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by Sunny

Born in New Brunswick, Esther traveled extensively with her family pack. Eventually, they became very spread out, and she decided to settle with like-minded canines in Cercatori d'Arte. She has a colony of cats, some more friendly than others, and her great-niece, Elsie Hennamin lives with her. Esther had no children, although when she was still with her family, she helped raise nieces and nephews.





OOC Information

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Although she is largely coyote, she her ears are a bit small for that species and she isn't as pointy.
  • Fur: her fur is thinning with her age, and is mostly grey
    • Optime Hair: Esther's hair has thinned as well. She keeps it tied back in a bun.
  • Facial Features: She smiles often, causing her bi-colored eyes to crinkle. Her head commonly wobbles as she speaks.
  • Build and Size: Due to her age, Esther is thin and a bit frail. Her hands shake.
    • Optime: Esther's back is hunched and she walks with the help of a walking stick.


  • Fur: Most of her fur has gone grey, with some white around her muzzle and ears.
  • Markings:
    • There is some white fur growing around her nose and mouth, as well as her ears.
  • Eyes: Her left eye is Rob Roy while the right is Celery. Her eyes have a milky quality to them.
  • Optime Hair: white
  • Nose and Paw Pads: black


Grey (#636261)

Offwhite (#f4f4f4)

Brown (#4f2f1e)

Black (#000000)

Rob Roy (#e9d66b)

Celery (#a2ce56)

By the original creator

She is about two days older than dirt and looks the part. Her back is hunched, her head wobbles, and no one even has a guess as to what color her fur once was since it has now all gone gray. She is so little and bent that it is hard to tell if she is a small wolf or a hybrid. She is usually wearing gaudy, mismatched colors and clothes that smell of mothballs and grandparents.

by Owl

1.2  Forms

70lbs (32kg)
23 in (58 cm)


Esther does not shift anymore, however this form would be quite scrawny.

130lbs (59kg)
36 in (91 cm)


In this form, Esther would gain a little bulk and her fur would look a little bit shaggy.

160 lbs (73 kg)
5 ft, 5 in (65 in | 165 cm)

Optime (Preferred)

This is the only form Esther is found in. She is thin and hunched; her age clearly shows.

2.  Personality

By Myst

Ester’s mind is still there. Mostly. Okay she'd gotten a little bit senile. Every now and then, she doesn't recognize someone, which could be attributed to her eyesight, not just her memory. This is sometimes covered up with the use of pet names.

If someone seeks her wisdom, she gives cryptic answers that are generally useless. The things she says make perfect sense to her, even if she gets odd looks for them sometimes. The way she sees it: why would someone seek her advice if they won’t understand the answer? She doesn't mind when wolves come talk to her, though. Being around the younger generations makes her feel more youthful. If she likes someone well enough, she'll even give them an almost endearing pet name, such as 'turnip.'

The cats she cares for are the most important things in Esther's life, and her cane doubles as a weapon if she thinks someone is picking on one of them. She has terrible aim with it, and if she does manage a hit, the only real damage would probably be to the offender's pride.

Esther still makes all sorts of articles of clothing, sometimes with a specific person in mind, although she usually forgets who by the time her project is finished. If someone has recently had puppies, Esther will make all sorts of puppy things, but doesn’t always remember to give them to the new parents. She leaves her work out in her shop and either doesn't notice or doesn't care if others take or borrow from her, as long as they don't harm her cats.

By the original creator

She gives cryptic oracle-like advice that might come in handy, but probably not. No one really knows how or when she arrived in Cercatori d'Arte, just that she came with a million cats and took up residence in an old fabric and craft shop in Thornbury. She spends most of her time sitting on the porch dripping with kitties, saying little to those who approach her; so little that the pack probably wouldn't know her name if she hadn't embroidered it onto a million scraps of fabric. No one can buy anything from her, but they can take her wares, so long as they don't mess with the cats. If you tell her about a predicament you just might get some bizarre response – like, “the cake is a lie.” - that can only be deciphered during a rare moment of clarity, but just might be the answer to all of your problems.

3.  Relationships

Key Relations

  • Elsie Hennamin: Esther's great-niece. Elsie came to live with her in January 2014. Esther very much enjoys spending time with her, hearing of Elsie's travels and perhaps traveling with her. Elsie traded for Esther's pony to facilitate this.
  • Skylee Foxleigh: one of Esther's favorite pack members. Esther likes spending time with the young female. Skylee's cat, Crowley is the father of kittens born to Esther's cat, Sunrise.
  • Thomas: one of Cercatori d'Arte's guardians. Esther bothers him for help around her house, which he doesn't seem to mind and refuses payment.

Minor Relations

  • None yet.

Former Relations

  • None yet.

4.  Skills and Inventory


Sewing and Related Skills

Esther is proficient in sewing clothes, blankets, etc from cloth. She can also knit and crochet.


Personal Items

Trade Items

5.  History


As a younger canine, Esther was really quite lovely. She had creamy fur with a reddish hint to it, and was the one many of the males chased. Her pack moved around quite often, however, with wolves coming and going for their business. This made it difficult to settle down, although Esther's two sisters eventually did so. Their puppies were her joy as well and she helped raise them whenever she was around.

Instead of finding a mate, Esther traveled with her father selling their wares to a couple of nearby packs. They made all sorts of items with cloth, and she did much of the sewing. She eventually took over for her father when he became too old to continue.

Her small pack eventually disbanded and Esther continued selling to the couple of packs around her while visiting her family often. They had scattered between the other packs. Every time she returned, it seemed as though she had gained another cat with a story to tell about how she had rescued it. The cats rode in her cart or trotted along behind her.

Eventually, Esther decided that it was time to stop traveling. Her joints couldn't take the constant movement anymore, even in a cart pulled by a horse. By then, both her sisters had passed away and their children were even more spread out. So, she took her cats and found a pack to settle with. Esther hobbled on in, joined CdA, and no one told her no when she took up residence in a shop with a nice large porch.

Over the past couple years, Esther's arthritis has grown worse, so she spends more time on her porch than walking around. She still keeps in touch with her family through letters and enjoys the company of her packmates and especially her ever-growing population of cats.

Esther eventually settled in Cercatori d'Arte because no one told her no. She enjoyed the pack as it reminded her of her younger years, and they tolerated her cats just fine. The children of Esther's nieces and nephews have spread out even more, and she keeps in touch by sending letters to many of them. In December of 2013, Esther's great-niece, Elsie Hennamin contacted her and wanted to come visit. In January 2014, Elsie decided to stay and live with Esther.

When Cercatori d'Arte disbanded, Esther went with the pack members who were relocating to the north to form a new pack, Midnight Shores. The journey was very stressful for her, especially because some of it included taking a boat, and she had a large number of cats to keep together, along with Elsie's own companions. Thankfully they made it safely across the water and she was eventually able to settle in.

When Midnight Shores disbanded, Elsie brought Esther and their animal companions back to where their family originally lived, enabling her to spend time with relatives she had not seen in years before passing peacefully in her sleep.



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6.  Catacombs and Pack Prompts


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