Idrieus Eternity

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Art by Jacob

Idrieus Eternity is a member of Salsola, currently ranked as the Paladin, the Elite Fighter of the Shield Tier.

Idrieus is the daughter of Mausolus and an unknown wolf dog male. She lived alone with her mother for a few months before getting separated from her. After wandering around looking for her mother, she was discovered by the Big Five, a group responsible for the murder of females outside Salsola and leaving their corpses within the packlands. She remained with them before being rescued by Artemisia Eternity along with her bear, Cirsium. Although Artemisia wasn't keen about bringing her back to Salsola, Cirsium insisted, and the three returned to the Thistle Kingdom. Idrieus presented one of the Big Five's coins as a gift to the Lord Commander, making herself a proper member of Salsola.

Starting out as a brat, Idrieus laid around for the most part with Artemisia trying to push her towards doing something more productive. She had been forced really to help with the upkeep of the library, a large collection of books Artemisia kept in her residential wing. Idrieus eventually took up a path in combat, mostly to follow after Artemisia. This all came to a sharp stop during the Second Boreas Conflict, where during a fight with the Boreas, Loki Helsi, and herself, Artemisia was killed. This forced her to grow up, and take responsibility to many of the things that were left behind. In her mourning, Idrieus took Artemisia's family name as her own in honor of her and all that she did.

Since taking her work to a much more serious tone, Idrieus continued to thrive in Salsola. When Lokr Revlis was called out and labeled as a Pentiti, he left to parts unknown, but asked her to look after his daughter, Elphaba Revlis. This was a simple task, though took a turn when Elphaba took over the throne of the Boss. This shifted Idrieus to fully hold onto her morals and her own conclusions rather than what others tell her, making her wary of Salsola, even though she would never abandon it as her home.

When sent into battle, Idrieus was often paired up with the former Paladin's son, Grievous Eternity. The two worked well with one another, and grew to have a mutual respect for one another. She finally felt like she had someone she could come to when wanting to speak her mind without being judged for it. Their relationship came to a head when Nickodemus caught Grievous' leaving Idrieus' home after staying for the night. After confronting Grievous, the pair vented their frustrations before Grievous asked her to be his wife, to which she agreed.

Since taking her mate, Idrieus has continued to expand on her skills in combat, holding her position of the Paladin with other members of the Shield Tier. She has taken up the jobs of Libro Guardiana (Librarian) and Historiador (Historian). In June 2020, she gave birth to three daughters, and her husband has welcomed a servant into their home. She continues to balance her work with the Library, the Shield, and her new home life.






  • Date of Birth: Aug 07, 2015
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Castle Wing, Ruins
  • Mate: Grievous Eternity
  • Species: Wolf-Dog
  • Subspecies:
    • 75% Dog (Australian Shepard/Unknown)
    • 25% Wolf (Caspian Sea Wolf)
  • Family: Eternity (Adopted)
  • Birthplace: Unknown
  • Name Meaning:
Idrieus — Ardent Lord (Welsh)
Eternity — Infinite Time (English)
  • Pronunciation: id-ree-u
  • Alias: Kalypso


OOC Assumptions

Plot Opportunities

  • Pack: Salsola
  • Rank: Paladin
  • Job:
    • Libro Guardiana (Librarian)
    • Historiador (Historian)

Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Having casual conversation with Idrieus that will not greatly effect roleplay.
  • Permitting use of the Library (unless you are not in good standing with her).
  • Seeing Idrieus...
    • ...around Salsola, either at her home in the Ruins, patrolling the borders, or in the Arena.
    • ...being in the company of her husband, Grievous; or, with her children.
    • ...being in the company of Cirsium for practice when the bear is not hibernating.
  • Always willing to take on new students in combat of any skill level or even willing to spar with those looking to test out their skills with someone.
    • She's versed in a variety of weapon types, and can adjust to fit whatever someone is trying to learn. Also open to learning about any kind of weapon lacking in her arsenal.
  • Idrieus finally got married, and now she has three lovely girls. Why not offer her some congratulations on this occasion?
  • With the Garrison addition to Salsola's territory, she has been spending a fair amount of time getting to know the area and checking in on Lace/Duncan. A good chance for the Shield to mingle with the Paladin or anyone else that is out exploring this new area.
  • Looking for some help with rank threads, post counts, or even jobs? If she fits the bill, then she will help out.



