Francesch del Fraysse

Francesch del Fraysse

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Date of BirthJanuary 3, 2010


OriginLombard, Occitan


Birth placeRivière-aux-Graines, Québec
SpeciesWolf-coyote hybrid
Subspecies25% Eastern Timber Wolf
25% Labrador Wolf
25% Plains Coyote
22.5% Arctic Wolf
2.5% Tundra Wolf
LuperciYes (Ortus)


Current PackLoner

Francesch del Fraysse is a wolf-dominant hybrid coyote hailing from coastal Northern Quebec, born in the town of Rivière-aux-Graines.

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1.  Personality

Francesch is a very serious and sometimes humourless individual. He is hard-working, dedicated, but short on patience. Unlike his sister, he is a bit of a cynic and has difficulty seeing the bright side of a perhaps bad situation. A consequence of his serious and calculating personality is that Francesch often comes across as cold or unwelcoming. On the outside, this may appear true, but in reality, he is more uncertain what to say and as a result, prefers to be aloof than incorrect.

He is conscious of rules and strives to follow them as best he can, but has difficulty adhering to rules that deny instinct (such as when luperci wolves scorn their two-legged forms or when wolves fail to display proper submission) and as a result, may come across as a bit of an uncompromising rebel. He values concrete forms of thinking and has difficulty understanding ideas in shades of grey and therefore finds lawlessness and rule-breaking to be confusing. His reputation in his birthpack as beaking a rulebreaker confounds him to this day.

He tends to be a bit shy in social situations, but is not necessarily timid. Francesch is conscientious of himself and others around him and prefers to speak when he knows he is correct or can explain his ideas and opinions, rather than rushing headfirst into a debate about which he knows little.

Although Francesch has a healthy imagination, he has difficulty applying his ideas to his life. This frustrates him and he often feels as though he is an artist trapped in a body that refuses to cooperate. Worse yet, of the many artistic endeavours he has attempted, he has not excelled at any of them. He found all manners of visual arts to be too difficult and musical instruments were too unwieldly.

Francesch is not necessarily conservative or traditional by nature, but given his propensity to order and structure, he tends to do well in such settings. This clashes with his difficulty to reconcile unjust or confusing rules with the notion of tradition for tradition's sake.

2.  Appearance

Francesch's strong wolf blood hides much of his coyote heritage. A consequence of his mixed heritage is that Francesch is of average size for a wolf: he is neither the large and hulking Labrador Wolf but he is not the small and lithe Arctic Wolf like some of his family. Characteristic of such a hybridized wolf, light and dark greys dominate his coat, while rich tawny browns highlight his fur. Among the pale grey fur on his face, he has rich chocolate-brown eyes.

2.1  Colouration

  • Cadet Blue (#A4ACBF): coat midtones
  • Ferra (#684A52): back, shoulders, and stripe around neck
  • Steel Grey (#2E2A3D): stripe on muzzle
  • Ghost (#C7CDD7): coat highlights
  • Shuttle Grey (#596972): coat lowlights
  • Brown Derby (#532B17): eyes

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

  • Parents: Ysabet del Fraysse and Myrtle Hammerkop
  • Grandparents:
    • Maternal: Anguera del Fraysse and Noffre Castell
    • Paternal: Bernadette and Barthélémy Aston
  • Siblings: Beatriç

3.2  Other


  • None yet!

Family Relations

Minor Relations

  • Friendly:
  • Unfriendly:

Former Relations

  • Sebienda and Alamanda
  • Angélique Vallières: Likely still in love with her, but too hurt to dwell on it much. Prefers to repress his memories instead of dealing with them.

4.  Interaction

4.1  General

  • Scent: very mixed, smells of the wild, feral lifestyle
  • Speech:
    • Light Québec accent, speaks with a lilt, but demonstrates familiarity with the English language and its construction. Will sometimes use French words when at a loss.
    • Tends to speak quietly, does not have a strong voice
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.:
  • General Posture and Body Language:

4.2  Assumptions

  • None yet!

