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by Kite

Havoc Creed is the son of Wraith Creed and Mido born on December 22, 2013 Inferni. He was born alongside his two siblings, Vendetta Massacre and Aether Creed. He is currently a member of Anathema after leaving Inferni and travelling for about a month.






  • Date of Birth: December 22, 2013
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Yes (Ortus)
  • Residence: n/a
  • Pack: Anathema (27 Feb 2015-present)
  • Rank: Zepar (Subordinate)
  • cNPC: none
  • yNPC:
    • none



  • From February 27, 2015 onward, Havoc can be referenced by members of Anathema as being in and around the pack's territory
  • Anyone may reference him in a thread, generally in passing

PM Alexander to discuss:

  • Specific conversations
    • Large thread involvement, e.g., training plots that span more than one thread

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: As a near perfect mix between coyote and dog (with a smattering of wolf heritage so small that it is inconsequential), Havoc's appearance borrows heavily from his parents and their heritage. Whereas his father's dog breeds were split evenly between a Siberian Husky and Labrador Retriever, his mother possessed a high amount of coyote blood.
  • Fur: While his build resembles a coyote more than a dog's, his fur is much thicker.
    • Optime Hair: Tends to keep it feral and unstyled
  • Facial Features: Thin, coyote-shaped muzzle
  • Build and Size: He has a thin muzzle, long legs, and bushy tail: all characteristics of a coyote.
  • Humanization: Tends toward a more feral lifestyle: does not wear clothing, but does use his Optime form when convenient.


  • Fur:
    • Primary coat color: Sandrift (#AE9881)
    • Mid-range tone and top of head, shoulders, neck: Twine (#bd9659)
    • Underbelly and tip of tail: darker Cotton Seed (#bfbcb6), which then lightens to Alto (#d4d4d4)
    • Shoulders, accents: Cape Palliser (#a86d43) and Paarl (#9c5224)
  • Markings:
    • No discernable markings
  • Eyes: Cinnabar (#E74B23)
  • Optime Hair: Sandrift (#AE9881)
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Black nose and paw pads


Sandrift (#AE9881)
Twine (#bd9659)
Cotton Seed (#bfbcb6)
Alto (#d4d4d4)
Cape Palliser (#a86d43)
Paarl (#9c5224)
Cinnabar (#E74B23)

By Sie

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scars: No scars (yet!)
  • Piercings:
    • No piercings (yet!)
  • Tattoos: No tattoos (yet!)


35 lbs (16 kg)
22 in (56 cm)


It is in his lupus form that his coyote heritage is most readily apparent. His frame is thin and long and the only clue toward his dog heritage is his colouration and his tail shape.

145 lbs (66 kg)
33 in (84 cm)

Secui (Preferred)

In his secui form, he bulks up quite considerably. Whereas his lupus form was thin and light, in his secui form, his coat thickens considerably and resembles a husky's coat far more than that of a coyote. For this reason, Havoc may choose his secui form over his lupus for many four-legged tasks, particularly in the winter.

155 lbs (70 kg)
5 ft 6 in (162 cm)

Optime (Preferred)

In his optime form, his thick fur is present and he begins to resemble his father a bit more in stature. He is more thickly-muscled than in his lupus form, but not quick as large as in his secui.


  • Speech: Speaks with a fairly neutral accent for the region, with a bit of his mother's drawl
  • Scent: Smells like Anathema.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: --
  • General Posture and Body Language: Tends to be cocky and dominant, but not showy about it.


by Tammi

by Sie

by Kite

by Raze

by Tammi

by Tammi

by Marie

2.  Personality

His personality can be adjusted by the adopter. As a member of Inferni and a child of Wraith, he will most likely follow the alignment ranging from Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Evil, to Neutral Evil.

Of all the siblings, Havoc has the worst temper. He is easily angered, easily riled up, and difficult to diffuse. In this manner, he resembles his grandfather, Hybrid Holocaust, to a certain degree. However, unlike his grandfather, he is slightly more capable of reflecting on his actions at a later point and accepting his faults. Havoc can be quite self-critical, is highly disciplined, and a hard-working student. However, when he fails to grasp a concept quickly enough, he can easily become frustrated. Worse yet, his sister, Aether, picks things up with such ease that it aggravates him to train with her.

Although Havoc enjoys playing with his siblings, he gets along with Aether the best, and is generally puzzled by Vendetta's almost solemn nature.

