Elise 'Sable' Kuiper

Elise Kuiper is the daughter of Anne? and Jacob? Kuiper, born just outside London. She is currently the RANK of Packs.

Elise Kuiper

by Alaine



More Info

Elise Kuiper


Date of Birth

17 February 2010




Birth place



Coyote-wolf-dog hybrid

75% Canis lupus familiaris (Dog)
25% Canis lupus (Wolf)




Mate Siegel Carlan?
Pack Super Awesome?
Rank Omega


Mates Characters
Packs (Mon YYYY - Mon YYYY)
Omicron, Phi, Beta, Delta

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1.  Appearance

Elise looks most like an Irish Wolfhound, taking after her father though she has a bit of wolf in her as well. Her fur is mostly a dark blue-black, earning her the nickname 'Sable.' Overlaying her main coat is a lighter gray, brightening into an almost white blue-gray in some places--mainly around her hips and shoulders, though also down on her legs. This color appears more solidly on her chest, fading down over her rib cage before it touches her stomach, as well as on her toes and her muzzle, just below the bridge of her nose and down her chin a ways. Her eyes are large, and pale blue. She has four claw marks on her right foreleg, gained in a time she prefers not to remember.

In Optime form, she stands at an impressive 6'8, all long legs and slender muscle. She is not all bones, however--she has a small, round tummy, just enough to show she is well-fed and healthy. She is leaner in Lupus, which is only to be expected, though she is rarely found in this form--preferring Optime or Secui over it. She is built for running, and can often be seen racing deer in any form; though she is fastest in Secui.

In all forms, she wears a purple polka-dot bandanna and a necklace on a blue ribbon, set with a yellow sapphire Siegel gave her when he first asked her to be his mate. Being something of a spiritual healer in her own right, Elise also often wears a small pouch around her waste, within which she carries her chakra stones and a number of other small gems she feels help balance her life, and make her feel more centered.

Though she has a variety of clothes--most often gifts from her mate--her favorite is an old hand-me-down dress her Nana made, passed down to her grandmother and her mother before her. It has become somewhat tattered and worn over the years, but it remains extremely comfortable; when Elise actually chooses to wear clothes, it's usually this dress.

1.1  Coloration

Go go name that color!

  • Optime Hair: River Bed (#434A5E ), highlighted with Abbey (#57585d)
  • Eyes: Casper (#b3c8d5).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Thunder (#343032).
    • Lighter Abbey (#55565a) overlaying base.
    • French Gray (#c4c4ce) and Shark (#24272d) peppered throughout her coat.

1.2  Forms




xx lbs (xx kg)
xx in (xx cm)

xx lbs (xx kg)
xx in (xx cm)

148 lbs (67 kg)
6ft 8in (80 in) (203 cm)

Looks typically like an Irish Wolfhound, though clearly has some Great Dane in her due to the sheer size. Always wears a purple bandanna and her necklace pictured here! Ref by Alaine

Generally just appears to be in her Lupus form, only larger; fur around her scruff is thicker, and her Great Dane heritage is more apparent in the thickness of her limbs and the blockier shape of her head.

In Optime form Elise is naked more often than not, wearing only a necklace and a bandanna. Her hair is usually pinned up and covered.

1.3  Other


  • Piercings: None, but maybe someday soon.
  • Tattoos: None, but it could happen!
  • Scars:
    • Right arm, four scratches; scars made from being grabbed and shaken by her arm often.
    • Back of her head, long curved scar from behind her left ear to below the right usually hidden beneath her bun; made from being thrown into a wall.


Elise believes in looking respectable, which often means neutral colors--a variety of brown or cream, most often--for clothing and always having her hair pinned up. The only rebellion from her modest image is her headware; scarfs and bandannas tied over her head are often brightly colored.

  • A large yellow sapphire on a blue ribbon around her neck.
  • Various head cloths; often brightly colored.
  • Leather pouch on her hip, carrying chakra gems and other stones.


  • An old, tattered dress with a brown sash; once white, now faded to a burnt cream on the hem, sleeves, and faintly along her stomach. here!
  • A newer cream dress with long poet's sleeves. here!
  • Several colorful head scarfs & bandannas
  • A number of sashes and larger scarves to tie around her waist.

2.  Personality

Due to a series of events from her past that upset her when she was younger--and the fear of her mate lying dormant in the back of her mind--Elise is distrustful of most strangers. Though she is kind-hearted, she fears what others are capable of, and often sticks to what she knows--avoiding strangers if she can, though moving across the world ruined that plan rather quickly. Thanks to her gentle nature, and her desire to help people, it's easy to walk all over Sable. She'd give you the clothes off her back if you asked her to, and anything else besides. The only things she'd never part with are her necklace and her chakra gems; they are essential to her peace of mind.

