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Gascoigne Wick (Gas-coin Wik) is a member of Del Cenere Gang, currently ranked as an Encender.

He is the son of Solveig Wick and Boone Winthrop, along with his brother, Mikolash Wick. He was born as the result of one of his father's flings, before a time when he would come to settle down with his wife. He and his brother never knew their father growing up, but little to nothing was spoken about him anyways. He only knows the man by name, and the circumstance leading to their birth, rather than any other kind of information.

He grew under the watchful and demanding gaze of his mother, blissfully unaware of what exactly she was trying to mold him into. Growing to become accustomed to the praise he received from those around him, he worked hard to stay within the good graces, none more so than his mother. Growing up in that kind of environment, he didn't hesitate to throw others under the bus so long as it would make him look good. For as much as he loved his mother though, the two of them couldn't always see eye to eye with one another. His mouth became not only his greatest tool, but also the thing that seemed to get him in trouble the most.

Despite how good he had it, at least in his eyes, he made the choice to leave his mother and strike it out on his own. Growing curious about his father and the place he hailed from. He deserved to get some answers after all. When sharing his plans, he was given a horse, and left with little hesitation. He began to make the journey north of where his mother and her followers lived, swindling and gathering information as he traveled. When he got word of where Boone might be living, he made his way for Palisade.

Currently, upon coming upon the newest location in his track, he has met up with his half-brother, Rhodes Winthrop. After an exchange of words, the two decide to travel together back home, to Del Cenere.

Gascoigne Wick
by Despi

Credit: Despi

OOC Information


Biographical Information
  • Date of Birth: 12 September 2019
  • Birthplace: Appalachia
  • Etymology:
    • Gascoigne: Regional Name of Gascony (Old French)
    • Wick: Village (Old English)
  • Nickname: —
  • Alias: Corbin Tears
Physical Description
  • Sex: Male
  • Pronouns: He/Him or They/Them
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Wolf-Dominant Hybrid
    • 49% Wolf (Eastern Timber, Northern Rocky Mountain, Alaskan Tundra, Mackenzie Valley, Great Plains, Arctic, Red Wolf)
    • 28% Coyote (Northeastern, Plains, Mexican Coyote)
    • 23% Dog (Borzoi, Silken Windhound, Smooth-coated Collie, Husky, Sighthound, Wolfhound, Shepherd)
NPC Information

Del Cenere Gang members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Common knowledge; i.e. rank, name, knowing he’s a Ashen, having seen him “around”
  • Seeing him...
    • …around the territory, assisting with tasks involving his skills
    • …pestering his half-brother Rhodes, trying to help 'build his confidence'

For anything else or anything specific, please ask before making assumptions regarding this character

Plot Opportunities
  • Gascoigne is new to the Gang, and he's got relations to Boone, as well as his little family. Let's start forming some relationships and get to know the dirty deets.
  • Want to do some underhanded work? What about getting into some trouble and don't mind having your character thrown under the bus? He's your guy.
  • The man practices some blood magic in his spare time. Fascinated by this discover, or are you frightened by it? Disgusted?
  • Though he's not of the rank to begin getting occupations, why not assist him with getting started in the right direction? (Carnicero, Sepulturero, Inquisador, Comerciante, and Machetero)




Although Gascoigne is a wolf-dominant hybrid, more of his dog breed features shine through on his form. His muzzle is much more narrow than most canines', though is shorter to show some of his wolf heritage. The same is said for his ears, being much thinner, but short enough to pass as a wolf's. His body frame is thinner than usual, along with having slightly longer limbs than a normal wolf or coyote, another trait to his dog heritage. His tail is also thinner because of this. His fur is a bit thicker, but not enough to take away from showing his physical features.

He is practically the spinning image of his mother, only getting a hint of coloration from his father. His main coloration patterns range from light to dark grays, though the darker colors almost seem to hold a hint of what would be purple to their sheen. He has patches of brown over spots of his pelt, though are usually overshadowed or covered by his other colors. His eyes are a striking green coloration, just like his mother's. When he is in optime form, he grows a short mane, one matching the lightest grays of his pelt. He doesn't take too much care to make sure it's neat at all times, mostly just for events and rituals.

