Jack Frost Collins

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Jack Frost Collins is the son of Eclipse Soulstorm and Robert Frost Collins. He was born in Cercatori d'Arte, but a few months after his birth, his parents left the pack with him to set out on their own. Experiencing a happy childhood with the young couple, he grew without experiencing the hardships of the world and developed a need to fulfill his life with adventure and fun.

However, after his second birthday, he was separated from his parents during a severe thunderstorm that swept them away from each other. Jack decided to make head for his birthplace to see if his parents returned there as well. But as nature take, it gives; the flood brought him an old man named Bron and his bird companion, Macbeth—along with a small group of canines that were chasing them for reasons unknown. After haphazardly aiding the man, they discovered they were both heading to Nova Scotia in search of their respective family and decided to tag along with each other.

Jack is hoping to reconnect with his family and his parents' friends in an attempt to find out where the flood waters could have brought them. Though, the free spirit is leaving behind a wake of his own.






  • Date of Birth: 26 Jan 2013
  • Gender: Cis male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Wandering
  • Mate: —
  • Pack: Loner
  • Rank: —
  • cNPC: Bron de Fonte (Grumpy old coywolf)
    • Cis male
    • ~9 years old
    • Aloof and distant, but protective
  • NPC: Macbeth (Pseudo-philosopher magpie)
    • Cis male
    • ~4 years old
    • Very wordy and nonsensical, but has a sense of humor



  • None at the moment, sorry!

Packs members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • A'somethin'
  • Butts

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Jack is wolf dominant, but distinctly appears as a coywolf hybrid.
  • Fur: He has short, plush fur that fringes. He inherited his white coat from his maternal grandmother.
    • Optime Hair: Cut short and stylized to give him a cleaner but younger and roguish appearance.
  • Facial Features: His muzzle is short but narrow, and his large ears heralds his coyote heritage.
  • Build and Size: Like most Collins, he doesn't have much height on him—he is shorter than his father. He has a wiry build that leans towards agility than brute strength.
  • Humanization: Jack is highly humanized and will almost always remain in his Optime form for most occasions. He is keen on wearing clothing and carrying tools instead of going bare, and would feel "naked" without them.


Pampas (#F7F4F2) Blizzard Blue (#A3E3ED)

1.2  Miscellaneous




Piercings & Tattoos

Jewelry and Accessories


  • Almost always wears a blue hoodie, a gift from his father.


  • A worn shepherd's crook that was gifted by his father a few days before Jack was separated from his parents. It has an irregular surface with a hooked end. Despite its original use as a tool for herding livestock, Jack shrinks the ideal of settling down for a dull occupation and would have discarded it if it was not for the sentimentalism it holds. He uses the crook as a staff for attacking.
  • A bow that was given to him by his mother on his first birthday. It is in moderate condition and crafted by an experienced hand, but it is nothing to brag about. It is carved with patterns depicting a winter scene as a way to label the bow as "his" without plainly writing his name on it.



70 lbs (32 kg) — 26 in (66 cm)

While his shorter height is obvious in any form, he feels puny in his Lupus form. He appears as a small wolf, almost juvenile-like, and has thick fur on the back his neck that sticks out in places.


100 lbs (45 kg) — 34 in (86 cm)

Jack doesn't become bulkier in his Secui form, but he rather becomes a wiry, long-legged beast. He prefers this form over this Lupus.


180 lbs (82 kg) — 6 ft 0 in (182 cm)

Jack is short for a man, and his lack of bulk makes him appear weak. However, he is well built and his broad shoulders help prevent a feminine appearance.


  • Speech: Jack has an average voice, not too strong nor too soft. It's unquestionable masculine and his easygoing, almost devious tone reflects his fun loving and young nature. He often employs sarcastic without realizing it and it quite the deadpan snarker.
  • Scent: Collins, de Fonte, and along with whatever recent area he has been in; it is obvious by his scent that he is unaffiliated with a large group of canines. Sometimes he masks his scent for the fun of it, usually picking strong herbs to throw people's noses for a curve ball.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: He is very expressive with his body language, especially with his arms and hands whenever he talks. Whenever he is nervous or bored, he picks at things to preoccupy himself; victims of this action usually include his hood, ears, and hair. Most of his gestures are aggregated and easily readable.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Jack's posture is very lax and open, almost to the point where it could be seen as arrogance and disregard for those who have more experience than him. He rarely hides himself, and it's rare to find him tense or hunched for no reason.