Elise's trust is hard-won, but once you have it she has a hard time taking it back even if you betray her. In this way she is naive--or perhaps simply too innocent to know better, for despite the hardships she's been through, despite her fear of others, she wants to be able to trust. Sable needs someone to rely on, or she cannot survive--her own paranoia would eat her away until she couldn't even leave the den. It is only with her mate Siegel's help that she's survived as long as she has; and it is difficult for her to accept that he is capable of evil, despite all the evidence against him. Somewhere in the back of her mind, Elise knows he is not what he appears to be. But she also knows he loves her--in his own twisted way--and she believes he would not hurt her intentionally.

2.1  Demeanor

  • Very anxious and distrusting.
  • Uncertain; hesitates a lot.
  • Over-all very friendly and kind.
  • Often holds herself submissively.

2.2  Ideals


  • Likes: Horses, gardening, yoga, singing, chakra/aura cleansing, harmony, peace, quiet.
  • Dislikes: Shouting, violence, snakes, spiders, drugs, imbalance.


Anxious, fearful, uncertain, shy, kind, quiet, giving.

  • Outlook: Elise bounces back and forth between optimism and pessimism, though outwardly she is the former.
  • Expression: Introverted; submissive


  • Violence, pain, anger, people.


  • Happiness, joy, prosperity, love.


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Elise has yet to be introduced to homosexuality or polygamy; as far as she knows, she's heterosexual and monogamous, as she was raised to be. She's very nervous when it comes to sexual encounters, and rarely asks for one with her mate or anyone else. Sex is more about the comfort of being close to someone else than the gratification to Elise; she prefers just cuddling if she can get away with it.


Elise would never purposefully do drugs; she firmly believes that they addle the mind and lead to intellectual disabilities, if not out-right destroying parts of your body. She's not confidant enough to share this view with others, however, and her mate keeps her on more drugs than she realizes--often a blend of many.


Elise's beliefs are closely related to Buddhism; she's been taught that a state of complete balance and harmony with the world can be achieved through an understanding of how the energies of the universe come together, to create the Oneness of all life forms.

3.  Interaction

  • Speech: Elise's voice is very soft and shy, with a gentle British accent that makes her sound more sophisticated and thoughtful when combined with her slow manner of speaking.
  • Scent: Horses, dirt, musk, lavender

4.  Relationships

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5.  Achievements

Pack Game

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6.  History

Brief History going in profile here. Youcheater.

6.1  The Early Months

0 - 7 mn.

Born to Jacob and Anne Kuiper on a small farm outside the great city of London, Elise was born the youngest in a litter of four, with two brothers and a sister. The latter wanted nothing to do with her from the day they opened their eyes; but her two brothers were always around, picking on her or inviting her on a crazy adventure that always wound up with her in trouble. In this time, Elise learned two things. Her father taught her the basics of riding and taming a horse, though she couldn't practice just yet as she couldn't shift. Jacob was a ranching dog; he taught his boys every trick he knew, and they in turn explained the whole thing to their little sister.

However much she learned from the male, however, he was always distant, and whenever he looked at her there was something sad in his dark eyes. Elise knew he loved her--his affectionate nicknames for her were proof enough of that--but he didn't like being around her or her sister, and she was never quite sure why.

Elise was closer to her mother; and the female taught her everything else she needed to know--which was very little, when you added it up. She learned about the Oneness of the universe; how all their energies intertwined to form the world as it was. In this way, Sable came to understand that there was more she could do than just taking care of her body in order to bring harmony into her life. Her mother taught her about chakras and auras, and what she could do to cleanse these as well as dance patterns her mother said would help keep her balanced. Anne called this 'yoga.'

Elise thoroughly enjoyed watching her mother do these things, and was gifted with a set of her own chakra stones shortly after her first shift; she has kept them with her ever since.

6.2  Sold into Slavery

7 mn. - 1 yr.

Seven months after they were born--just after Elise first shifted into her Optime form--a male came to their ranch late in the night, with a wagon of goods and a charming smile.

Elise disliked him immediately.

Jacob invited him in for dinner, and the men spoke quietly while Anne and the pups went about their usual routine. Her mother was unusually serious, and Elise grew more and more concerned as the female moved stiffly around their house, and refused to answer when her daughter asked what was wrong. Elise's brothers didn't seem to notice anything different, and her sister was a far-cry from helping her figure out what was going on. She was too busy giving their guest doe-eyes, while Elise did her best not to look at him.

