Jerome Gryphon

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This character was a pNPC in Midnight Shores.

Jerome Gryphon

by Sunny




Date of Birth

January 7, 2009




Eastern Timber Wolf




Pack Midnight Shores
Rank Cepheus

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1.  Appearance

Jerome is completely monochrome. His entire coat is a dark gray, interrupted only by the lighter shade of gray that forms a mask around his face, reaching down to his belly. His eyes are colorless and dark; however, he usually can be seen wearing a red, circular pendant around his neck.

Jerome is rather large in build, stemming from his pure-wolf heritage. He is a little taller than some other Luperci, standing at around 6' 11".

2.  History

Jerome grew up in northern New Brunswick in a large feral pack that consisted of his father, his mother, his sister, and three other families of wolves. The pack had an extremely traditional structure, and his father, who was the alpha, demanded submission from the others, dictating that his word was law.

While Jerome did not particularly like the lifestyle that he was forced to lead, living in a pack was the only way for him to survive in the harsh environment. He began to train as a guard, keeping loners from stealing from pack stores and trespassing on their territory. However, one day, Jerome fell in love with a young wolfdog loner, Pine. He sought his father's approval for their mateship, but his father denied them, stating that Pine's impure bloodline was "soiled", and that only strong, pure wolves would be welcome into the pack.

Jerome attempted to argue with his father, but this only caused the alpha to become irate at the dissent, and in a fit of rage, he cast Jerome from the pack. Jerome found Pine and told her of his exile, and devised a plan for them to find shelter and carve their lives as loners. However, Pine shunned him, revealing that she had only pursued him because she had wished to join Jerome's strong, safe pack with their mateship. Now that that was no longer a possibility, she left Jerome, never to be seen again.

Angered by Pine's betrayal and his father's disowning of him, Jerome traveled south, following rumors of a large group of packs in Nova Scotia. Along the way, he learned how to better utilize his Optime form, and found that he enjoyed crafting and building, and was good at it as well. Eventually he found Cercatori d'Arte and joined, attracted by the various structures and ambitions of the pack. When the pack disbanded and became Midnight Shores, he followed.

In August 2016, Jerome and Thomas Ryder helped escort Esther Hennamin and her grand-niece, Elsie Hennamin, back to their family so that Esther could see her loved ones one last time. Jerome and Thomas never returned to the Shores, and their whereabouts are unknown.

3.  Personality

Strong and silent - he doesn't speak much, but when he does, it's usually only a few gruff words before he's back to work. He can appear a bit grumpy at times, a remnant of his past, where he was raised to speak little and work hard, and taught that feelings were a burden.

He is not without compassion, however - quite the contrary. He longs to do good both in his life and his pack, even if he does not speak it. He has strong opinions on what is right and wrong, and believes that freedom is one of the greatest feelings in the world, ever since he left his strict past pack. Despite his former training as a guard, he has found that he does not like to fight very much.

He is a bit awkward around females, since he had never truly interacted with the ones within his pack due to his job as a guard and his male-heavy influences of the other guards and his father. However, this can change with a bit of prompting, and he is not entirely adverse to attempting to find love again.

He has found a companion in a small gray cat named Deedee, given to him by Esther Hennamin. They are very close, and Deedee can be found following Jerome around sometimes.

3.1  Art & Graphics

3.2  Ideals


  • Likes: Building, crafting, reading and writing, freedom, petting baby chickens (but don't tell anyone!)
  • Dislikes: Fighting, being restricted, manipulation


Reserved, cautious, hard-working, loyal, compassionate

  • Outlook: Pessimistic, but liable to change
  • Expression: Introverted, relaxed (not dominant or submissive)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good


  • Packs: He dislikes stringent, traditional-type packs, and avoids New Dawn, due to reminders of his past.
  • Non-Luperci: Thinks that non-Luperci are backwards-thinking and unwilling to progress.

4.  Inventory

4.1  Deedee

Deedee is a small gray female cat that Jerome received from one of Esther's cats' litters. She can be found sometimes following Jerome around, and Jerome loves her dearly.

4.2  Red Necklace

Jerome has a simple leather-cord necklace with a red glass orb at the end of it. He received it from an older Luperci he befriended on his way to Nova Scotia.