Husk Erumm

Husk Erumm

Husk, by Titmouse

Date of BirthJuly 17, 2007
Age> 2 years

'Souls Profile

Previous Pack

Crimson Dreams

Joining dateSeptember 6, 2009[1]
RankBasic Officer

Husk Erumm was a previous member of Crimson Dreams from September until October of 2009. He suffered from hereditary deafness, but was able to sign and read lips.


Husk suffers from Hereditary Deafness, which comes from his father's side, occurring only in males for reasons unknown. He has lost his ability to speak correctly and is quite unintelligible when speaking. He unfortunately doesn't know how to write or read, but he is fluent in American Sign Language (as well as lip reading), taught to him by an elder in his birth pack. Since he was separated from that pack by a white-out, he carried a necklace with a hollow pendant carrying a message that he is supposed to give to the first person that he finds. The message says:

"I deaf and mute I need a place to stay I cook good pay attention and take orders like army soldier I do what you ask".

The note has terrible English because the elders figured he'd get a better chance to stay somewhere nice.


His demeanour and posture is that of a child. He will seek refuge and stay frequently inside a house or den and choose someone to stick close by as a parental figure. He is also not prone to violence, since he's just a childish pushover. He loves children (but not in that way!) and loves to cook food since he eats so much. His crazy metabolism is why he got so big so quickly. He always does what he is told and abides by the rules, no questions asked. However, since he cannot hear or speak, he tries to use Sign Language to communicate with his peers. Since most don't know it, he teaches it to one person and has them translate to a group so they can all talk. He can understand spoken English as well, as long as the person speaks slowly. He cannot read lips at too fast a pace.



Husk had a father, mother, older brother and younger brother. All of them are deceased.


He was greeted by Anu Sheah and Savina Marino. While living in Crimson Dreams, he met Flayra Zazkex.


The grey-scale Husk is a large guy, as tall as they can come, at 8 ft tall. Although He's still young he's stopped growing, so 8 is as tall as he's going to be. His eyes are a medium, cloudy shade of blue-grey. His fur is all different shades of grey, from dark grey to light grey. There is a very light grey stripe down his back, lined with the darkest grey, which then slowly gets lighter towards his stomach. His ears are dark grey, the insides a medium grey. He wears an olive green bandanna, olive green shorts, and a porcelain mask almost 24/7, except for baths and when he sleeps. It covers the top half of his face, which was disfigured when he was younger by a mysterious acid. The whole top half is missing all the skin, showing only the black muscle, and lacks his top jaw and his eyelids. The only pluses that come out of this are the neat fact that he can sleep with his eyes open, he never flinches, and that he can see exceptionally at night. His tail is also cropped, from an encounter with a bear.

His Optime form is very ragged and feral, rather than human-ish like most. Instead of a mane he has a short cropped Mohawk that spreads from his brow (although it is only visible at the top of his head because of his mask) to the base of his neck. The mowhawk sticks out all in one direction (which is perpendicular to his spine) rather than out in a 180 degree fashion.

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