5.  History

Francesch was born in Northern Quebec in January 2010 in an area roughly between the now-decrepit towns of Havre-Saint-Pierre and Sept-Îles. His mother became pregnant after an extended tryst with a traveler who had been passing through nearby neutral grounds. Her mother guided him through the neutral territories and sent him on his way to Nova Scotia before returning home. Once she discovered she was pregnant, she decided to seek out his birthpack to see if she could locate him. Four months after Francesch and his sister were born, they and their mother set out to locate their father's birthpack. Upon their arrival, they were disappointed to learn that he had not returned from his destination. Although Francesch's mother was disappointed that she would not be able to give him the good news, she decided to return to her home.

Francesch grew up in his mother's birthplace, a community in coastal Quebec called Rivière-aux-Graines. Although he loves his family, especially his mother, sister, and grandmother, he found their traditional rules difficult to follow. While they observed many instinctual lupine ways of life, such as submission and strict hierarchy, oftentimes decisions were made that did not appear to follow his own rules. While the pack was somewhat upset that Ysabet had become pregnant with a stranger's children, they did not harass her nearly as much as they did another mother, Alamanda. Francesch complained about this quite vocally, pointing out the injustice, but was often told to keep quiet and just be glad that it wasn't his mother who was being harassed. Although he was glad that the pack was not upset at his mother for her tryst, he could not determine why the other mother was being punished for the very same crime.

Francesch insisted on befriending Alamanda's only daughter, Sebienda. Francesch assumed that it was because the pack did not take kindly to the bastard children uniting. The Alpha Female, Raphaelle, punished Francesch by demoting him to the lowest rank and exiling him out of the cluster of dens where he lived. After a month, his punishment was lifted and he was permitted to return to the dens and resume his rank as subordinate, but by this time, Sebienda was too afraid to remain friends with him. She ignored him in favour of the Alpha's son, Adhemar. Around this time, when he was a year old, his sister decided to venture out and find their father in Nova Scotia. Francesch, unable to live in his pack anymore, decided to return to his father's birthpack.

Whereas Francesch's birthpack observed very strict rules of hierarchy and dominance, his father's birthpack was decidedly different. Francesch found that the rules were far more arbitrary, as the wolves were a motley mix of Arctic Wolves from the far north, local wolves that had lived in the area for many years, and even some wolves that had found their way from the south. It was a mix of Inuit, French, and Cree cultures and although Francesch tried to be open-minded about it, he found the way that they seemed to sample from each culture too random and unstructured. Although Francesch spoke French, he found that many of the wolves in his father's pack switched between Cree and French almost indiscriminately, particularly the youth. Few of the elders remembered speaking Inukitut and much of the Inuit culture had been lost.

Since Francesch had spent so much time traveling, he had picked up a bit of English. It infuriated him that few of the wolves bothered to learn English and tended to designate that role to a trader or ambassador of sorts. The pack tried to harangue him into succeeding the current trader, Angélique Vallières. Francesch hesitantly agreed, knowing that if he did not pull his weight, he would risk upsetting the delicate balance and would be forced to return to his own birthpack. Very slowly, Francesch began accompanying the then-Trader on her routes and learning what he could about how it worked. He found that it required much of his wolfish instincts, using unspoken forms of dominance, submission, and respect to get what he needed. Whereas the pack was unstructured and seemingly at odds with its own culture, the culture of trading was sensible and easy to comprehend. Francesch fell into the role and began to improve his English so that he could interact with a greater finesse.

When Angélique expressed an interest in stepping down from the role of Trader and handing the reins over to Francesch, he panicked. He had never been entrusted with such power and he knew he would screw it up. He tried to push aside his fears and decided to accept the role anyway. Unfortunately, on his first, second, and third trading trips, he found that he wasn't as interested as he had been before. Without Angélique, the trips were lonely and boring. When he returned to the pack to ask if Angélique could accompany him on another trip, he was crushed to find that she had taken a mate and was no longer interested in trading. The pack rebuffed his request and sent him out again. It was in his fourth trip that he realized he was in love with Angélique and couldn't stand the thought of someone else being her mate.

He returned shortly thereafter and angered many of the higher-ranked wolves when he appeared empty-handed. He asked for Angélique, but by then, the higher-ranked wolves suspected he was obsessed with her. He feigned another trading trip and while the pack was sleeping, he found her in her den. He called her out, away from her mate, and confessed his love for her. She rejected him and sent him on his way.

Too ashamed to remain in the pack, Francesch left the pack. He no longer wanted to be a part of the pack if he couldn't be with Angélique and he was too embarrassed to try and make it on his own with the spectre of his humiliation lingering overhead.