Clothing & Other

Having the kind of mother he did, he was expected to dress in a similar fashion. Unlike his overly flashy mother, Gascoigne always went for a simpler look, but one that could still hold the flare that his mother and the others around her had. He wears fancy clothing, dressed with patterns and sometimes expensive materials, but it's usually hidden under a thick, long, leather trench coat. He's almost always sporting a cowboy style hat with it, decorated in some kind of mix of herbs and totems. He's always wearing some kind of decorate/embroidered collar around his neck, a staple to his family line. Whenever he is taking part in a ritual, he will ditch the coat and hat, adoring himself in accessories (ones that usually contain a mix of herbs, bones, trinkets, totems, metal, and jewels).

Reference Image
by Despi

Coloration Palette


French Gray (#bebcc1)
Manatee (#97989c)
Dorado (#6a5552)
Salt Box (#686369)
Emperor (#504950)
Gravel (#403941)
Thunder (#2b232a)

Optime Hair

French Gray (#bebcc1)


Laurel (#7d9975)

Scars, Nose/Pawpads/Claws

Dune (#2e2c2b)
Cod Gray (#191718)
Additional Images (Hover for Artist Credit) (Show)
by Kiri by Despi by Kiri


  • Lupus: 28 in (71 cm) ↔ 45 lbs (20 kg)
  • Secui: 43 in (109 cm) ↔ 125 lbs (57 kg)
  • Optime: 6 ft 7 in (79 in / 201 cm) ↔ 215 lbs (98 kg) (Preferred)



Tattoos & Piercings:

Gascoigne, when preforming rituals for blood magic will sometimes making paint to put over himself, mostly for aesthetic more than any practical purpose.


  • Speech: Gascoigne has a much more laid back manner of speaking, looking to make friends or be friendly with anyone as the case may be. More often than not, this attitude is a ruse of some kind, but one he has adopted after playing for so long. He knows his place when it comes to showing respect to those deserving of it, but even with them it is sometimes in a much more informal speech.
  • Unique Scent: Earth (mostly dirt), herbal (specifically rosemary), rust, iron, incense.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Gascoigne likes to keep a casual posture when he's around strangers. Helps to build relations with them and get to know them better. He keeps himself laid back, but still has an air of confidence to himself. This can also translate to when he is doing work, but those that require serious care, or procedure, he still has that confidence, but it much stiffer with his movements. Rarely, when he really wants to, he can be downright intimidating.


Ever since his youth, Gascoigne has been a bright boy. He had always been eager to please those around him, as it seemed to be the only way he was able to receive any love. He was sharp, cunning, and shaped into the perfect little minion to do whatever he was told. For a time, this seemed to work, and he had little reason not to do what was asked of him. Despite all this, he had been a relatively happy child. He didn't really think much of his life.

As he grew into his adulthood, his personality began to shift along with his view of his family, and the world around him. His intelligence lent itself to getting much better at fitting in with the crowd, as well as taking advantage of any situations he found himself in. This, unfortunately, also spread to his speech. He always held an air of confidence around himself and others, but now he was a smooth talker as well. This could be good whenever he was doing something for his mother, or those of their little coven; but, this also tended to get him into a lot of trouble. It gave him a new appreciation for the beast his mother could be, but it wasn't enough to get him to change. He learned to cut himself off before things got too far.

He became more aware of those around him, especially their skillset. Because of the way he was raised, he came to associate those with more social standing and skills meant they were better than the others around him. It sparked a silent desire to make competitions with others. It bred him to put his intelligence to another use, by using any means necessary to achieve "success" in the end. Noble or underhanded, it didn't matter. Morals don't mean much when it comes to being better. That being said, he does hold higher, "nobler" morals when it comes to those he's closer to. Not always, but most of the time.

Although he normally doesn't act like it, and certainly doesn't sound like it with how informal he can be, he does have a certain amount of respect. He is aware of boundaries, and while he will poke and prod at them, if something is clearly breaking them, he stops before it gets too far, or learns from them. That doesn't mean he won't take advantage of a person if they are the perfect person to use to get what he wants, but they will be lower on the list than someone else.

  • Motivations: His mother, praise, success, high standing, faith
  • Fears: His mother, failure, karma
  • Likes: Getting his hands dirty, smooth-talking, being around people, nighttime
  • Dislikes: Being talked down to, uselessness, bad luck, being lost, being alone


  • Non-Luperci: Non-luperci are lower than even the lowest class and should be looked down upon.
  • Social Class: Higher social standing equates to usefulness.


