Joy Uwatie

Joy Uwatie is a Priest, ranked as a Nvwoti, from The Great Tribe. She journeyed to AniWaya during the month of August and arrived in September 2014 in AniWaya.

In October 2016, following the disbandment of AniWaya, she journeyed to Quebec to found Auclair.

Joy Uwatie

Joy, by Owl


None (NPC)


Tammi and Owl


Date of Birth

28 April 2010




Birth place

The Great Tribe





75% Wolf
25% Dog


50% Eastern Timber Wolf
25% Great Plains Wolf
25% Dog




Pack Auclair
Rank Priest
1 Nov 2016 - present

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1.  Appearance

Joy is a mostly-black wolf with white markings on her face and belly. She has rich, bright blue eyes.

Joy is a mix of Eastern Timber Wolf and Great Plains Wolf and Dog: specifically, Welsh Sheepdog. She inherits her colouration from her Great Plains Wolf and Dog heritage, while her build is derived from her Eastern Timber Wolf heritage. She has a thin and somewhat slender-looking appearance.

She is often seen walking with a staff and prefers to wear blue feathers in her fur near her right ear.

1.1  Coloration

  • Eyes: Cerulean Blue (#2660B7).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Ebony (#0C0B1D).
    • Lighter Silver (#C6C6C6) chest, stripe underneath the eyes, spots above eyes, inside of ear, and back legs

2.  Personality

Joy is, coincidentally, a rather stern young woman with a very strong sense of self and a desire to do good. She has a forceful personality, and as a healer, often imposes her indomitable will on her patients. She is of the opinion that she is most often right, and although she will accept constructive criticism, she does have a limit and when pushed too far, she will snap. She does not have a temper necessarily, but a strong sense of pride and will defend it relentlessly.

She has a sharp tongue and a mind for double entendres, taking a dry and dark sense of humour out of her intentionally ill-placed jokes.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

  • Parents: Ena Uwatie and Artahkunistisky ("Wickett")
  • Siblings: Tsu-la ("Kingfisher") and Oo-kum-mah ("Badger")

3.2  Key Relations

  • Achak Aatu: leader of the Great Tribe - highly respected and somewhat feared.
  • Lagundo Wematin Amara: best friend, friend from childhood, closest confidante

4.  Interaction

  • Speech: What does your character sound like?
  • Scent: the faint scent of alcohol, though, he never seems drunk

4.1  NPCs

U-s-di-ge-yv-qua ("Branch")

  • Species: Thirteen-Lined Ground Squirrel
  • Sex: Female
  • DOB: 21 April 2012
  • Description: U-s-di-ge-yv-qua is a ground squirrel named for her tendency to chase after trees as a child.
  • Personality: U-s-di-ge-yv-qua is generally an imploring and chattering squirrel who enjoys pestering Joy, but very, very gently.

4.2  Abilities


  • Healing (Journeyman)
    • Herbal medicine (Journeyman): Joy is well-versed in the uses of many plants for medicinal purposes. When it comes to the uses of plants and remembering herbal properties, she has an exceptional memory.
  • Cherokee customs (Journeyman): Joy has performed many birthing ceremonies under the guidance of the Ookah and has also carried out a few on her own. In addition, she is familiar with many of the Cherokee customs and is learning more about minor blessings. Like all members of the tribe, she completes a hunting ritual after a kill.
  • Selfless: Joy helps for the sake of it and doesn't mind going out of her way to help a friend. For this reason, she is also quite loyal.
  • Kinesthetic learner: Joy learns best when she sees something demonstrated and has the opportunity to practice on her own. As a result, when she learns things by doing, she can have a very good memory for things and can recall information she learned years ago without much difficulty.


  • Traveling: Joy gets a little anxious when traveling and prefers to travel with a companion rather than alone. She is generally quite homebound and does not tend to venture too far outside of the Great Tribe, but wishes to change this.
  • Sense of pride: Joy is fiercely prideful and this is often problematic, as she is often obstinate and difficult to reason with. She is not a very good team player, either, preferring for things to either work in her favour or strike out on her own.
  • Know-it-all: Joy usually knows what is best -- for everyone. Always. She can accept dissent, but she has a very good memory and will never forget.
  • Holds grudges: If you cross Joy, she probably won't forget it. She can stew over something for a pretty long time. Luckily, she is also quite passive aggressive, so if she is upset with someone, they might not even know -- or at least know why.

5.  History

Pack History

Pack Auclair
Ranks Priest
1 November 2016 - present
Pack AniWaya
Ranks Nvwoti (Priest)
2 Sep 2014 - 1 Nov 2016
Pack The Great Tribe
Ranks Nvwoti (Priest), Kunikoti (Medicine Woman)
28 Dec 2013 - 1 September 2014

Joy was born in the Great Tribe in April 2010. In August 2014, she journeyed to AniWaya and joined in September.

5.1  Threads


  1. A great honour (2 Sep)
    Claudius promotes Olivia to sub-leader and introduces Joy to the tribe.
  2. Look into a mirror at yourself, do you like you (5 Nov)
    Joy gives Tal some tasks to do in AniWaya as a newly-joined and newly-ranked Kunikoti.


  1. M A violent push in the right direction. (12 Aug)
    Joy assists Claudius when he summons her to help Leo. With Galilani and Payne (NPC)