Ettore Russo

Ettore Russo

Ettore, by Erin
Name Meaning
Name OriginItalian
Date of Birth
Age> 2 years
Subspecies100% Canis lupus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeMount Sabini
Current pack

'Souls Profile

Previous Pack

Mount Sabini

Ettore Russo is the half-brother to Crimson Dreams members Savina Marino, Ghita Marino, and Ehno Marino.


Ettore is the lone son of Serge Russo and Marta Rossi. He is a bright child, and the apple of his father’s eye. Serge being a fairly prominent member of the Monti Sabini pack, Ettore has been groomed to follow in his father’s pawprints. The feelings that Serge had toward his son went double for Ettore. The boy worshipped the ground his father walked on and thought that the man could do no wrong.

He had heard whispers among the members that Serge had other children and often Ettore would ask Serge about this. However the man would always change the subject or refuse to answer his son’s questions. One day a lone female came to the pack saying she was looking for her mother and sister. Almost everyone treated the woman with coldness and would not answer her questions, so soon she left. Ettore was puzzled by the pack’s behavior and went around asking why she had been treated in such a way. He could get no answer from anyone until he asked Lorenzo, one of the lower members of the pack. He told the boy that the female had been named Ghita Marino and had once been a part of the pack with her mother, brother, and sister. Ettore had never heard these names before and kept asking Lorenzo questions. The older wolf was hesitant to say anymore on the subject, but finally caved in. He informed Ettore that he did indeed have some half-siblings, three to be exact, and that Ghita had been one of them. The elder man relayed the whole sad story of the Marino family to the boy, not at all leaving out the coldness with which his father had treated his once lover and children. Needless to say, this was devastating to the Russo child’s view of his father. He didn’t understand how his father could have treated his children in such a way. Lorenzo confided in the boy that he was planning to leave the pack and Ettore, suddenly disillusioned with his father and home and curious about this unknown family, begged the man to take him with him. After some coercing Lorenzo agreed.

Ettore left a note (written by Lorenzo) for his father one night, telling him that he knew about his half-siblings and was disappointed in the way they had been treated by him. He said that he was leaving the pack but omitted with who or where. He told his father not to come looking for him for if he ever returned it would be for a time and reason of his choosing.

That same night the two wolves left their pack and made for the port town that Lorenzo had been born in. The elder man, using his family and contacts, chartered a boat that would take them across the sea (for that was the rumors of where at least some of the Marinos had gone to). While they traveled Lorenzo began to teach Ettore how to speak English and how to shift.



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