Hezekiah Finch

Hezekiah Finch

Date of BirthDecember 19th, 2008
Species100% Canis Latrans Umpquensis Ortus
LuperciYes (Ortus/Verto) or no

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Joining dateAugust 21, 2009[1]
Previous Rank(s)Tirones, Discens, Vigiles

Hezekiah Finch was a former member of Inferni until his untimely death in the Second Dahlian War.

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1.  History

If there is anything to be said about Hezekiah’s life, is it that he has had very few experiences with happiness. Born early in the middle of winter, he is the only child to have survived in his litter of four. Though when his mother died merely days after he was born, he almost didn’t survive himself. From there on and from about as far back as he can remember, he was purely raised out of obligation rather than love by his father. (And eventually we'll get further than this.)

2.  Personality

Despite his somewhat rough upbringing, if there’s anything remotely off about Hezekiah, it hasn’t revealed itself to the world. Like the true nature of a coyote, he may come off as aloof at times for his tendency to favour solitude and generally fend for himself, but he isn’t beyond accepting help when he truly needs it. Naïve, but not to the point of being horribly so, he is very mould-able and impressionable; moreover he is a quick study and holds decent observational skills and is not overly fond of failure. His social skills, while decent, are still slightly underdeveloped in some situations. Soul Grade is Neutral, for the time being.

3.  Other

Hezekiah does not really have a preferred form, although it isn’t uncommon to catch him spending more time in his optime form, although when it comes to exploring, scouting, or long periods of travel, he will stick to his lupus form. The only time he uses his secui form is when he feels there may be a need to defend himself adequately and still be able to make a quick getaway. Suffers from a touch of low myopia. Additional information will be added over time, most likely.

4.  Family

The one and only son of Clyde and the late Valencia; no other known relatives.

5.  Appearance

Hezekiah is your stereotypical coyote: pointed muzzle, big ears, skinny, long-legged frame. Like his north-western west coast based subspecies, his coat is comprised of darker tans and browns, but unlike them he is not of a larger size at all but quite the opposite; his eyes, while vivid in colour, are a translucent blue that is so pale that is it not uncommon for it to “borrow” colour from its surroundings and appear a shade of bluish-grey or green. For whatever reason, be it from neglect or malnutrition or simply the chance that he may have been the runt of his litter, Hezekiah is not very tall at all any form. That being said, he's neither the smallest either, but he falls a little bit on the below average spectrum of the height and weight scale. Neither built for grace, speed, or strength, he is at best one of endurance. For the time being, he wears no clothing and has no jewellery, tattoos, or piercings; what scars he may or may not have are not visible.

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