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Agnarr Yngvi? (I)
06/22/2015 - 05/01/2019
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1.  Appearance

Illreinn is a large brute in size. Standing at seven feet one inch, he towers over most. He is large, bulky, and muscley. Covered in mostly a steel gray coat, he is decorated with a very interesting white mark on his chest, that was told to be his mark of "Odin". Reinn has brown and black colorations thrown into his coat as well. His eyes are a piercing icy blue, standing out above all else of his families. The mishapen pupil is another interesting aspect about him. Perhaps due to inbreeding, his eyes are the same eerie color as his birth father.

1.1  Forms

  • Lupus: 36 in

96 lb

  • Secui: 48 in


  • Optime: 87 in

280 lbs

1.2  Modifications and Accessories

  • Reinn has two piercings on his right ear, silver hoops hang amongst them. He has two tattoos on either of his ears, one for "Ice" being in a single line on the left ear. And one for "fire" on his right ear. Runes from old norse. He has the Yggdrasil on his right chest that was freeze branded into his skin, of which grows back as a white patch on his chest. He has two tattoos on his neck one of a raven on the left side, and one of Ottastafur on his right side. His left eye has Coloboma, of which makes him very sensitive to the light, very near-sighted in that eye, so he often wears an eye patch, over his mask. His mask is that of small moose horns (only measuring around 6 inches each) with a leather make-shift mask to cover his muzzle. Tied together with leather to stay to his head. He wears a long leather cloak, with inner harder leather that protects his chest/throat from others who might wish him ill-will. Due to him constantly carrying these things on him/wearing them he has a "patch" of fur behind his head missing the fur. Due to this, his hair is shaved/razored from half-way down his scalp. The remainder of his mane is kept in a dreaded mess atop his head. Long, and to his waist when down, it sits in a messy pony-tail that sits at shoulder lengt when up. Within the dreaded mess he has very many beads and braids tied into it. He wears a brass "band/claspe" on both his wrists of which have been branded and marked with respect from his previous pack.

2.  Personality

Reinn is very, very chaotic Evil. He is out to help himself and won't hesitate to kill a family member if it meant to better himself, or to get himself out of trouble. He doesn't care for family, and if he were to have children, he would likely be joyous about them, only for the fact he could have someone to show his way, and his way alone. If he were to have a female child, he would likely be very indifferent towards her, treating her like a male, and constantly putting her down. Of course, this is his way of "love". He doesn't believe in any sort of consensual acts with family members. He believes his mother and brother were wrong for doing these actions, and anyone who is incest should be put down like the animals they are.

Illreinn grew up with slaves, so slaves of coyote, jackal, or pure dog species are normal. He thinks it is odd if someone doesn't have a slave.

Reinn doesn't talk normal, he often times speaks in riddles, and switches up his languages. He can speak French, Old Norse, English, and Spanish. Sometimes he will use two or three languages in one sentence confusing whomever he is talking with.

3.  Relationships


4.  Family

Illreinn's father who "raised" him was Bo Aienson, he was a very respected pack leader and was the man he looked up to for his entire life. Upon finding his mother cheating on his own "father" with her brother, he freaked out and killed her and him and their unborn pups. His own siblings. Upon Bo finding this out, Illreinn was given a demotion and then outted from the pack. Taking on his father's "name" he never regretted his decision. His other two siblings are thought to be his "whole" siblings. Albeit, they are cousins and siblings. He loves his brothers, or as much as he says he can, and would do anything to protect them. Except give up his own life.

Immediate Family

5.  History

Born in Norway, his family relocated to a pack in Tromsø. He was born to parents who spoke Norweigian, and that is what he has spoken since day one. His childhood was kind always involved in the affairs of his brothers and always up to no good. When he was two months old, his father and mother chose that Tromos' pack wasn't as powerful as they needed them to be. With the help of his mothers' brother's, and their sons they overthrew the leadership, rising to power and enslaving those who opposed to their ruling. By the time he was four months old, he had his first slave and witnessed his first murder. This, was a normal child-hood for him, and the kill enthralled him. Making him obsessed with death.

