Faerydae Orlagh-Soul


Fae, by Bobbi
Name Meaningdark child
golden queen
immaterial essence
Name Origin??
Irish, Celtic, Gaelic
Father's surname
Date of Birth05.05.07
Subspecies50% C.lupus arctos
25% C.lupus lycaon
25% C.latrans thamnos
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeOberon?
Current pack
'Souls Profile

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  1.   1.  Pre-Bleeding Souls History
    1.   1.1  A Dark Gift
    2.   1.2  The Shadows
    3.   1.3  Extinction of Oberon
  2.   2.  'Souls History
  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Family
    2.   3.2  In-Depth
    3.   3.3  Extended
    4.   3.4  Romance
    5.   3.5  War
  4.   4.  Abilities, talents and skills
    1.   4.1  Strengths
    2.   4.2  Weaknesses
  5.   5.  Appearance
    1.   5.1  Luperci Forms

Faerydae Orlagh-Soul is the daughter of infamous Haku Soul and a strange, misfit holy woman named Orlagh. After killing the citizens of Oberon, Faerydae and her friend, Soul, have started to make their way to 'Souls.

1.  Pre-Bleeding Souls History

1.1  A Dark Gift

Orlagh was always the strange woman, and it was no surprise when she announced her pregnancy to the citizens of Oberon without a present male to be seen. There was no support from the rest of the settlement, save one slightly estranged sister who picked up the slack for the mentally disturbed spiritualist as she busied herself with the future. Two months later came the birth of four healthy children: three girls and a single boy. The three who looked most like their father were prided for their colors — the single albino child, Nixie, was killed by Orlagh early on and eaten.

Faerydae's world was what one could consider normal, though her mother was always the strangest sort, talking to faeries and painting pictures and always rambling on about how the King would return for her. The living children were raised by their aunt, Elfie, who kept them away from their frazzled matriarch. The children were raised with careful, unloving hands and a professor's attempt to tutor them to be useful members of society. Reading, writing and other practical skills were taught early on until their entrance into adulthood; all three continued their studies afterwards.

1.2  The Shadows

With a pleasant enough life as a child, it was surprising to all when Faerydae transformed into something less upon reaching her yearling mark. Where happiness once lurked, there was a shadowed air to all of her interactions — she withdrew from the world. Seeing her as impure, tainted, the settlement returned her to her mother's care. Orlagh understood. Orlagh took her broken daughter and worked to patch the crack that had appeared in her soul, exposing her to the realm of spirits and fantasy that had always entranced the mother. Fae seemed to accept it readily, Fae seemed to fit in.

And then something went wrong. As lessons progressed, Faerydae began to feel the presence of another at her back. The emergence of Soul, the hulking shadow bear-dog with bright blue eyes, marked a new chapter in the life of the priestess-in-training. He was the one she interacted with, while her mother believed her to be with the fae-creatures. He was the one who kept her awake at night. Mind distressed from lack of sleep, it wasn't hard for Soul to plant the seeds of treason in the thoughts of the young girl who had created him.

Killing her mother was Soul's idea, and he pushed and pushed until Faerydae succumbed to his desires. On the night before her second birthday, she visited the spirit keeper and brutally murdered the woman who had given birth to her. The cries of love and requests that she stop tore apart the composure of the young woman, and she tried to hide the body beneath the floorboards of her small home, frequently apologizing for what she had done.

1.3  Extinction of Oberon

Months passed with Orlagh dead and Faerydae settled more comfortably into the life laid before her, kept company by Soul in the confines of her home and spending her days pretending to be fine in the confines of Oberon. She took up a place as a teacher of the younger members and priestess for their water-Gods. Life seemed good, until the other voices returned to tell the priestess what she'd been fearing most — Oberon knew what she had done to her mother.

If Oberon knew, what would they do to her? With the fear of ostracization nagging away at her, Soul helped Faerydae make her decision. The massacre ensued, lasting days and leaving a bloody patch in the wildnerness where Oberon once sat. As the adreneline faded, leaving Faerydae with her senses to see what she — with the help of her hallucinated companion — had done, the crack in her spirit grew and spread, leaving a shell of the Luperci she had once been.

2.  'Souls History

Fae hasn't been to 'Souls yet! <3

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Take a look at the Soul and Sadira for more information.



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3.2  In-Depth

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3.3  Extended

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3.4  Romance

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4.  Abilities, talents and skills

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4.2  Weaknesses

5.  Appearance

Like most of Haku's children, Faerydae's body closely resembles her father. The base of her fur is made up of a mix of Indian tan and dark ebony, underside made from a lighter mix of Di Serria (towards the top) and mint julep (towards the bottom). At the top of her head, her ears and the back of her neck, there's a dark Kilamanjaro shade -- this makes up the majority of her mane when it Optime form. Fae's eyes are azure radiance blue, the same color of her father's without deviation of shade.

Though Faerydae's mother was a svelte, gangly coywolf, Fae herself has a body made from wolf muscle and thick fur. On four legs, there is no trace of her coyote heritage -- it's only in her Optime form that her body has some sort of angular shape common in coyote females. It's rare that she leaves her more powerful Secui form, as it offers her trace reprieve from excess stress.

Over the years, she's amassed a collection of scars: six on her face, five from one paw and one from another; three on her left shoulder; one long "y" shaped scar along her right side; one long scar along the inside of her left thigh; several on the underside of left wrist, presumably from self-harm; five large claw marks at the base of her tail; and several marks on her rear feet. Her left eye is blind — it appears fogged over from wounds received to the face.

5.1  Luperci Forms

Faerydae rarely leaves her Secui form, which offers her more speed and strength than both her Lupus and Optime.


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