Grigorii Ives

Grigorii Ives

Grigorii, by Sie
Age3.5 years
Subspecies100% Plains Coyote



  • His birth killed his mother, and Grigorii and his siblings were raised by his father, who treated them like princes and princesses, indulging their every whim. He became crippled after a hunting accident when the children were nearly adults, and these roles reversed almost immediately: Grigorii and his siblings took care of their father and indulged his every whim, returning the treatment they'd received early on in life.
  • As he and his siblings grew older, his brother Livy became more and more petulant and disagreeable, while Grigorii and his two sisters aided their father in every way possible. This caused numerous fights between Livy and the more outgoing of the sisters, Salina.
  • His father died when he was three years old under suspicious circumstances, and Livy attempted to take his father's place in the family, trying to turn his siblings to his own care. This failed miserably, and Grigorii and his sisters departed. They parted way shortly thereafter, with Grigorii heading east and his sisters west, leaving Livy behind.


Bright and outgoing, Grigorii is eager to prove his place and worth in the world. He is friendly, eager to please, and utterly naive.


Tawny fur, darker along his back and the tip of his tail. Pale understide, with silvery markings along his sides. Red-orange eyes.

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