Festivity, by Kim
Name MeaningFestive character or quality; gaiety; merriment
Date of BirthApril 2, 2005
Age> 4 years
Subspecies50% African Wild Dog
Birth placeKeystone Caravan, Northern Africa
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Joining dateAugust 20, 2008

Festivity was a traveling loner.

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1.  History

Festivity's father is the reigning patriarch of the familial caravan. The traders' route begins in northern africa and follows the ancient silk road into the east. The first two years of Festivity's life were spent upon that road, when a series of unfortunate events drove her to leave the caravan and stay a time with her aunt's family. Eventually, curiosity drove her north into europe and ultimately away across the ocean to the americas.

Festivity is a talented linguist, diplomat and storyteller. She is world-wise and world-weary, a character who would like to believe the best in people but generally expects the worst.

Was given a young Bali Myna as a pet/companion as a small child; they've been together ever since.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

(The Keystone Clan)

  • Father: Raid Evensbane
  • Mother: Sandstone (deceased)
  • Of-Age Siblings: Autumn(f), Credence(f)
  • Younger Siblings: Southhawk(m), Darkowl(m)
  • Maternal Aunts: Slate, Granite
  • Uncle (m. Slate): Justice
  • Cousins (Pups): Leaf, Pebble, Sixpence "Penny", Hops
  • Maternal Grandmother: Willow
  • Maternal Grandfather: Tarragon
  • Paternal Grandfather: Alloy
  • Paternal Grandmother: Ash
  • Paternal Uncle: Raze (deceased)
  • Paternal Aunt: Riptide
  • Maternal cousin of Alacrity
  • BFF/Familiar: Valyria the Bali Mynah

3.  Appearance

Festivity's father is a large, rough-edged Black-backed Jackal, her mother a rare beauty among African Wild Dogs. The unlikely pairing has led to an unlikely daughter. - coloring of african wild dog, inherits 'black back' from her father - smaller, petite features; oddly compact - father's dark eyes

Dark brown, almost black eyes. Gaunt from recent excessive travel. Shorter than average, slender.

When shifted (which is normally), generally avoids clothing. Carries a cloak to ward off rain for summer months, more inclined to wear clothes once winter sets in. Wears bracelets and bangles, solitary necklace (desc forthcoming) - copper and bronze are her metals of choice. Two earrings on the right ear, three on the left.

No other piercings, tattoo of birth tribe on left haunch (is hidden by fur, even when shifted). Two-part tattoo, base is the familial compass rose, her personal bird-in-flight occupying the foreground.

Carries around a staff that is decorated with tidbits from her travels (silk tassel from the far east, horsehair braid from the steppes, dried miniature gourds from africa, etc)

4.  Notable Threads

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