Emmett de le Poer

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art by Alaine

Emmett de le Poer is a wolf from the Canadian mid-west, who now lives as member of The Family within Salsola

He is a part of a small branch of the de le Poer family and knows little of its extensive history. He was chased from his home shortly after his second birthday, when his pack decided he was too unruly to remain. Electing to head east, he began a cross-country journey on foot, picking up an appreciation for Luperci-made goods along the way.







  • Date of Birth: 5 November 2012
  • Human Age:
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Salsola
  • Mate: --
  • Pack: Salsola
  • Rank: The Family
  • Pronunciation: EHM-eht
  • Etymology:
    • Emmett: Powerful, Indutrious
    • de le Poer: French: of the poor
  • Alias:
  • cNPC:
  • Companion Animals




  • Emmett has a lot of goods to trade and often travels to do this.
  • Slowly developing an appreciation for the 'finer things', Emmett enjoys collecting valuable goods.

Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Emmett around Salsola
  • General conversations (e.g., reporting all is well on the borders). Specific conversations, especially conversations which may later affect RP, should be PMed before posting.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Wolf; Emmett has an agouti pelt and steely green-gray eyes.
    • Optime Hair: Pale, wavy. He generally wears it loose and cut at the shoulder.
  • Facial Features: Prominent brow.
  • Build and Size: Average
  • Scars:
    • Multiple scars on left forearm
    • Has a tear on the top of his right ear about an inch in length. Scar on left side of face, begins half an inch from left eyebrow, ends just above the jawline.
  • Tattoos:
    • --


  • Scent: Leather, forest, campfire.
  • Speech: Emmett speaks quickly, and his speech is often littered with double entendres.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Tends to "side-eye" people. Knows several rude hand gestures.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Closed-off, arrogant.
  • Humanization: Minor, but growing


  • Simple leather jerkin, belt, and cloak.

Jewelry and Accessories



90 lbs (41 kg)35 in (89 cm)

Oddly squarish for a wolf, though clearly purebred.


150 lbs (68 kg)46 in (117 cm)

Thick and muscular, rather average.

Optime (Preferred)

200 lbs (90.67kg)6ft 9in (81 in) (206 cm)

Athletic and boxish, Emmett has strong limbs and a habit for slouching.


Westar (#DCD9D2)
Tea (#C1BAB0)
Nomad (#BAB1A2)
Gray Nickel (#C3C3BD)
Rolling Stone (#747D83)
Mine Shaft (#323232)


Pewter (#96A8A1)


Cod Gray (#0B0B0B)

2.  Personality

Jerk with a Heart of GoldTroll


  • Expression: Quiet, fairly expressive when engaged
  • Sociability: Relatively introverted, tends to be sarcastic around strangers.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
    • "Values his family, but will not heed their requests necessarily."
    • "Will take risks if the benefits are great."
    • "Believes everyone should be treated fairly and kindly."
    • "Will take actions to aid others during times of crisis, even if unprofitable to do so."


  • Making his mark on the world
  • Expanding his knowledge and skills
  • Being valued by others


  • Floods
  • Rabies


  • Non-Luperci: Despite growing up in a place still very feral, Emmett believes that non-shifters (or those who choose not to shift) are being held back by their own ignorance.


  • Heterosexual, potentially Bisexual
    • Emmett likes attractive things, though is likely aiming for a practical (ie; hard-working) mate to raise his children.


  • Likes: Material goods, clothing, plains and fields
  • Dislikes: Illness, gossip, lacking autonomy


  • Up to player


  • Polytheistic
    • Raised with the beliefs of his Clan in Terchová; respect for nature, belief in afterlife.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: de le Poer

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: Raised in a clan which encouraged "basic" skills for survival, Emmett was well-versed in many matters pertaining to this. He spent more than two years living on his own, and managed to do quite well for himself.
  • Hunting (Master)
  • Tracking (Master)
  • Fishing (Journeyman)
  • Food Preservation (Journeyman): Emmett can make pemmican, and knows how to salt and smoke meat.
  • Construction (Apprentice): If shelter isn't available, Emmett is able to make this for himself. He uses only found materials and generally favors simple lean-to designs.
  • More than anything else, Emmett is an opportunist. He adapts his hunting to best suit whatever he comes across -- he would fish if it was the easiest option, for example. Emmett is not above stealing kills from others, and will "poach" from livestock.


  • Education and Learning: Though he rarely interacted with them in his youth, the rare traders which came to Terchová always interested Emmett. He took to spying on them, and when he left his home continued to do this until he felt comfortable enough to imitate the behavior. Since then, Emmett's capacity and skills as a tradesman have grown, even if his stock has not.
  • Charisma (Master)
  • Manipulation (Master)
  • Identification (Journeyman): The ability to determine "good" products from "bad", especially in terms of quality.
  • Sculpting (Dabbler): Carving is of particular interest to Emmett, who has attempted this on all sorts of materials. He is especially fond of soft stone, though usually works with wood.
  • Emmett really wants to collect more things, and has a desire for high-quality items.
  • Though he might never be comfortable riding a horse, Emmett sees a value in pack animals...especially ones which could haul a cart or sled.

5.  History

5.1  Overview

Previous Packs and Ranks

Tesák Clan (5 Nov 2012-13 Jan 2015)
Puppy, Subordinate, Okhota (Hunter)
Salsola (October 2016 - Present)
Associate, Family

Emmett's youth was a simple time – born to two high-ranking members of the Tesák Clan, he and a singular surviving sister were the latest litter of the year. They were well fed by a bountiful winter and grew up during a time of prosperity. With other youths to associate with, it became clear early on that Emmett's thoughts seemed to be of a different perspective than his companions.

Though he struggled to help his parents with their approaching second litter, the disappearance of his sister Nikola caused even greater rifts to grow between Emmett and his clan. After Emmett seriously injured another man of higher standing, he was exiled (despite many agreeing that he wasn't entirely in the wrong for his behavior).

Frustrated and seeking to reinvent himself, Emmett began following the trail of traders he had once so secretly spied upon. This brought him to cross paths with several small outposts, villages, and towns throughout Alberta before finding his way to Portland. It was here that a now-seasoned traveler and aspiring tradesman was quick to see opportunity in a wealthy, mysterious group...

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