He took to the side of an elder who knew many languages and many other tasks that he learned from him.

When he turned 6 months old, he shifted for the first time, and became a tyrant. He learned to whittle from the elder whom took a liking to Illreinn. The elder taught Illreinn to melt steel (a tedius task that he often times did not like, and which has given him many scars from burning himself) and to brand animals, and other Lupreci. The elder, known as Totar, taught him Sapnish and English, as he- himself- came from a very interesting background where he traveled everywhere and learned these languages.

Illreinn took it upon himself to look to the old "witch" of the pack to learn about posions and anything that could help decompose a body from the inside out. Learning these skills, Illreinn is a high journeyman in relation to what he knows about posions and herbs.

Upon his first year he was the most Secui battle partner anyone had come to see. Especially since his size was so brutish. He was massive, towering over his brothers and his mother, and especailly his father, who was normally sized, around six foot eight inches. He killed his first warrior on his first birthday, a fight that took place for over three hours. Illreinn recieved his first scar across his chest, his uncle and mother giving him much praise for a well killed Lupreci. Snapping his neck in his Secui form's jaws, was how the death took place. He was prasied and a pack celebration was given in token of their sons' first kill from an enemy pack.

Earning his first earring at one year and one month, he endured the pain of the puncture into his ear, and was respected by others because of this. Illreinn continued his training under Totar and the pack "witch" learning everything he could and soaking in as much of the English and Spanish as he could.

His first two years of life, he fought with enemy packs, killing and maiming and taking on slaves. Often times he, too, was injured and often-times bleeding heavily. Stealing the black female he now calls "Tillitha" when she was just two months old, his parents hand-raised her until she was a year. She was given to him as a "gift" and he gave her the gift of being one of the strongest male's slaves. His head slave at that. Her black coloration made her different and he treated her as such. Never mistreating his slaves, he had given Til the gift of being a mother.

Whenever he got the time he often times took to learning languages; namely of Spanish and English.

Unfortunately in three months time, his pups (and hers) were killed by another one of his slaves. In order to make a point, he took this female out and branded her on her face, a show of negative impact, and has since then, sold her. Til sticks with Illreinn and is actually very happy with her place as a slave. She is often times his voice of reason.

While Illreinn spent his time fighting, as well as learning what he could, he also spent his time with Til, making her needs his priority. Another year went by and Illreinn mastered horse back riding, as well as several languages. (German was new to him at this point, but he learned Spanish and English, practically mastering to understand them but not to speak them. German is still a difficult language for him to grasp.) He was smart, and he was given many promotions in his third year of life.

A month before he turned four, he stumbled upon his own uncle and mother doing the dirty in one of the storage sheds, he went bezerk and killed the both of them. And their unborn pups. Illreinn was shunned for doing so, unable to explain to his "father" what had happened and was thus, kicked out of the pack. Able to keep his slave, Til, and his belongings.

A full course of a year went by and he traveled by ship to arrive on the lands of Souls. Several more months went by, and the group of survivors traveled through the harsh Winter, slow and steady. When January finally came around, the duo made way to a colony outside of Souls that had cattle. Slaughtering the folks who owned their little "ranch", Illreinn and Til kept four heifers and a bull. The farm also had some sheep and some goats, of which they took a male and female of each, leaving the rest to either die or be for someone else.

Illreinn bred the bull to all his heifers, or rather, let nature take its course and allowed the animals to mate to one another. Only two took pregnancies and he expects a drop of calves by the end of the year.

Yielding a battle axe and a sword, his slave yields a bow and arrow and smaller axe. Together they over-took stragglers outside of Freetown taking all their belongings, of which included another horse, twenty pounds of raw fish and five pounds of deer jerky, several things of "medicicinal" medicine. (Marijuana) and various types of liquor.

Collecting various herbs, and various posions, Illreinn spends his time now sitting in Shiloh Hills, making his own little camp with his coyote slave, waiting on his brothers to come join him.

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