Jiya is the grand-niece of Aranck Eluwilussit. She is a former member of AniWaya.



Jiya's father, Mahu, passed away protecting her pregnant mother from a mountain lion while the couple patrolled the boarders of the Great Tribe.

After her mother gave birth to Jiya, along with two siblings, in the Great Tribe Kaya became very ill. Shortly after the birth her mother decided it was in the pups best interest for their Uncle Aranck to raise them, as their mother's health was failing her.

During the journey to Aniwaya her two siblings passed due to malnourishment and her mother passed away a mere days travel from Aniwaya. However a strange loner helped to make her comfortable in her last moments and promised to deliver Jiya to her Great Uncle in the Aniwaya Tribe.

As Jiya gets older her memories of her mother will fade.


Still Developing

Jiya is a shy soul, certainly not your average hyper and talkative pup. She is not skittish, but simply more conservative and weary of the world around her. She is not unwilling to talk when spoken to, and is in fact very curious and sweet once she opens up to a stranger. Most of the time she will only speak to ask a question, or follow social protocol.

As she grows she will begin to question why canines act certain ways and what makes each canine develop into who they are. She is very curious about The Great Tribe and Aniwaya's history, enjoying real life stories over fairytale. Sometimes she can be fairly judgmental about others behaviors, seeing no need to be hyper or misbehave, but she keeps her opinions to her self normally.


50% Eastern Timber Wolf / 50% Red Wolf - Red Wolf Dominant

Optime: Jiya is slightly on the small side, even for an older pup, foreshadowing to a slightly smaller stature even as a fully grown adult. Although she eats a healthy amount for one her age it seems that her metabolism is faster than her ingestion. This mixed with the malnourishment of her early life results in her frame looking rather thin and boney in appearance.

This young wolfess has taken on predominately the appearance of her Red Wolf heritage. Her fur is shorter, being made up of a mixture of light greys, white, and burnt orange. One unique feature of her coat is the grey mask around her dark emerald eyes.

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