2.  Personality

Anti-HeroBig Brother InstinctDeadpan SnarkerHates Being AloneThe Prankster

  • Fun loving, Carefree:
    • Jack is stuck in spring of excitement and he lives in the moment. He does what he considers to be fun, which is pretty much whatever he wants—exploring, causing a rack, stirring up trouble, harmless hijinks, and anything in between. He is happiest when he is having a good time and a good laugh. He shrinks responsibilities and duties in order to do for himself. He also loves to be snarky just to try to get a rise out of people, since attention—whether positive or negative— is fun.
    • He is a Hedonistic Robin Hood for all intents and purposes; while he lives for his own pleasure, he is concerned about the well being and happiness of others and he often tries to include others in his pranks. Sometimes others are on the receiving end of his jokes in an attempt to lift their spirits, but he usually ends up with an unhappy camper. He's not a conventional hero, but he does try to do good for everyone he meets.
    • While devilish at times, it is never his intention to hurt people, whether physically or emotionally. Jack is able to avoid harming others most of the time, but even this lovable punk isn't perfect.
  • Brotherly, Protective:
    • Jack is immensely childish, but he is also rather good with young ones. He loves to make children happy and usually won't play his jokes on them, rather being the subject of their play. However, this affectionate nature can be applied to those who are as old or older than him after he has come to know them. In this case, he may become the annoying little brother you were glad to never have.
    • Because of his big brother instinct, he can be protective over those he cares about. He is not an aggressive individual when canines mess with him, but as soon as someone tries to interfere one of his loved ones, he can become rather confrontational and sensitive. He would want someone to hurt him before they hurt his friends, though he avoids martyrdom since he believes he can take care of situations instead of believing that he deserves the pain.
    • He tends to "adopts" a lot of his friends—he has more "extended" family than someone could shake a stick at. This is perhaps to keep himself from feeling lonely in the absence of his parents.
  • Dependent, Inexperienced:
    • Jack struggles with feelings of loneliness which conflicts with his need to feel free and detached—he doesn't want anyone to hold him down, but he wants to be assured that people care about and love him. No matter the case, he is dependent on attention and on being acknowledged.
    • While he would never admit it, he's rather sheltered from the evils of the world. His parents kept him from the worst it could offer, and having never been truly alone in his life, he is inexperienced with how life really works. All he knows is doing for himself and having fun, and not about hardships and unfairness.

2.1  Ideals


  • Outlook: Optimistic and sometimes unrealistic with his hope.
  • Sociability: Extroverted to the highest degree. Jack thrives on socializing and he feels lost if he's by himself for too long and start to become anxious.
  • Expression: Confident and very easy going. He's not in tune with his instincts and doesn't have a carnal need to be dominant, but he does have an airhead belief he's better that most individuals and doesn't like to be bossed around so he does desire lowkey dominance.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good


  • Living life to the fullest: Jack believes that life is too short to mull around and to settle for something less than your best. While a jovial guy, he is surprisingly aware of the fact that the world he lives in his hostile. He goes on to ignore this and he lives to enjoy himself as well as bringing happiness to others. His pranks can be unappreciated, though. He doesn't want to just survive, he wants to live.
  • Finding his place: He wants to make himself and others happy, but he is not sure how to do that. He feels unsatisfied with conventional means and he rarely sticks to one thing for long. He longs to find a solid purpose for himself, which clashes with his need to be spontaneous and experiencing life to the fullest.
  • Family reunion: After being separated from his parents, Jack has never stopped looking for them. He returned to Nova Scotia in hopes of finding traces of them and is determined to reconnect with his forgotten roots, knowing that his family tree spreads far and wide over the northern land.


