Emma Agapito

Emma Agapito

Date of BirthAugust 1, 2009
Age> 9 months
Subspecies75% Canis latrans
25% Canis lupus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeWestern Canada

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Joining dateOctober 3, 2009[1]

Emma Agapito is the daughter of Empusa Lykoi and Beppe Agapito. She joined AniWaya; there, she lived with Hemming and her sister, Godelieve.


Emma was born with three other siblings to parents Beppe and Empusa in an area close to, but not in, modern civilization in Canada where their paternal grandparents reside. Their first month was spent with immediate family and that of Beppe's parents before her own mother was swept away by the river. Godelieve, Vasco, and Emma were taken with the current and leaving Otto on the banks alone. Godelieve and Emma, however, were snagged on protruding rocks and sticks and were able to get out of the river before any more harm was caused.

Frightened, the two sisters took off to try and find their parents and Emma, a natural born tracker, was able to catch Beppe and Otto's scent and follow a day behind them toward 'Souls until an elderly female coyote, Zaramama, found the girls around an abandoned carcass. With as much information as the two could give her, the woman set out with the two girls in tow until they made their way to 'Souls and safety. Unfortunately, the woman could go no further with the two children and left them at a pack's doorstep before she went on her way.




Alacrity, Rurik Russo, Dawali Amara, Hemming and Ember Phoenix


Emma is naturally thin with legs longer than her body, meaning she will become quick on her feet and easy to carry herself with speed. Her colors are a natural hue compared with an Eastern Timber Wolf, light browns and creams accenting her body and an off white underbelly and black guard hairs to contrast. Her eyes reflect that of her grandmother, Maria, as an odd combination of blue and green with flecks of gold around the pupil.

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