Gascoigne is bisexual that doesn't favor one side or the other. He's a big flirt, and will generally act more romantic than he actually is, certainly more than he feels. He's the kind of person who would rather have a lot of lovers than settling down with someone. If he were the find the right person to fit that spot, it could be more than one, then they would have to be very special to him. He likes being the dominant one in the relationship, and when it comes to being with someone more submissive, he will at least give the curtesy of being gentle with them. He enjoys it much more when there's a competition for dominance.


Thanks to his mother, he has strong beliefs in her blood magic, and even though he is not with her anymore, carries on with her practices and traditions. Whenever he is looking for some good luck, or something to turn the tides in his own favor, he will subject to rituals in order to do so. He doesn't expect those outside his family, and those his family hung around to understand; but then again, he also doesn't really care. It's so hard wired into his brain, it almost feels like he'd be turning his back on everyone and everything if he stopped.


He will sometimes indulge in substances, but this usually boils down to casual drinking. He gets enough from the smells of rituals that he hasn't tried smoking anything, but drinking is nice to have every now and then. If he's drinking more than usual, it is because of a special occasion, or it is required for some kind of job he's taking care of.


Note: Listed skills are those that the character has some significant talent or interest in to be noteworthy. Skills that have been mastered (and are best expressed as such) are marked.

Main Focus: Heavy-Handed Combat, "Dirty Work", Butchering
  • Combat (Two Handed Axe) (Master):
Knowing some amount of combat was expected of him, especially from an early age. When he became old enough to shift, it was up to him to find a suitable weapon to use and work on mastering. While it is certainly not a weapon known for its speed, a axe wielded with both hands sure can cause a nasty amount of damage when the right amount of force is used. He tried other weapons, but always found himself coming back to this one. It made work easy, even if a little more on the messy side. He developed the muscles needed to hold a larger weapon, and swing it without too much effort on his part. It's both his primary weapon, and a very effective tool for other everyday use.
  • Butchering (Master):
What started out as learning to gather blood for rituals began to grow in an interest on how to butcher animals, and sometimes other luperci if they were unlucky enough to not meet his mercy. Whenever there was butchering to be done, Gascoigne didn't have much of a problem offering to learn, or even take care of it. He became quite skilled with his axe, making chopping through bone easier, as well as a knife to carve out individual cuts of meat.
  • Trading (Journeyman):
As he was growing up, Gascoigne found an outlet for use of his swindling and slight of hand tricks when he was able to get his hands on something that his mother's group, or even he, didn't necessarily need. He found a greater need to learn how to trade when he began to strike out on his own. While his products might not have always been in the best shape, it was better than nothing. He worked to build on the small amount of experience he had, and offers trades to most of those he comes across. Besides, traders are a good test of his other skills if he sees something he might really need, but doesn't have anything of equal value to trade for.
Auxiliary Skills and Hobbies
  • Reading and Writing:
Learning to read and write was a basic necessity for all those living under his mother's guidance, so he and his brother were to follow suit. He doesn't write much, unless it comes to keeping track of what he's got on hand.
  • Cooking:
Cooking was another necessity that needed to be learned, as meals were not always provided to him by others. This was more apparent when he struck out on his own. He can't make anything too fancy, but knows enough to cook meats, spice them a bit, and make enough to feed himself and one other person.
  • Skinning, Leatherworking (Dabbler):
A skill more so out of practicality rather than interest. Though he enjoys the art of butchering, when it comes to skinning, tanning, and working with leather, he would rather have that passed along to someone else to deal with. Having been out on his own, he has begun picking up the skill on his own so he has some of his own stores. He's still not very good at it, but is working until he either gets better at it, or finds someone else he can dump his raw materials onto.
  • Slight of Hand, Swindling:
From a young age, Gascoigne learned how to get what he wanted when he used the right words and tricks. As he grew up, he worked on perfecting his technique, learning new ways to sneak away with items or information. he had a natural charisma to take full advantage of, and when he sees an open opportunity, he doesn't waste time taking full advantage of it.


