune. The results of her history have thus shaped her into a thoughtful and independent coyote with a stubborn nature and a streak for the dramatic.

3.  Relations

3.1  Family

3.2  Lovers

3.3  Friends

  • Friends — Vesper, Ragweed

4.  Appearance

As normal for Northeastern coyotes, Juniper is a somewhat large coyote (in comparison to other coyotes). Although large, she does not come across as aggressive or strong, but instead carries herself with a certainty that indicates her awareness of her body.

Her coat is a mottled mix of dark browns and black colours but her undercoat is a much lighter tan. Her neck and underbelly are a light colour and depending on how she moves or sits, the lighter fur is sometimes visible underneath her overcoat.

She has pale yellow eyes.