Date of Birth26th March 2007
SpeciesCanis latrans ortus
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Jedidiah joined Inferni in January of 2010.

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1.  History

Born in a pack in the Midwest, Jedidiah was raised by his two highly religious parents in a coven dedicated to following the Christian religion. He is, to the best of his knowledge, a single child, although there were many puppies born that year. His father was a strict authority figure and insisted that his son respect his elders, which Jedidiah did. Around a year after he was born, his parents went on a holy pilgrimage to the south and left their son in the care of the pack.

To the best of his knowledge, they did not return. He remained with those in his extended family for a while, learning the holy scripture and even being baptised in the faith. However, he could not bear to live without his parents, so Jedidiah set after them. He followed their trail towards Texas, then veered west to California. Here, he heard rumours of a holy hybrid, a wolf/coyote who had been touched by God. His name, they told him, was Gabriel, and he had gone north.

Torn between loyalty to his parents and his curiosity in this hybrid, Jedidiah made an important decision: his parents would be protected by God. It was also God who wanted him to go and seek Gabriel out, find him and learn from him. Jedidiah thanked the Lord and turned north once more. After many months of travel, he reached the lands of Canada and sought to find Gabriel. Finally, his quest seems to have led him here.

2.  Personality

Jedidiah is a follower of the Word of God. He's very quiet, rarely speaking up for himself and preferring to "turn the other cheek". Highly protective of his family, he will attack all those who try to bring shame upon his parents. It could be said that his following of religion is almost fanatical. He prays with intense devotion and seeks to turn all those he knows to the enlightened path. His former pack instilled in him the idea of reward and life after death, so all those who oppose God or hurt the innocent are subject to his wrath.

3.  Family

His mother, Maria and his father, Jonah, both of which have been missing for a year. He has no living siblings that he's aware of.

4.  Appearance

Like a typical coyote, Jedidiah is smaller than the average wolf, with a brown coat. His muzzle is reddish and the tip of his tail is brown. His underbelly seems much lighter than the rest of his colouring. His eyes are a clear amber and he seems in good condition overall. Most often, he is in Lupus form, as he prefers it to his Optime, where his lack of strength is visible.

5.  Notable Threads