  • Parents: Not having a father around growing up didn't seem to mean much, nor did it really do Gascoigne any favors. His mother became his idol, and felt a need to impress her in order to hold his keep, even if that meant to just be part of his own family. Although he looked up to his mother, there was no denying her feared her as well, he just did his best not to show it. When he became old enough, and made the decision to strike out on his own, he made an effort to try and keep in touch with her. When he finally learned about his father and his whereabouts, he was keen to meet the man. He gets a huge kick out of messing with his father for not only not being around, but being a part of his past he hoped to bury.
  • Siblings: Competition was inevitable when you've got a mother that treats her children less like family, and much more like minions. He cares about his brother, but when it came to living with his mother and her other followers, one couldn't just turn a blind eye. Whenever the situation called for it, he would always pick to have his brother's help, but would just as often stab him in the back if it meant making himself look good. As time went on, left home, and came to learn about his extended family, he came to favor his blood brother over his half-siblings. He might come to care about them, but at the end of the day, they seem like the best candidate to use as a scapegoat to get himself out of trouble. None's better than his anxious half-brother.
Other Relations



Minor Relations

  • Sex: —
  • Friendly: Del Cenere Gang
  • Significant Positive Acquaintances: —
  • Enemies: —
  • Kills: —
  • Significant Negative Acquaintances: —
Past Relations (Show)
  • Significant Positive Acquaintances:
  • Significant Negative Acquaintances:




  • Current:
  • Previous:

Knox (Lusitano Horse) (Hide)

by Horse Breed Pictures

Active: Jan/Feb 2022 – Present

  • Sex: Colt
  • Species: Lusitano Horse
  • Date of Birth: Spring 2019
  • Size:
    • Height: 15.3 hands (63 in, 160 cm)
    • Weight: 960 lbs (435 kg)
  • Key Features: Dark stripping on legs
  • Coloration: Buckskin with dark mane and leggings, brown eyes
OOC Assumptions
  • Del Cenere Gang members may reference:
    • Seeing him...
      • his stall at the stables
      • ...roaming freely so long as Gascoigne is somewhere nearby
    • Knowing he belongs to Gascoigne
  • Prancing around other horses when he's free roaming or riding along side another horse.
  • Being wary of anyone other than Gascoigne, but generally well mannered.
  • More Information »

Skills & Abilities:

  • Rider-trained, good for new riders
  • War-trained
  • Good endurance, fast
  • Takes simple commands (stay, follow, carry on, etc.)


Knox is a beauty walking on four legs. He's a buckskin coloration, one that's not common for his breed. He has a dark mane, the same that flows along from his tail. The same dark coloration rides along his legs like socks. His neck is thick and arched, like most other lusitano horses. His legs are well toned and muscular, though this is more obvious in his hind quarters. Deep and broad muscular chested.
  • Gear: Western-style tack, leather saddle bags, decorative wool blankets (for riding)


Knox is a relatively well mannered horse, which is good despite the fact that it had been trained to be ridden into battle. He can be wary around those he's never met, but warms up to most on an first meeting, this is even faster when it comes to horses than it does to luperci. He listens to commands well, and doesn't usually fight. Even though this is the case, he still takes a small bit after his rider. While not as easily able to poke fun and be sarcastic, he does have a tendency to prance around other horses, throwing his head back and showing off as if he's better than them. He doesn't seem to care when this show backfires, he just keeps coming back.


Knox was born in the wild and lived there for a fair amount of his youth. He was captured and tamed around the age of one year, coming into Solvieg's care. When it was decided that her son would leave home to strike out on his own, this horse was given to him to aid with travel and transport of any of his personal goods. He was a perfect choice seeing as Gascoigne had been in charge of the horse's care since he was younger.



Temporary Squatting

A small inn room that has been cleaned of whomever was the previous resident. There's a foggy window to the far end of the room, letting in some natural light from the outside world. There's a bed of furs provided by the inn nestled into the corner closest to the window. There's a basic shelf in the room, where Gascoigne keeps most of his belongings as well as items for his blood magic. There's a small table with one chair in the room, a couple candles carefully placed here for some evening light. The room usually has a variety of smells inside, herbal and rusty more than anything.


Trivia (Show)
  • Gascoigne was named after Father Gascoigne from the boss in Bloodborne.
  • Many of his traits and weapon choice also had inspiration taken from his in-game name sake.
  • Awards
    • None Yet