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Imogen is a luperci from Oxford, England who recently landed in America. After a two month stunt of traveling, she approached Anathema and then went inactive for a while before reappearing in the local area.






  • Date of Birth: 10 Mar 2012
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Areas, Packs
  • Mate: Characters (26 Jan 2013)
  • Pack: Packs (DD Mon YYYY)
  • Rank: Rank (DD Mon YYYY)
  • cNPC: Characters
  • yNPC:
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    • [Characters/Characters]]
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  • NPC Name (blood bay stallion)



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Packs members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • A'somethin'
  • Butts

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: A supreme blend of wolf, dog, and coyote, Imogen is a delicate little creature who closely resembles her wolf and dog heritage. Most of what is coyote in her is her hot temper, her desire to be in warmth, innate compared to the outside.
  • Fur: Long and delicate, more dog than wolf or coyote. Still somewhat coarse to the touch but thinner than most.
    • Optime Hair: Straight, dirty and strong. She wears it out and over her shoulders, letting it loose whenever she can and only putting it up when she needs to get her hands dirty.
  • Facial Features: Caught in between sultry and innocent, her face has a slightly angular yet cheeky appearance more deserving of her husky dog heritage.
  • Build and Size: She is shorter than most males, yet taller than a good bit of females, caught somewhere in between for the most part. She carries herself somewhat humbly but she stands for a more dainty sway when males or females are around.
    • Lupus: Small and dainty, she doesn't look like much in a form that is obviously her least favorite for apparent reasons. She's been taken advantage of and the world is much bigger in a form where you're compressed into a smaller body.
    • Optime: This is the epitome of her forms, the favorite in a wide expanse of shifting movements. She, on a regular basis, can't find a word that fits perfectly.
  • Humanization: Imogen is heavily humanized from her days in England. As a scholar, she learned more about the human culture than most of her family had in years. She started wearing clothes, jeans that fit snuggly against her legs and waist, a slit cut in the back for her tail. A shirt that barely reaches her navel, coming to rest near her diaphragm at a bad day. A jean jacket that hugs over her shoulders. Last but not least, a black and red rimmed pair of lens-less glasses that are twisted slightly but fit perfectly to her face.


  • Fur:
    • Cararra
    • Oasis scar at the lower right of her left hip bone.
  • Eyes: Mako
  • Optime Hair: Nutmeg
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Black


Cararra (#F2F1ED)
Oasis (#FDE9D1)
Nutmeg (#7D2E2A)
Mako (#454B54)

By Despi + Katie!

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scars: Long, baited scar beneath her left hip bone. Caused by a sword slipping from her brother's grasp that impaled itself and was then infected. Mother tried healing her and it left her with a mutilated patch that only just mars her flesh and aura. Hidden by the jeans but still slightly visible.
  • Piercings:
    • One in her right cheek. Bone stud.
  • Tattoos: No.


Just what's in her description.

Jewelry and Accessories

  • something


  • A notebook she writes in everyday.
  • Knapsack with several books.
  • Medical supplies for if she gets hurt.
  • A brush


45 lbs ( kg)
63 in ( cm)


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75 lbs (xx kg)
93 in (xx cm)


maybe describe how often they use the form

125 lbs (xx kg)
5ft 11in (xx in / xx cm)

Optime (Preferred)

maybe describe how often they use the form and don't forget to change their form preference


  • Speech: Imogen is very intelligent for someone who grew up in the middle of no where but her voice has a slight English twist to it. Having moved from England to America on an Island to Island voyage with a group of other luperci, she's learned her way around speech impediments that blindsided her in her youth.
  • Scent: Saltwater, roses, peaches.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: She has a slight blinking tick that only flares up when she's nervous. Other than that, she's fine.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Sort of meek and generous when it comes to far-fetched looks. She's an odd one and mostly anyone can tell that with one look in her direction.


