Haruhi Misaki

Haruhi Misaki

Haruhi, by Sara?
Date of BirthJanuary 1, 2008
Age> 1 year
LuperciYes (Ortus)

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Joining dateJanuary 24, 2009[1]

Haruhi Misaki joined Inferni in January of 2010.

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1.  History

Haruhi Misaki was born and raised in a pack that consisted of close family and friends. Her parents were strong leaders of the group, making Haruhi like a princess. She was born along side her brother, Akio. They would have been identical twins if she wasn't born the runt. Only her father had the Luperci so she too carries it.

You would think being the princess of the pack would lead to a wonderful life. But that was not the case for Haruhi. Both her parents believed perfection. There were to be no flaws in the family. Unfortunately, she was born with such a thing. She was too small in stature and that wasn't "perfect" for them. At first, they gave her the benefit of the doubt and waited for her to grow. As time went on, she was taught of the Luperci and many other things like hunting and tracking. Though, she could tell there was something wrong with her family's attitude. She didn't feel any love from them at all. As she grew older, things were getting worse. She felt more like a servant to them. When she reached ten months old, her parents knew she wasn't going to become the normal size of a coyote.

Their behavior even had an effect on her brother. He knew he was favored and soon his mindset was the same as theirs. The entire family chose to throw her out and so they shunned her away. She was sad. No, she had always been sad. In truth, she had felt alone all this time so there wasn't much difference when she was with them or not. The fact that she was unwanted hurt her badly and she wonders if she would ever heal. She has been a loner ever sense she was ten months old.

2.  Personality

Due to her childhood, happiness is not a common feature at the moment. She is insecure, shy, and somewhat reserved. She's surprisingly determined and doesn't give up easily. She's kind once you get to know her. If you manage to make her smile brightly or even a little, then congrats because that's a rarity.

She secretly longs for any kind of love; whether it be from a friend, someone who wants to adopt her, or a lover. She longs to be wanted, needed, and remembered.

Though Japanese is her first language, she can also speak English fluently. Because she speaks English so well, most believe that English is her first and possibly only language she speaks.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

  • Mother: Yuki Hiroshima-Misaki
  • Father: Kyo Misaki
  • Brother: Akio Misaki

3.2  Acquaintances

Acquaintances include Anselm de le Poer, China Rose Lykoi, Vieira Lykoi, Sonja Russo, and Rikka de le Poer.

4.  Appearance

Haruhi has the typical coloration of a coyote carrying shades of grey and brown with a russet coloring on the bridge of her muzzle and other places. She has a feminine body with the normal curves of a female and she is small in size. She was the runt of the litter. The only thing that may stand out on her is her brilliant golden eyes and the following markings:

On all four limbs, she has black sock-like paws that end about 2-3 inches pass the paws. Also, at the tip of her tail is dip in the very same jet black coloring.

On the base of her tail (at the beginning of it), she wears a silver bracelet-like jewelry that fits tightly so it doesn't easily fall off. Though it is tight enough to stay on, it's not a discomfort for Haruhi. The bracelet is decorated in vintage designs that is etched in the metal.

Optime Appearance: She has long jet black hair with the same black hands, black feet, and black-tipped tail. Her hair ends at her mid back. Depending on her mood, she either puts it in a pony-tail, a bun held by chopsticks with two front pieces out free, or leaves it out loose.

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