Evermore was a member of Cour des Miracles, and is mate to Sebastian Morningstar.


by Kitty



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10 August, 2012






  • Lupus form: For a male he's quite small, only being a fraction larger then your average female.

Having a shoulder height of 22inches and a total length from tail to nose tip of around 47inches and weighing at least 16kg. He has common colouring for a dingo having the typical bicoulouring, of the light tan and the white marking on his chest and muzzle region. Though he has heterochromia, one eye being the typical amber brown while the other is a sky blue colour. The rest of his body is a light tan colour, possibly resembling a golden/ or slightly yellowish tan, the head region being slightly darker then the back and hindquarters.

  • Secui form: Being much larger then his Lupus form, being at the shoulder at least 34 inches tall and weighing 30kg and being at a length of almost 60 inches.

Having all the same colouring and markings.

  • Optime form: (Usually in this form and Lupus form, secui form only happens in emergencies) Standing upright and more in a human-like stance and being at least 5ft8 which in his case is small for his species, his coat colour is slightly darker at his head and his tail being a little lighter, but still having the typical white markings as most dingoes have.

The top of his head carries shorter hair then most Luperci, he will now and then cut it short seeing as he hates maintaining it when it get’s long.


He is shy to most people, but once you become friends with him, he's energetic and carries a smile all the time. He is one to find positivity in any bad situation or at least find reasoning. But if on his bad side, his small-ish size may fool you, and he would rather use his teeth on your throat then make nice. He is also extremely modest:

- doesn't/refuses to consume alcohol. - doesn't take drugs. - doesn't swear but a word may slip out if angered. - and is faithful and monogamist if with anyone who he fancies.

Though not religious he has come to a point where he understands it and respects it (any kind of religion) but doesn't believe in it.

Sexuality: Homosexual. And by "homosexual," it means he prefers males rather then females! And when it comes to his romantic nature he can be a total flirt but in a meaningful, sappy way. When he likes someone he will usually try to avoid them at first, not speak to them, but his flirtatious nature will appear once he gains the courage.

Is also kindhearted and caring, and acts older then he is, and doesnt get along with many in his own age if they aren't mature in any way. Evermore doesn't like violence as well, he is semi skilled with the bow and arrow but that's really it, when he can't get out of an ugly situation he will either turn to his lupus or secui form In order to defend himself.

And loves kids! Wishing for his own in the future but is unsure of how to gain one with his dead weight unattraction for the opposite sex.


Evermore was born in the western reaches of Australia, he being an only child. His parents and himself travel, and have been traveling almost right after his birth, and at the age of six months he and his family reached Nova Scotia. As he grew to he the age of seven months he and his parents kept living a modest, nomadic lifestyle, and even though it was tough almost everyday trying to find means to survive, Evermore still found grace and a smile every day.

A few weeks passed and he had met another nomadic cainine, he was a grey wolf who went by the name of Reddac Syan and the two became friends almost instantly. Reddac was in need of a pack or in this case the comfort of other canines. And Evermore and his parents welcomed him with opens arms. They spent a month together and soon as Evermore's feelings for Reddac grew unbearably stronger, the grey wolf was found dead one morning. Evermore's parents say it could have been cancer that lead to his demise but they never found the reason seeing as Reddac never looked I'll or spoke of his health. Evermore was shattered that his only friend had passed, and soon after he confessed to his parents as to why he was so upset in Reddac's passing. His parents were accepting of these feelings Evermore had discovered and didn't make any conflict with it.

As he reached ten months of age Evermore finally decided to make it out on his own and now he roams the eastern parts of Nova Scotia


Parents — Parleena & Leeven