Even though Idrieus is a wolfdog, she looks more dog than anything else, from the way her ears are flopped over to the natural curl of her tail. Inheriting her mother's features, her muzzle is much more rounded than it is angular, though it does have a bit longer length than a normal dog, with the tops of her lips hanging down a bit further over her jaw. She has some toned muscles in her arms and legs from her constant practice, building her body more towards speed than strength. Her height is average size for a hybrid like her, with most of her bulk coming from her fur. It would be much longer if it wasn't for her, thankfully, shorter wolf fur. The longest strands are along her tail.

She is rarely seen outside of her Optime form, seeing as this form serves her the most purpose in her day to day life. When in this form, she sports long, curly golden locks that at their longest length fall about half way behind her back. She uses these to cover the scar along her chest when outside of Salsola. There are many times when her hair can be a total mess, but generally works to keep it clean and straight aside from its natural curls.

Idrieus' pelt pattern is a clear representation of the dog in her genes. Her pelt is uneven, sharing many shades of white to light tan, tan, and darker brown to nearly black spots covering her. These colors do not change much in winter, just that her fur gets longer with the changing season. Her eyes are a bright blue, ones that seem to contrast her serious nature. They are usually narrowed at anyone that comes in her path, and only softer to a select few people.

  • Nose and Paw Pads: Shark (#2a2c30)
  • Claws: Tan
  • Optime Hair: Old Gold (#d0a237)
  • Scars: Clam Shell (#dbc0b5)
    • Hand of Eris carved scar above her right breast.
    • Two large scars across her back from being hit with an axe from a Boreas attacker.

Clothing & Other

Though Idrieus lives in a hgihly humanized pack, she's not one to dress to the norm. If she is wearing anything at all, it will be small piece of leather armor, such as the leather bracers that were gifted to her by Duncan. She will almost always have a leather waist-belt hanging around her hips with her rapier attached to it. The exception to this is if there is ever a special event going on in Salsola. For gatherings, like the Last Supper, she will wear clothing, usually golden dresses with some design patterns on them. When she was married, she wore an outfit that was a combination of armor and cloth. She will not wear this for anything unless it is very special. Though Idriues doesn't decorate herself with accessories, she is always wearing an old, worn golden key from her neck by a leather "chain."

Color Codes

General Colors
Cape Palliser (#ae803f)
Laser (#caa878)
Bone (#decfba)
Zeus (#2e2820)
Soya Bean (#665c4c)
Swirl (#d9d2c8)
Eye Color
Cerulean (#0cb8ed)

205 lbs (93 kg)
6 ft 2 in (74 in) (188 cm)

150 lbs (68 kg)
44 in (112 cm)

75 lbs (34 kg)
32 in (81 cm)

Art by Nina

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In her youth, Idrieus was someone that came off as a bit of a brat. She would come across as rude, especially to those like Artemisia. Not one for wanting to do any work, she was a bit on the lazy side, looking to take a break with Cirsium rather than doing something, or would be one to vocally complain when she did have to do something. She took a lot of things for granted and didn't provide all that much to Salsola on the whole. She was much more risky, not too concerned with any consequences for her own actions.

A lot of her changed in the wake of Artemisia's passing, but one thing that didn't was her often coming across as rude, sometimes to an extreme extent. Idrieus is a very serious person, and can tend to be on the grumpy side if there is something serious going on or she is not in a good mood. Another cause that could bring this to the subject are either with subjects she has disdain for or people she is not very fond of. It is not always her intention to come across this way, but doesn't always feel sorry for anyone on the opposing end when it does. Sometimes they just deserve it. She has been getting better since life has calmed down, but it is still there.

Idrieus matured a lot when she grew up, and the final nail to enhance this change in her was the death of the woman she viewed as her adoptive mother. She stopped taking advantage of everything that was given to her in life, looking more to preserve it and honor things. She stopped being a brat, opening up a bit more to allow for more tolerable and polite conversations with others. She's more open to working with others than she would have been before and doesn't complain about anything involving work (unless it is a differing opinion and will only share this with those she trusts). She can be a very open person, but isn't publicly, as she knows many of her opinions can clash with those of others or with Salsola.

She can sometimes be a bit of a workaholic, especially when it comes to her duties to the Shield. When there is something big going on, she will push everything else to the side. It can create a lot of strain, but it's hard for her to break this habit.

Idrieus doesn't often allow herself to be vulnerable very often, and usually keeps this behind private doors. She can be gentle, tender, and even caring to the right kind of people. There have been times in her life where she shut herself in due to a state of mourning, but only those close to her will get the chance to see her in a state like this. If there are others that she either gets to see a new vulnerable side to, or have been in a state like she once was, she will often lower her own guard, looking to seek them out and try to ease the slump, just as some others would do for her.


