Eleos Cuvetier

by Sanba

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Eleos Cuvetier is a loner currently wandering the backroads of Nova Scotia, always on the prowl for new opportunities for wealth to present themselves to her.

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Player Info

  • Family: Cuvetier?, Vanite?
  • Birthplace: Varengeville-sur-Mer, France
  • Nicknames: Elly, Leos
  • Name Meaning:
    • First name: Greek goddess of mercy, pity, compassion
    • Surname: Bastardized old French, overwhelming greed
  • Pronunciation: ee-LAY-ose koo-veh-TIER
  • Epithet: Calypso


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1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Primarily dog; only trace amounts of her wolf heritage manage to shine past the mixture of dog breeds.
  • Fur: Thin and fair with a slight wave. Her coat is dotted with patches of fawn, red, and liver coloration.
    • Optime Hair: Long and faintly wavy, stretching down to the small of her back. Faint ombre with light streaks of fawn.
  • Facial Features: Dog-like, as seen in her folded ears and liver nose. Her tapered muzzle is the sole indicator of her mixed blood.
  • Build and Size: Lithe and long, with wide hips that make her waist appear thinner than actuality.
    • Lupus: Rarely used.
    • Optime: Almost always found in this form.
  • Humanization: Mid to high; dresses up and down for whatever the occasion calls for.

Coloration and Palette

  • Nose and Paw Pads: COLOR
  • Claws: COLOR
General Colors
Isabelline (#f4f0e9)
Isabelline (#f4f0e9)
Isabelline (#f4f0e9)
Isabelline (#f4f0e9)
Isabelline (#f4f0e9)
Isabelline (#f4f0e9)
Eye Color
Isabelline (#f4f0e9)
Isabelline (#f4f0e9)


Image Here
000 lbs (000 kg)
00 in (00 cm)



Image Here
000 lbs (000 kg)
00 in (000 cm)



Image Here
000 lbs (000 kg)
0 ft, 0 in (000 cm)

OPTIME (Preferred)


2.  Personality

"Decoy Damsel", Beneath the Mask, Uncanny Valley Girl, Black Widow, Icy Blue Eyes

Sweet-tempered, naive, enthusiastic, if a bit simple. Eager to please.

Something almost always seems a bit ‘‘off’’ with the dark cant of her eyes.


Much like her personality, Eleos' past is one shrouded in mystery. Even the woman herself knows little of her own origins; she remembers nothing of her early childhood other than the stories her mother spun her about a little coastal city in France and her absentee father before she would pass away from an untimely illness.

As a youth Eleos grew up dirt-poor, scrapping alongside other street urchins on the outskirts of nameless port cities. She made good use of her youthful face and delicate features to rob what good Samaritans extended their hands out to her, banding up with fellow orphans and low-lives to make ends meet. Their little troupe quickly expanded in numbers as she grew older; Eleos slowly but surely emerged as the ringleader of the group, more often than not acting as the bait required to pull off more elaborate heists.

Still she was not satisfied with what stolen riches she had accumulated over the years. Unlike her fellow bandits, Eleos' greed was bottomless.

It was at around this time that a mysterious woman would come into her life, pulling her from a particularly sticky situation with a a proposition: she would supply the information and Eleos would strike, with them divying up the profits. Sensing a time of change was at hand, Eleos quickly roused her right-hand man Krause to action; the pair stole away every opportunity they saw, taking and storing the most extravagant loot into a hidden stash in preparation for when the perfect chance would arise.

By the time the rest of the troupe sensed something was amiss, they were already long gone.


  • Speech: enthusiastic, airy ; demanding, dramatic. Is capable of speaking conversational French though to a fluent speaker it may sound harsh and disjointed on the ears.
  • Scent: natural perfumes; mint, rosemary, lavender, etc.


Neutral Evil

  • Will provide for friends, and expects to be repaid in some manner.
  • Will keep her word only if it is profitable.
  • Will take risks if the benefits are great.
  • Uses any means necessary to evade justice.
  • Will use wealth to destroy others.
  • Will kill others to get ahead.

3.  Skills

  • Acting (Master): Eleos is a seasoned artist in portraying false personalities, seeing as it was her main source of income for most of her life. She has almost an instinctive knowledge of where to cast her eyes and when to simper, adding to the illusion that she wants her audience to believe. Her days spent traveling the backroads of Canada along with the odd mish-mash of characters she met in its many ports has allowed her to practice adopting various accents.
    • Manipulation (Journeyman): This walks hand in hand with her skills in deception. Eleos knows what she wants and how to get it -- even if she hasn't yet mastered the patience required to actually apply many of her ideas.
  • Reading/Writing (Apprentice): Records needed to be kept, even in a bandit troupe. Eleos can read and write to a degree, though her handwriting is untidy at best and illegible if written hastily. Her French in particular is atrocious.
  • Pick-pocketing (Apprentice): While this was one of her earliest learned skills, disuse and neglect have rusted her once-quicksilver hands. She still retains some knowledge, however, and has a keen eye for less attentive luperci to target.
  • Tailoring/Embroidery (Dabbler): Her interest in fashion (or more accurately, looking good) has compelled her to dabble in sewing/embroidery in order to spruce up her wardrobe and more accurately size them to fit her body. Of course, her needlework leaves much to be desired -- as of now she can only make simple adjustments.

4.  Relationships

Key Relations

i like you ehehe
gross dude
who r u bros??


Cuvetier?, Vanite?

  • Mother: Meliae Cuvetier
  • Father: Maxime Vanite*
  • Siblings: Dione Vanite*, Leto Vanite*, Ruben Vanite*
    • *no interactions with/knowledge of
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