Ferris Brádaigh

Ferris Brádaigh is the current chief of the Nemain Tribe, mated to Kane Brádaigh and supposed father of Máire Brádaigh, Nimh Brádaigh, Tierney Brádaigh and Cillian Brádaigh.

Ferris Brádaigh

by Ben.R @ Dawnthieves

NPC of

Alaine, Kitty & Raze


Date of Birth

22nd March 2005




Birth place

Airgid Gleann


Dog-wolf hybrid

62.5% Irish Wolfhound
31.25% British Columbian Wolf
3.125% Irish Water Spaniel
3.125% Irish Setter




Mate Kane Brádaigh
Pack Nemain Tribe
Rank Chief


  • Optime Hair: Zeus (#201d18)
  • Eyes: Juniper (#365028)
  • Fur:
    • Primarily #Kabul (#585043).
    • Legs, underbelly and some facial markings are #Sapling (#dec7a4).
    • Muzzle and various tones and markings are a darker #Armadillo (#4f4a42).

Art by Alaine


Whilst a complete mix of species, Ferris takes greatly after his Irish Wolfhound and British Columbian Wolf heritage, possessing a large and intimidating form that aided him in rising to where his is today. Covered in a dense, rough textured pelt, the males multiple scars are vastly hidden from beneath the surface, making him look both pretty and untouched like the unproven warriors of his tribe; although none would dare ever think such about the male once they get to know him.

Holding himself with confidence earned from eliminating anyone whom would challenge him, every small action and change in his posture screams dominance and unquestionable power. Unlike many, his muscles aren't as chiselled and clearly defined, although the size of his limbs speaks an untold promise of pain regardless.

His face for the most part appears to be pure wolf, ears erect and rounded, rather than the floppy quality often seen within the clan. Small scars coat the pads upon his paws and there is a small chunk missing out of his left ear.





150 lbs (68 kg)
42 in (107 cm)

275 lbs (125 kg)
53 in (135 cm)

291 lbs (132 kg)
7ft 4in (89 in) (226 cm)

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Family: Brádaigh & Kavanagh

  • Mother: Ashling Kavanagh
  • Father: Girvan Brádaigh
  • Siblings: Girard Brádaigh
  • Children by Kane Brádaigh:
  • Extended: Ferris is distantly various members of the Macmathan family, although isn't aware of them and wouldn't connect the family name with himself.



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