  • Outlook: Balanced Optimistic/Pessimistic
  • Sociability: Extroverted, Dominant
  • Expression: Dominant
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Motivations: Trust, respect, prosperity, friends and allies, Salsola (and it's continued betterment)
  • Fears: Betrayal of trust, failure, those loss of those close to her, being taken advantage of


  • Likes: Women, work/sparring, taking on students, respect, cooperation, combat, honesty, open minds, books/her collection, accuracy, unbiased words/opinions
  • Dislikes: Men (outside a select few), betrothals, disrespect, lack of trust, lies, arrogance, anyone breaking her moral standards


  • Packs: Salsola above all others. Anyone with connections to Inferni can not be trusted
  • Species: None
  • Non-Luperci: Doesn't really care about them. Views them as lower due to Salsola's own biases
  • Social Class: Can be arrogant and power-hungry. Doesn't care much for it so long as everyone does their part. Doesn't fully trust highest classes.
  • Gender: Men can not be trusted. Aside from a select few, they are only tolerable
  • Color: None
  • Sexuality: None
  • Age: Elders are to be respected, though, their advice and rules may not always be heeded


Even though Idrieus has taken a man for her husband, she still is homosexual. She does not find men attractive, and outside of Grievous, never will. He is the only man that she loves and will allow to touch her in any sort of romantic way. The most important thing to Idrieus in any relationship, especially in a romantic setting is trust and an ability to be open with whomever she settles with. She views this in high regard due to her own personal morals and views on Salsola and its people. She is not one to be overly public with displays of affection, rather saving that for the privacy of her home, or for certain special occasions. Can be loving and tender, but sometimes will lack on her end if duties take her over her partner.

Spirituality & Substances

Idrieus has had no interest in dealing with anything spiritual from the time she had first arrived in Salsola to the present day. She is aware of the kingdom's dedication to practice, and follows along with their set culture and traditions, but nothing beyond that. Since the Curse of 2019, she has felt more bitter about anything spiritual, as not only did it put a great strain on her and Grievous, but everyone on the whole. She doesn't see how spirituality can help much over practical skills and logic.

Idrieus does not partake in any sort of smoking substances or drugs, but she does have an affinity for certain kinds of wine. Often providing bottles for Salsola's special events, she keeps her own stash at home for when others come over and for special dinners. She sinks in her inheritance towards this to ensure good product.



Unknown (Biological)
  • Parents: Truthfully, Idrieus doesn't remember much about her biological mother. They had gotten separated when she was younger, before having been picked up by the members of the Big Five; so, there really isn't much of a relationship to be built. If she ever were to come across her mother again, she'd lend a chance to hear her out and get to know her, but doesn't ultimately care if this ever happens or not.
See Notable Past Relationships for information about Artemisia.
  • Siblings: If Idrieus had any biological siblings, then she doesn't really remember much about them, nor does she really care about them in the long run. Though she was never officially adopted into the Eternity line by Artemisia, because of the way she viewed the woman, her biological children became her unoffical adopted siblings. From the get go, Cinareae did not like her, and she did not like Cinareae back. They seemed to be at odds with one another, usually over Artemisia's attention. They don't interact with one another. There's not much of a relationship between herself, Quicksilver, and Hel. She recognizes them as Artemisia's true children, though Quicksilver believes otherwise, stating Idrieus to be her true child. Under civil circumstances, she has opened herself to be part of their growing families, even prompting Quicksilver's son Absolution to call her his aunt if he wished to.
  • Children: Although Idrieus wasn't excited to be starting a family, she has come to care for her children. She is happy to have them in her life, but that doesn't mean she will go easy on them as they are growing up. If Grievous is the more fun parent, then she is the strict one.

Other Relations

Key Relations

  • Grievous Eternity is someone very special to Idrieus. Though she was very wary of any man other than Lokr, Grievous and her would often be paired up on missions with one another, or on the same team when it came to participation in Salsola's wars. It had grown to a point where she could reliably count on the man to have her back in battle, and he would have her own. Their relationship started to grow with the exchange of small gifts, but she had noted something more important. She found that she could be open with Grievous, as well as challenge his views of life and Salsola, all without judging her for doing so. That level of trust was something she could not find in anyone else in Salsola. There was little hesitation to agree when Grievous asked her to become his mate. She cares very deeply about him, and wants to give him everything he could want in life, though there is sometimes strain in their relationship when she prioritizes work ahead of them.
  • Elphaba Revlis (And Salsola by extension) is someone that Idrieus is very careful around. It had been Lokr's parting wish that she look out for his daughter, which is a task she still does, though more in the background than being confrontational. She is often very wary of the current leadership, and by extension those around her because of the nature of the kingdom they all live in. Elphaba's public display of challenging the former Boss, Salvia Eternity, left a sour taste in her mouth, one that has never truly gone away. She's not one to just take everything that is told to her at face value, especially by leadership, always seeking to know what my be hiding beneath the surface.

