Eusebia Troy Lykoi

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Born in Salsola on 1st April 2018.

Daughter of Helena Troy Lykoi and Ezra Vahn to a multi-fathered litter. Her littermates and half-siblings are Pontifex Troy Lykoi, Rufus Lykoi, and Raito Ulrich-Lykoi. Her parentage is complicated and is both purposely and unknowingly muddled; the litter was said to be sired by Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi, however, her "true" father was secretly claimed to be Andrew Winthrop by her mother, who had no memory of her time with Eusebia's actual sire, Ezra. She has a multitude of other half-siblings from her dam, Helena: Stelmaria Troy Valentine, Mekhl Valentine, Oiseau Troy Lykoi, Baie Troy Lykoi, and Freyja D'Lykoi. She also has a half-sister from her sire, Ezra: Fiorenza vin Vahn. Eusebia left Salsola of her own accord, and remained in Amherst for a short while before moving to Del Cenere Gang after Helena, Andrew, and Pontifex Salsola. While in the Gang, she had a son, Seaborne Wyatt, with Waynescott Wyatt. Eusebia later left the Gang to once more live as a Loner.

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