2.  Personality

Imogen would like to fancy herself a quirky individual. From the day she was born to the day she left her home, she's always been a little meek in nature and dodgy of authority. Due to her time growing up, not much has changed in this regard. Completely suspicious of all those around her, she'll generally do what comes natural to her and stray from the prying eyes of others in stead for her books or writing utensils. She writes everything that transpires around her, whether it's words with one of the local pack members or just a few silly statements about the history of the area she's in.

She adores being coddled and touched, at least when it comes to people she likes. She's a fan of all things involving the sea yet also sort of mysterious and shamanistic when it comes to interacting with others. Sort of superstitious in the manner that she believes most men are cruel and devout satan worshippers. When someone comments about her stutter or the fact that her face twitches in response to her anxiety, she withdrawals into herself and sort of bypasses any affection offered her way.

She will do anything to fight for what she believes in, even though she doesn't know how to fight with weapons, just her poisons and the knowledge she gains from others around her.

2.1  Ideals


Anxious, meek, calm, dominant, submissive, lenient

  • Outlook: Pessimistic
  • Sociability: introverted, submissive
  • Expression: Dominant/Submissive | Switch
  • Alignment: True neutral


  • Rising through the ranks of whatever pack she's in
  • Words and the written word
  • Fire


  • Men: She was sexually abused just after she turned for the first time. While her virginity remains intact, she lost what innocence she thought she had.
  • Pain: Pain has never been good for her. Not in the past, not now. She doesn't let this control her and is usually brave around others but she'll never let herself get carried away when it comes to fighting because she doesn't want to die, first and foremost, secondly... She rather not get infectious.
  • Rejection: She hates being rejected. After her father rejected her in the village, it felt like something had been ripped out of her. Since the shaman was supposed to be without fear and issue, she was no longer fit to run in the Shaman's stead and a new candidate was brought in. It was this candidate that drove her from England.


  • Packs: If your character has a bias against a pack?
  • Species: If your character hates coyotes, Inferni haets u right back. :'(
  • Non-Luperci: Maybe your character thinks Luperci are really scary, or maybe they think non-Luperci are ignorant backwater hicks. YOU DECIDE.
  • Gender: Frightened, but curious, about men.
  • Color: Maybe your character hates wolves with white coats, or maybe they hate wolves with blue eyes.
  • Sexuality: Maybe your character rejects anything but a m/f monogamous relationship as dirty and unclean.
  • Age: Maybe your character thinks old people are totally useless, or maybe they think children are just adorable and can do no wrong.


Imogen's sexuality has been the talk of her village from the moment she was conceived to the moment she left the pack. At first, it had started when the captured girl was used and abused by the hands of the village's previous Shaman for his own pleasure. She's disliked men ever since, even though she didn't lose her virginity to the man due to an oath her father made her take when she left.


  • Likes: Writing, making friends, reading, listening to stories, playing with children, long walks on the beach at night
  • Dislikes: Men who throw around their weight, sexuality


What substances has your character tried? Are they highly experimental or not at all inclined to try? Do they have an opinion on those who do indulge in "illicit" substances?


Imogen is very superstitious about the world around her. Despite the fact that her home was built on shamanistic culture, she believes she is a druid at heart, a child of the forest and the life in general. She does not like taking life but does what she has to when she notices that someone is hurting others since then they are personally hurting her because all life is linked to one another.

3.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

3.1  Family: Families

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

Garreth Stone is a character that she came in contact with for a couple of months while journeying to America. Son to the captain of the ship, when his father died on the journey, he was then promoted to lead the ship its destination by most of his crew, including Imogen at the time. When they made landfall, he disbanded the ship and most of its crew, casting them to a life on the continent, which at the time, Imogen had no idea where she was. She enjoyed spending time with him and would probably enjoy even more time spent with him if they were to meet again in the future.

Positive Relations

  • Characters is your buddy-old-pal-old-friend-of-mine.
  • Characters is also your character's buddy-old-pal-old-friend-of-mine

Neutral / Negative

Minor Relations

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities


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Skill 2

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4.2  Inventory


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  • Accepting: what do they want?



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5.  History

5.1  Achievements


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