Notable Relations

  • Brocade Valentine is the Director, the head of the Shield, and a man that Idrieus held a bitter rival against, even if he did not see it as such. Being severely bitter that he had gotten the position over her did not do her any favors, but it was his more brutish nature that made herself be at odds with him, having somewhat of a moral compass with Outsiders. They were never one to see eye to eye, even though Brocade had worked harder than her to try and make something work. Over time, the bitterness has died down, and she can tolerate him enough to work with him on Salsola's betterment and have civil conversations. Both of them have admitted to each other that her marriage has helped to put her in a much better mood.
  • Kamari Kaiser is the Shield's Emissary, and is the one of the Shield that Idrieus respects the most. The two females have a positive work relationship with one another, and are both looking out for the men in their squad. Being that Idrieus has a somewhat moral high ground, she is pleased to see that Kamari had adopted giving Outsiders a chance at mercy, to leave with their lives before actually engaging in combat, at least mostly when it comes to those along the borders/trespassers. Anytime there is a job to be done, she will not hesitate to lend Kamari the aid she may need.
  • Krios Revlis is the Shield's Striker, and someone that Idrieus has never been that fond of. The most notable interaction she had with him was when the Shield gathered together for a meeting and hated his attitude, believing him to be cocky and very arrogant. Some of this washed away in the wake of the events surrounding Ondine's death and the poisoning of his wife. Seeing a much more vulnerable side to him made a fair amount of her grudge against him go. She now tolerates the man enough for them to be civil with one another so they can focus on working together to better Salsola.
  • Julius Valentine was Idireus' temporary ward. When striking out on his own, and looking for a place to stay, she had opened up her home to him so long as he aided her in taking care of some tasks around her library as a sort of means of payment. It didn't last long, as he would eventually leave for the Outpost and return to find a home of his own. Even so, as long as he is willing to help her, he'll have a place open for him in her home, and is welcomed.

Minor Relations

Notable Past Relations

  • Artemisia Eternity (deceased) was the woman that rescued Idrieus from the members of the Big Five, after getting some persuasion from Cirsuim. She had taken the dark woman for granted, often acting like a brat towards her and complaining about either the work in the library she was required to do, or the amount of time that was spent in training. They had, at best, a strained relationship for the most part. It wasn't until Artemisia's untimely death during the second Boreas War that Idrieus came to appreciate the woman's efforts. She mourned her loss, finally seeing her for the parental figure that she had been the entire time. As a means to honor her, Idrieus had taken her family's name (with Lokr's blessing). From then on, she hailed the woman as her adoptive mother, and wonders if the woman would have been proud of her if she were still alive.
  • Lokr Revlis was the very first Salsolan leader that Idrieus had met, having been the one that Artemisia had brought her to when she came to join Salsola. Since then, the man had been a constant influence on her life, though more like a shadow that would pop up every now and then to check on her than physically being there all the time. Their closeness with one another grew not only in the wake of Artemisia's passing, her having been one of the ones that saw him when he too was in a state of mourning, but when he had gifted her with an inheritance of the bird carved coins that were collected from the remains of the Big Five. She did not take the news of his exile well, but he had left clues helping her to find him, giving her a chance to see him before he left for good. Not wanting to make the same mistake again, Idrieus opened up to him, thanking him for being like a father figure in her life, and for his work in Salsola. Though she does not know where he eventually ended up, she hopes that at least he is living a happy life.
  • Loki Helsi (deceased) was someone that Idrieus tolerated at best, but both were able to come together to have civil conversations when it came to the subject of Artemisia. The two of them had been together when she died, and both equally feel into a state of mourning over her. Since then, she could see him in a much friendlier light, though their relationship didn't go up much from there. Even though that was the case, when his unexpected death had come, she mourned his passing as well, shutting herself in a bit more than the other Shield members before joining them in the crusade against the curse on Salsola.