  • Loneliness: This is Jack's ultimate fear—he is scared of being alone for the rest of his life. While he is capable of being independent, he relies on the company of others for his happiness, feeling aimless if he is not surrounded by others and eventually stagnates.
  • Water: After a near-death experience where he almost drowned, Jack has a deep aversion for deep water to the point where he get anxious if he's just near a large body of water.


  • Agnostic
  • He doesn't have any spiritual beliefs, and has little knowledge about different religions. He does, however, believe in ghosts.


  • Species: With his father and himself being a hybrid, he has no inherent prejudice against species. He feels a bit like a black sheep with his mix-matched appearance and feels more at home with other hybrids than any purebred canines.
  • Age: He adores children more than he does adults and kicks with them rather than with those his age. He sees himself as a big brother figure without quite realizing it and he's protective over those that are younger than him, especially pups.
  • Gender: He doesn't judge others based on their gender—he would value them on their sense of humor more than anything else.

Sexual & Romantic Orientation

  • Demisexual and Panromantic
  • Jack does not base his attractions on gender and it's not something he considers when forming affections. He is capable of being romantically attracted to any gender.
  • His sexual orientation falls on the asexual spectrum; more specifically, he is demisexual—he does not experience sexual attraction until an emotional bond has been formed.
  • He is very flirty and playful, but it is not obvious when he's kidding or being serious. He only becomes flustered himself when his serious affections become reciprocated, and he can be rather shy and doofy, aww.
  • Jack pretends that he does not want to be "tied down" by a relationship, but he's a secret romantic like his father and hopes to find his other half of the conversation.


  • He brags so much about being a party animal and being able to take his drink, but he has never sipped a drop of alcohol in his life. :|


  • Likes: Exploring, running, making a lot of noise, socializing, attention, being an annoying bastard
  • Dislikes: Violence, loneliness, water, having to wait for something, being controlled, being wrong, reading

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: Collins, Soul, Stormbringer, Sadira

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Bron de Fonte is this smelly old man who was getting chased for whatever reason and Jack saved the goat with his superior combat skills. Or not really. Whatever the case, Bron says that they both have a similar goal of searching for those they have lost, but has never shared who he was looking for. He is "in debt" to Jack (according to, well, Jack), but he states that he's traveling with the Collins since they're heading the same way. However, the man is rather protective of him and they've been through some narrow situations together.
  • Macbeth is a bird brain that won't ever shut up and Jack's partner in crime when it comes to hijinks. He came with Bron, wherever he came from, and is about as tight-beaked about their origins as the old goat. Basically takes the role of annoying talking animal in this trio.
  • Robert and Eclipse are his parents and the ones that were closest to him. While he appeared closer to his mother because of the adventurous natures, he also had a special, if tested, bond with his father. He just thinks Robert is a nerd that's scared of the world and Eclipse knows how to have fun. He misses them terribly and will not stop until he finds them.





4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities

  • Education and Learning: Jack learned everything he knows from his parents or from Bron. Due to his young age and lack of conviction, he doesn't know much and as much to learn.
  • Agility (Journeyman): Being built for it, Jack is very nimble, elusive, and fast on his feet. He has good stamina and it's difficult to tire his seemingly limitless energy. However, he does not have have his natural abilities honed, and can be a clumsy mess if he gets too cocky about himself. He is currently being trained by Bron to handle his body better, but he has a lot to learn.
  • Bow and Arrow (Apprentice): Jack only developed this skill because of his mother's talent in it, along with his father's insistence that he would rather his son learn how to fight from a distance instead of getting close to whatever he annoyed enough to want to kill him.
  • Staff (Dabbler): He was never truly trained how to use a staff—he just swings and hopes he hits something. It probably doesn't help that he uses a crook instead of a proper staff.
  • Reading and Writing (Journeyman): This is another skill that his father was insistent upon. Jack rarely has the patience to sit and read, and sees little or no use for writing, but the skills are there, and he has another grumpy man (Bron de Fonte) that makes sure he stays on top of them and not letting them become dull. He would rather be the person people write stories about instead of reading the boring stuff they write.

5.  History