2.1  Ideals


Hot-headed, hard-working, dominant, self-critical, easy to anger

  • Outlook: Optimistic or pessimistic - this is up to the adopter to determine
  • Sociability: Extroverted, dominant
  • Expression: Dominant
  • Alignment: Likely Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Evil, to Neutral Evil


  • Strength, dominance, discipline, perfection


  • Failure, a weak Inferni, losing his family, wolf dominance in 'Souls


  • Packs: Havoc reflects fondly on Inferni and Anathema and has a poor opinion of New Dawn
  • Species: As a coydog, Havoc would be unlikely to hold a grudge against either dogs or coyotes, but would likely think poorly of wolves simply because of the dominant indeology in Inferni. Of his siblings, he is most likely to have the poorest opinion of wolves. It is up to the adopter to decide how strongly she feels about other species.
  • Non-Luperci: Havoc would have the strongest opinion on this out of his siblings, and would likely see the intentional rejection of the luperci lifestyle as ridiculous or displaying a weakness
  • Gender: Havoc would not likely have strong feelings against or in favour of any gender
  • Color: Havoc would not likely have strong feelings against or in favour of any coat colour
  • Sexuality: This is up to the adopter to determine
  • Age: This is up to the adopter to determine


  • Likes: fighting, learning about Inferni history, his family
  • Dislikes: wolves, difficulty mastering a skill


The Massacre family is well-known for avoidance of various substances. Hybrid scorned any drink or drug that would impede his ability to perform his duties to the pack or otherwise. Similarly, Wraith does not tend to drink or experiment with drugs, as she was not exposed to it from many of her friends or family. Havoc would be the most likely of his siblings to use them to rebel against her family or use them out of a genuine enjoyment. If he were to use substances, he would likely do it in excess.


Havoc was not raised with any religious upbringing and wouldn't likely be religious. He may express faith or spiritualism, but it would like be simple. This is up to the adopter to determine

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: Massacre, Holocaust, Addiction, Ganesa

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Lucilla Key: Generally likes Lucilla, but has learned to be on his guard around her, since she has a tendency to turn things around on him and play pranks on him when he isn't expecting it
  • Valkyrie de le Poer, and Nathaniel King: Havoc's aunts and uncle. He likes both of them since they're laid-back and easy to get along with and don't tend to yell at him as much as Wraith does.

Positive Relations

  • Conrad: Havoc tends to get along better with Conrad, although he isn't quite sure how to take his flirting. He usually ignores it since Conrad isn't as taxing as Osprey.
  • Kaeli: Kaeli saved Havoc from Solas, who had bound and attacked Havoc, so Havoc grudgingly thankful for her help, but is ashamed it was required at all.
  • Harosheth: Havoc doesn't really mind Haroseth, although, she reminds him of his mother, so he doesn't tend to chat with her or pal around with her much outside of their lessons.

Neutral / Negative

  • Aeron: Havoc was formally introduced to his grandmother, in early 2016, but still has yet to form an opinion of her.[1]
  • Solas: Solas attacked and bound Havoc for refusing to give up information, so Havoc hates him
  • Osprey: Has been teaching Havoc how to fight. Havoc sometimes likes Osprey's to-the-point personality, but often, he finds the other man grating. They tend to get into shouting matches pretty frequently for that.

Minor Relations

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities

  • Unarmed combat (Apprentice): Havoc has learned how to fight from his mother as well Osprey and Conrad. Both have emphasized the importance of fighting in his secui form when he has the option, but also taught him how to fight in his lupus form.
  • Knife combat (Apprentice): Havoc's preferred fighting method is with large hunting knives. Izual taught him in Inferni and his father continued the lessons in Anathema. He sparred with Lust in August 2016 as well.
  • Archery (Apprentice): Wraith has been teaching Havoc how to use the bow and arrow, as he showed some promise, but suspended the lessons indefinitely when his temper made it impossible for him to concentrate or learn.
  • Medicine (Dabbler): Havoc has successfully pestered Harosheth enough to teach him a bit about tending to wounds, and he is very interested in learning to treat physical wounds. He is not interested in illnesses.
  • Hunting (Journeyman): Havoc often hunts with Inferni.