Key: Dabbler --> Apprentice --> Journeyman --> Master

Main Focus: Warrior, Combat

  • Close Combat (Rapiers) (Master):
Since coming to Salsola and taking interest in combat, the rapier had been Idrieus' choice weapon. It was something that worked well with her body type and built for speed rather than strength. Though she is well skilled with this weapon, she is constantly keeping on top of her skill set with this weapon.
  • Close Combat (Hand to Hand, Swords, Daggers/Knives) (Journeyman):
Weapons similar to rapiers have been added to Idrieus' list of skills, being different kinds of swords, daggers, and knives. The basics of these weapons vary, but have close similarities with one another. Along with her rapier, Idrieus keeps her skills with these weapons up to code, as they are more commonly used and can be taught to those in Salsola more effectively. She has also taken to picking up hand to hand combat, as it wouldn't be smart to just rely on her weapon to protect her. It was taken up in her skill set as a necessity on the off chance that she loses her weapon or can combine it with her own weapon to get the advantage.
  • Stealth, Scouting, and Observation (Journeyman):
Being part of the Shield, it seems only fitting that Idrieus know some stealth skills. Idrieus has a solid set of skills in stealth, scouting, and observing, especially when out on a mission or in battle. Her skills are not as good as those in the Shield, especially when compared to the Striker and Emissary.
  • Close Combat (Feral, Staves) (Apprentice):
To keep her skill set as expansive as she can, Idrieus has taken some time to learn feral combat and staves, but this is more so to be able to teach it to Salsola members that might have interest in these skills. Idrieus does not often shift forms, so she has little use for feral fighting. Leaning more towards deadlier weapons, she has only taught staves, Elphaba being her most important student in this skill.
  • Riding and Mounted Combat (Apprentice):
Since being gifted Dama, Idrieus has taken up to learn riding. She is no where near as good of a rider as other members of Salsola, she knows enough of the basics. Upon Grievous' encouragement, the two of them have worked together to expand her skills with mounted combat. Again, she knows the basics and has yet to use this skill in battle. She continues to work with her husband to hone her skills in both these fields.

Auxiliary Skills and Hobbies

  • Bilingual (Common Tongue, German):
Idrieus has grown up using the common tongue, but since living with Artemisia and Grievous, she has been picking up on learning German as well. She doesn't use this language often, usually only with her husband, but finds it is good to have just in case she needs to understand German or pass a message on to someone else.
  • Reading and Writing:
Since coming to Salsola, Idrieus had been helping with the upkeep of the library that was started by Artemisia. Because of her assistance in taking care of this, she had learned how to read and write well. This comes in handy when teaching others and when the library needed to be overhauled.
  • Cleaning and Tidiness (Master):
Since coming to Salsola, Idrieus had been helping with the upkeep of the library that was started by Artemisia. What started out as a chore that Idrieus hated became a necessary skill within her set. She handles the upkeep of the library and her home on her down time. With the addition of a servant to her family, she leaves much of the cleaning to her, but still handles the upkeep of the library.
  • Cooking (Apprentice):
Idrieus has never been the greatest cook, but has learned enough of the basics to feed herself. Since inviting Grievous into her home, she has expanded her skills a bit so that the two of them can enjoy something special from time to time, though it is still no where as good as what he can make.
  • Animal Care (Apprentice):
Idrieus had minimal skills in animal care, as Cirsium could take care of himself for the most part. Since offering her home to Dama, Ursula, and Eloise, she has taken to learning more about their care. She has taken care of both animals, and thanks to Grievous, keeps learning more about horse care to make sure she stays in Dama's good graces.


A stretch of ruins attached to the western side of the Throne Room, but a small gap between living spaces. The wing in one story, save for the tower at the western end. The doorway at the western end of the residence leads to the main hallway of the wing, and although the tower is also attached to this hallway, there is another wall and door separating it off from the rest of the wing. The main wing is separated into spare rooms, most of which are taken up by Salsola's collection of books, all organized and looked after by Idrieus and her aids. One of these rooms is Grievous' personal room, a room where he is usually growing his own plants. The tower is two floors, with the first floor being Idrieus and Grievous' living space and the second floor being their bedroom. Outside of the tower, there is a small pasture for the horses to free roam in. There is a small separate storage building for their equipment and other storage items.






Can be Referenced...

Dama (Grade Horse)

  • Gender: Stallion
  • Species: Grade Horse
  • Date of Birth: Spring 2011
  • Onboard?: Yes
  • Size:
    • Height: 17 hands (68 in; 173 cm)
    • Weight: 905 lbs (411 kg)
  • Key Features: White rump, back, and belly, white stocking markings.
  • Coloration: Black front half, mane, and tail. Spotting between black and white fur. Pale hooves and dark eyes.

