Itsihnalv Go

Itsihnalv Go

Itsihnalv, by Alex
Name MeaningOthers and I are angry
Name OriginCherokee
Date of BirthJanuary 15, 2006
Age> 4 years
Subspecies100% Canis lupus irremotus
Northern Rocky Mountains werewolf
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeOriginal AniWaya

'Souls Profile

Previous Pack


Joining dateAugust 25, 2008[1]

Itsihnalv Go originally journeyed to 'Souls with his family from the previous AniWayan? tribe to establish a new home. He assisted found the new AniWaya, but did not end up joining.[2]


Itsihnalv and his sister, Uwoduhi, were born into a peculiar time for the AniWaya tribe. During his first few months of life, his siter, Ayegali Kala, had been assuming leadership in the pack as their parents stepped down. This time of transition was strained due to the influx of new werewolves in the ancestral area of the tribe. With them they brought war and fear to the peaceful land. Itsihnalv and his sister grew up in a time of strife, full of fights and war. It was like this for their entire first year and past it — and it was around that time that both of their parents fell in one of the battles.

They were not given time to properly grieve, as the council then met and decided to move from the ancestral grounds.

If the first part of his life is designated by war, the second was designated by travel. Itsihnalv eventually grew to despise living without an area to call home, and therefore hated his second year of life. They moved on in a caravan, searching for a land that they could call home after their old one had been taken. Because of his moodiness during this time, he grew somewhat distant to his friends and family. He could not find happiness during their search. When his older sister called upon the younger tribe members to go and find their Spirit Guides, he went with great anger into the forest. For two days he raged silently, only to be greeted by his own Guide on the second night. It was the Badger, Uguna, an aggressive and somewhat anti-social creature that was yet known for its healing and courage. Its strength and wisdom flowed into Itsihnalv, and he returned to his transient tribe a more patient and wise wolf. Not to say that he is totally cured of his moodiness, however.

And what now? A short time after his Journey to find his Spirit Guide, Ayegali, traveling ahead, found the land of 'Souls. And it would seem now that this was the place they would try to settle in at last.



Spirit Guide

A badger spirit named Uguna.


A tall and lean-muscled lycanthrope, Itsihnalv's figure is cut more like a runner's build more than anything else. His fur is a general brown agouti-pattern, though it has a definite red hue coloring it. His hair is a very dark red-brown that appears black in the absence of light, but will shine cinnamon in light, and is kept shorter in the summer but is grown out into a long ponytail in the winter. His eyes are a deep brown that appear black usually. He will dye certain black symbols and tattoos into his fur at points in time, but usually just does so when he feels like it. When in wolf form, he keeps the same coat coloring and eyes, as well as his lean build and skinny body. He also wears a necklace that looks like a sun.