4.2  Weaknesses

  • Havoc is very opinionated and can often be egotistical
  • As a result of his ego and his knack for picking things up quickly, Havoc can often be a very bad student
  • Havoc is impatient and frequently dissuaded when things don't work out exactly as planned
  • Although Havoc is very interested in learning about physical wounds, he has no interest in learning about illnesses, which blinds him to the potential of learning more about medicine.
  • Havoc is a belligerent drunk and although he is not a lightweight, giving him too much to drink usually results in a clumsy, short-sighted Havoc

4.3  Inventory


Havoc can only offer his skills, as he does not possess many items; those which he does possess are limited and quite precious to him. For a full list of his skills, see his section.

Havoc is generally a fair trader and may slightly overvalue his skills, he has a strong enough sense of self preservation not to screw over his trading partner. If a deal does not work out as planned, he may become angry or aggressive, but most likely will not do anything stupid. Maybe.

  • Offering: minor tending to small wounds, guarding abilities, hunting
  • Accepting: weapons, sparring lessons, hunting apparatus



  • 2 hunting knives
  • 1 bow and 4 arrows

Storage and Carrying

  • 1 satchel made from a deer pelt and rope


  • Clean rags for wounds

5.  History

Pack History

Pack NameRank(s)
(22 Dec 2013 - 12 Jan 2015)
Evocati, Tirones
(Youth, Subordinate)
(12 Jan 2013 - 27 Feb 2015)
(27 Feb 2015 - present)

Havoc Creed is the son of Wraith Creed and Mido, born on December 22, 2013 in Inferni. He lived in Inferni with his family until departing on January 12, 2015 to get to know his father better.

He journeyed to The Dampwoods and Halcyon Mountain, but was dismayed to find that Anathema no longer resided on the eastern mountain range. He headed west and eventually came across Solas Justus, who attacked and bound him when he refused to answer the other's questions.[2] Kaeli Blacksun heard the commotion and came to help. After escaping from Solas, Havoc returned to the edges of The Dampwoods and Halcyon Mountain, where Lithia Napier found him. She showed him to Anathema, where he joined in late February.[3]

5.1  Threads


  1. A collision of atoms that happens before your eyes (22 Dec) (NPC)
    In Inferni with Wraith: Havoc is born in Grimwell Caverns alongside his siblings
  2. holdin on (1 May) (NPC)
    In Inferni with Wraith and Vendetta: Havoc and Aether wrestle while Wraith and Vendetta talk
  3. I never said I was sorry (24 Jun) (NPC)
    In Inferni: Mido calls on Wraith to meet the family, with Vendetta and Aether (NPC)


  1. Collide, colours of the masquerade; watch as they fall away (12 Jan) (NPC)
    In Inferni with Wraith: Havoc bids farewell to his mother and begins his journey to Anathema
  2. A Hero's Gonna Save Me Just in Time (25 Jan) (NPC)
    In Seabreeze Brink with Solas Justus: Solas questions Havoc for information and when Havoc refuses to talk, Solas ties him to a tree and attacks him. Kaeli Blacksun hears the commotion and runs to help.
  3. through my lips to unawakened Earth (27 Feb) (NPC)
    Lithia Napier finds Havoc wandering around The Dampwoods and leads him to Anathema, where Axelle Napier accepts him into the pack.
  4. Lend a hand (19 Aug) (NPC)
    Havoc and Mido intend to spar, but Havoc spars with Lust instead, hoping for a partner more equal to his own abilities.
  5. To cold for the creatures. (26 Dec) (NPC)
    Mido, Pride, and Havoc come across Lyserg


  1. Eye of Newt (01 Jan) (NPC)
    Mido takes Havoc and Pride to one of the abandoned buildings in the packlands to scavenge. They come across Evangeline, who is casting a protection spell.
  2. i used to sleep without a single stir (06 Feb) (NPC)
    Havoc and Mido train, but their session ends when Elody calls for his father at the borders. Mido introduces them and gets re-acquainted with Elody.
  3. Mind, body, soul (20 Feb) (NPC)
    Aeron announces her ascendance over Kentaro as leader of Anathema and Mido introduces Havoc to Aeron, his grandmother.
  4. Empress of power (20 Mar)
    Havoc comes across Aeron and reveals to her that he is Wraith, not Pride's son, as Aeron had thought.
  5. Feeling short of stable (22 Apr)
    Havoc's den collapses. With Lust


  1. Before these clowns put me down in the ground (12 Mar) (NPC)
    Havoc accompanies Aeron to meet his cousins, Skeleton and Carnivore (NPC)

6.  Achievements

6.1  Catacombs

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