Around Salsola:

  • Seeing him...
    • ...Roaming freely around Idrieus' home
    • ...With Idrieus and Grievous' other companions, especially Ursula
    • ...Prancing more than he is walking
  • More Information »

Skills & Abilities:

  • Rider-trained (Large, can carry luperci up to ~220 lbs)
  • Experienced war horse
  • Sure-footed, very strong
  • Trained for cart pulling


Dama is a strong chested and sturdily built painted horse. His fur is a mix of black and white, with the former of the two colors covering the front half of his body. His mane and tail is a midnight black. The lower half of his body is white, with a few speckling between black and white where the two colors mix against one another. His socks are all white. His hooves are all pale, and his eyes are dark.


Dama is a very spirited horse, and has his own little quirks. He has a nasty habit of stealing things and will often prance around in his movement rather than just walking. Despite this, he can be a very good natured horse so long as he has a knowledgeable rider taking care of him. He loves apples, and will do just about anything for one (he will only pull carts when he is given an apple). He is a very smart horse, and fearless. It is this part of his personality that makes him a great war horse.
Likes: Like working, cool weather, being brushed
Dislikes: Dislikes coyotes, flies and buzzing insects


Dama was brought to Salsola by Bane D'Angelo when she left Khalif. He remained in her care while she lived within Salsola. When her, and her family, left the kingdom, Dama came into the responsibility of her son, Grievous Eternity. He took care of Dama along with his other horse Ursula. When he decided to leave for a time to go to the Outpost, the stallion was gifted to Idrieus, and has been in her care ever since. She has taken over for his care and worked to expand on his skills as a war horse to use for mounted combat.

Cirsium (American Black Bear)

  • Size:
    • Length: 165 in (65 cm)
    • Height: 37 in (95 cm)
    • Weight: 180 lbs (82 kg)
  • Key Features: Muscular build.
  • Coloration: Dark black fur covering most of his body. Small white patch on chest, light brown muzzle. Dark eyes.

Around Salsola:

  • Seeing him...
    • ...Roaming freely/resting around Idrieus' home
    • ...With Idrieus and Grievous' other companions
    • ...Battle training with Idrieus, especially when present at the Arena
  • Knowing that Idrieus has been training him for the purpose of an asset in battle
  • Hibernating from the late fall to early spring
  • More Information »

Skills & Abilities:

  • Capable of High-Speech
  • Battle Trained


Although an adult bear, Cirsium can act like an oversided cub. He can be rambunctious, and very full of energy. At other times though, the bear can come across as lazy. He will often lounge around when he is not doing anything. He loved to lounge with Idrieus when she was younger, and will still do this on rare occasions. He is very protective of Idrieus, being the one that vouched for her when Artemisia first saved her. He keeps her safety on the rare times when he needs to a priority.


Cirsium was gifted to Artemisia Eternity by Loki Helsi, where he had begun his battle training. When Artemisia was slain during the second Boreas Conflict, his responsibility was passed along to Idrieus. She has continued her mother's plan to train the bear in combat.

Eloise (Norwegian Forest Cat)

  • Size:
    • Length: 17 in (43 cm)
    • Height: 12 in (30 cm)
    • Weight: 11 lbs (5 kg)
  • Key Features: Long, smooth fur, curled fur on inside of ears.
  • Coloration: Smoky, silver pelt along body with black fur on face, legs, and underside of the tail. Bright yellow eyes.

Around Salsola:

  • Seeing her...
    • ...Roaming freely inside and outside Idrieus' home
    • ...With Idrieus and Grievous' other companions
  • Being greeted in a friendly manner, looking to get some attention
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Skills & Abilities:

  • Capable of High-Speech
  • Competent hunter


Eloise is generally a friendly feline. There isn't really anyone that she doesn't like, and can even show off her playful nature. She likes to hang around high places in Idrieus' home, often lounging on them whenever she is resting. When she is moving, she likes to strut about, showing off her longer fur compared to other felines. She's proud of her look. Eloise is an intelligent feline, and very aware of her surroundings and how people are feeling. Whenever someone is feeling down, she will often make herself known to cheer them up.


Eloise is one of the daughters of Brocade Valentine's feline companion, Adelia. She was gifted to Idrieus as an early wedding gift when the Shield had gathered together for their first meeting among themselves.