Date of BirthUnknown
Date of DeathMarch 6, 2009

'Souls Profile

Frankie joined Inferni in January of 2010. He was a temporary character for the Inferni/Dahlia war.

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1.  About

Poor frankie. This sad, sad boy has obviously seen much hardship in his life, even if he's not entirely there mentally-wise. Naturally his coat is a rather dull and ordinary coyote shade of tawny and ash, with black spattered here and there. However, what makes his appearance less ordinary and more shocking is the array of stitches across nearly every inch of his body. Apparently, someone quite inept at at the practice attempted surgery or something on this boy, and patched him up rather terribly. He's a patchwork of scars and stitch-work, just like a quilt, and not every part of his body appears to be a part of the original.

His tail, for instance, is a deep shade of jet-black, suggesting quite strongly that it didn't even originally belong to a coyote, but a wolf or some other canine possessing a darker coat than Frankie himself. He's missing an ear, and one of his eyes is blinded by a milky-cataract, rendering it useless. Even his mouth is terrible—with elongated, snaggly fangs protruding from beneath lips scarred into a permanent snarl and obviously missing an upper canine. His back is crooked and his body skeletal thin, with mange-ridden flesh stretched tight across his exposed bone. He also has fleas, and can be found constantly scratching at the little buggers nearly non-stop.

After he was found on the borders of Inferni attempting to steal a skull from a post by Kaena Lykoi, he became something of a pet to her in return for her allowing him to keep the thing.

2.  Notable Threads

  • Frankie joins Inferni and is greeted by Kaena. [1]
  • Frankie stalks around Inferni. [2]

.. beyond this he becomes an npc, played out by sie and whomever else is in the thread.

  • Kaena attacks Tokyo and King and Frankie aids her after she calls for reinforcements. [3]
  • Inferni members attack Dahlia de Mai, and Kaena and Frankie face off against Vark. [4]

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