He left after dinner, but his wagon remained. By the time Elise woke up the next morning, Jacob and the boys were already busy unloading it. Anne helped her get dressed in her very first set of clothes--a tattered dress her great-grandmother had passed down--and pinned her long hair up in a bun, which she covered with a purple polka-dotted cloth. Elise was very excited the whole time, feeling as though she was a grown-up girl like her mother. She was eager to do chores around the house and help Anne with breakfast, and could almost see the heartbreak on her mother's face when instead she was sent outside to play.

Elise tried to help her father and brothers instead, but Jacob was unusually harsh in refusing her. In the end she sat on the fence to the horse corral, feeling inexplicably as though she'd done something wrong. When the male returned that afternoon, Elise could see how tense and angry her father was--and even her mother, who wished goodwill and happiness to everyone, looked upon him with hatred.

Jacob sent her to stand with her sister, and the stranger looked them over as though he were appraising horses. Then he said three simple words, "I'll take them," and Elise's world shattered.

Her brothers were outraged; they tried to stop him, but Jacob brought them sharply into line, and in the end Elise and Emily were taken away to the city. The next few months blurred together in a haze of pain and fear as Elise became a slave to the wolf Alphonse. All she truly remembers of the time is the anger; he would take all his rage out on the two girls one moment and be a calm, sweet gentleman the next. Time after time, Elise watched her sister be taken in by his ruse and wished herself lucky enough to be so naive.

She gained many scars from this time, both on her body and soul; though the only ones most easily visible are the four claw marks on her arm, from the many times he gripped her there and shook her like a ragdoll. When you look closely, she also has a number on her chest, stomach, and back--though none on her face, as he was very careful to 'keep her pretty.'

6.3  Rescued

1 yr. - 2 yrs.

Alphonse was not only an abusive slave owner; he was also a gambler. Elise and her sister often had to serve food and drinks at his games, and one fateful night found Elise as a marker on the table. The male her master played won the game, and she was sent away yet again. However, things were not so bad as they were with Alphonse; her new master Siegel was kinder, and she was not forced to do chores or serve drinks only to be punished for nothing. Instead, they sat quietly together, and whenever she became afraid he would brew her a soothing tonic for her nerves. He taught her a great many things in those first few months, but the most important was how to let go of her fear.

When Elise became aware of Siegel's routine, and discovered there were certain times of day that he didn't want to be disturbed, she slowly began taking that time for herself. She recalled her mother's lessons, and began meditation, using the chakra stones that had lain forgotten for far too long. She tried to imitate the patterns her mother had shown her, and often became so focused on what she was doing at times that she could hear her mother's voice, and see the female before her, demonstrating the move. Her activities helped calm her frazzled nerves just as much as Siegel's constant presence did. Though the first few months were hard--filled with constant fear as she expected him to turn on her at any moment--she gradually came to a more peaceful state of mind.

Of course, the fear was still there--and had good reason to be, for Siegel was not the nicest male. Parts of Elise knew he would hurt her--and that he did, at times when she could do nothing to stop him--but that worried her less and less, and she soon found herself seeking out his company in spite of the fear. He gave her the tonics so often that the drugs remained in her system for days at a time, and had a great hand in allowing her to live normally. Even when she began to feel as though she had a handle on her life, and was beginning to find balance, it was only with Siegel's help that was the truth. Whether she liked it or not, Siegel was a necessity to her survival.

There were moments when Elise's fear returned--days when the drugs wore off, or she woke up from a bad nightmare and couldn't re-gain her peace of mind. Siegel was there through all of it, though at times she could tell he was put-out with how broken she was. She was healing, though; and slowly she returned to who she was on the farm, at least around Siegel. The fear was still there, and it always would be, but she could act normally around the male, and was not always expecting the worst from him. On good days, she could even leave him alone for a bit--take a day to herself, practice her yoga or meditate as she saw fit. Siegel taught her how to garden, and even gave her her own small space for whatever plants she wished to tend.

In this time, Siegel made her his mate, gifting her a necklace set with a large yellow sapphire. Though it was more a mark of ownership than an engagement present, and he didn't ask so much as demand, Elise was overjoyed. It made him a permanent fixture in her life, and that was what she needed most; someone who would always be there for her to rely on. Never mind that he did not love her; she grew to love him, and that was all she needed to be happy.

6.4  Around the World

2yrs. - Present

6.5  Timeline


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6.6  Threads


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