Eli Hunting

Eli Hunting

Date of BirthUnknown
Age4 years
Subspecies100% Canis latrans

Eli Hunting was a member of the coyote clan led by Gabriel while he was in Scintilla.


Eli was a member of the coyote clan that Gabriel sub-led during his time away from Inferni. With most of his past a mystery, all that is really known about Eli is that his mother was killed by wolves when he was a child. He has spoken of his father, sister, and brother as if they are deceased, but no one really knows if this is true. Raised by a religious father, Eli considered himself something of a preacher, and even a faith healer during the Scintilla War. Regardless of whether this claim was true or not, Eli has shown himself to be an incredibly vicious fighter despite his size, and has a mouth that more then triples this. He was injured before the final push to California (see Gabriel’s Wiki for information) but heard rumors that Gabriel was still alive and has since been working his way north.

Before Eli made it to Nova Scotia, he met a lone coyote and through her bore a single surviving child. It is unknown where he went after this--he never made it to Inferni. However, the woman with whom he sired a daughter believed this was the case, and though she had no desire to follow him, told their daughter Kastra Hunting where to go.