Jotun Jotunson

A kind soul from Oslo. The Norwegian dog has a love for finding more of the world, particularly in the relics left behind by those who came before. Whilst Jotun knows little of the people who left behind the buildings, ruins and treasures that litter the present world, he is constantly inspired by trying to figure out how they came to be. Jotun's dream once cost him his family, when visiting Naples to discover more, but he also gained a friend in Deonach and helped the man escape his dreaded family. The pair have remained together ever since, both looking for truths in the world around them.






  • Date of Birth: 10 Jan 2016
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: ---
  • Mate: --
  • Pack:
  • Rank:
    • ---
  • Family: Last of the Jotunson
  • Nickname: Jo-Jo (with a soft J)
  • Birthplace: Oslo, Norway?
  • Species: Dog mix
    • Subspecies: Rottweiler, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Neapolitan Mastiff, Pitbull Terrier




Jotun is a heavily built man, stocky like a weightlifter, with refined muscles and an overall imposing and tall figure. His ears are somewhat small and fold forwards and his tail is thin. His jaw rests in a slight under-bite, so when Jotun's mouth is closed, his bottom teeth are exposed.


Mostly stays in Optime form


Jotun massive built makes it hard to find good clothing for him, so he typically sticks to things that won't restrict his movement. He wears leather bracers over his arms, a pair of loose leather trousers with a belt to hold his wood carving tools, and a thick scarf wrapped around his neck. The scarf is a gift from Deo, and at his friends request Jotun hardly ever takes it off.

Coloring and Markings

His short fur is a golden brown, with white markings on his neck, stomach and as socks on the ends of his limbs. Around his short muzzle the fur darkens, with a few flecks of grey-ish white His eyes are a striking blue in colour.


Jotun has a few nicks and scars around his hands and forearms, either from work or from scrapes. His worst scar is a long, jagged scar across his neck which seems to have signs of burning as well. The scar tissue is obvious when not hidden under Jotun's scarf. tbd -



Warm • Friendly • Gullible


Jotun may have suffered tragedy in his life, but he is a man who strives to make his family name a well-respected and loved one, even if only he holds it's title. Kind and generous, Jotun loves to talk with others and share with them his love for history, wonders and the extraordinary views that are all around them. He enjoys learning from others how they see life around them, and is always open to helping those in need. His kindness can lead him to trusting those who aim to harm him, just as the Carceri tricked his family once into believing them to be friends. The death of his family has scarred Jotun, but he still remains just as open as before, with only Deo's keener insight helping to prevent the larger man from falling into anymore traps.


  • Speech: Warm, heavily accented but easy to understand. (Voice Examples: and
  • Scent: Wood chippings, dirt, metal, charcoal
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Smiles a lot, can pull his ears back so they almost disappear behind his big head, calls people 'friend' a lot
  • General Posture and Body Language: Relaxed posture, non-confrontational body language, but can act big when needed.






  • Outlook: Life is full of wonder that many ignore
  • Sociability: Open and friendly
  • Expression: Warm and inspired
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
    • "You shall lie only to evil-doers."
    • "You shall help the needy."
    • "You shall not harm the innocent."
  • Find more relics of the old world
  • Learn how to build wonders
  • Leave something behind to be remembered by
  • Find a family to help
  • Being forgotten
  • Losing Deo
  • Losing his spark for learning more
  • Bisexual
  • Has never had lasting relationships, although had certainly felt things for others
  • Is comfortable with flirting but is usually very polite and awkward
  • Thinks love is a wonderful thing, but has to make sure he puts as much effort into it as possible





  • Atheist
  • Follows Deo's belief that gods aren't real, but is interested in hearing about them on a respectful level. Finds much more wonder in discovering more about the world's history, especially when it comes to the 'old world' that came before the canine, the world that led to so many relics and wonders to be left behind.
  • Sociable drinker, doesn't mind going a bit over the top in the name of fun.
  • Architecture (Journeyman): Jotun has always had a love for buildings, especially the buildings that the old world left behind. Jotun longs to be able to build such wonders himself one day, but understands it's something to work towards. In his research he's learnt the basics and more when it comes to building structures, and with his size and strength feels at ease leading a team into constructions.
  • Wood-Carving (Journeyman): Whenever he thinks of something to build, Jotun loves to make it on a tiny scale first. Although almost all of his projects never get past the model stage, he's grown skilled in carving tiny structures out of wood. His skills in wood-carving have also been helpful in fixing up ships.
  • Sailing (Apprentice): Growing up around ships gives Jotun some experience when it comes to sailing, although most of what he did with his family was working the sails and maintaining the vessel, not running it himself.
  • Hand-to-Hand (Journeyman): Jotun's skills in combat come mostly from his size and strength, but he's trained enough to do more than simply flail his fists around. With his heavy build, Jotun can take a good few hits, and punch back with a hefty blow.
  • Gullible: His friendly nature makes it easy for Jotun to make friends, but he's always lacked in caution, and even almost died from it in the past.
  • Fiddly work: Whilst Jotun does well making wooden models, he finds the finer work that requires smaller hands very hard, considering how heavily built he is.