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Credit: Viktory System (lineart & color) & Polymorph (shading)

Player & creator Viktory System

Current name: Egregore Prizmov
Current aliases: Death, Grim Reaper
Nicknames: Eggman & Eggy / Slava, Slavka & Svyatosha (personal diminutives)

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Rank: The Paladin of Salsola

Date of Birth: Jan 26 2018

Species: Wolf hybrid (Luperci Ortus)
Sex: Male

  • Pronouns: He/him, they/them (plural form)

Egregore Prizmov is the Paladin of Salsola. He currently holds the Assassino (assassin) & Segno (flesh artist/sign mark) Jobs. Once in the past, he held the Mietitore (agriculturalist/reaper) Job.

A collective of multiple individuals sharing one body, Egregore Prizmov is an eccentric enigma within his pack. His ambition has carried him and House Prizmov far. He remains dutiful as ever in carrying out his Shield obligations, his strange personal projects, and enforcing his expectations of his House's members. (See OOC Assumptions)

Salsolan Assumptions

Salsolans may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Knowing of his rank as Paladin and his House.
  • Recognizing him and his relatives as very similar in appearance.
  • Seen training Shield Pledges and Shield-related Job holders/hopefuls in the Arena.
  • Often frequenting or coming and going from the War Room.
  • (This one is a little in advance but:) Public knowledge that he has a servant named Styx, but not the full name nor any details aside.
Outsider Assumptions

Outsiders may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Awareness that Egregore is openly loyal to Salsola... when not disguised as someone else or under one of his custom masks.

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Egregore Prizmov has truly made a name not only for himself but for his family. Originally from Moscow, Egregore was brought up in a truly diabolical cult where violence and death were the norm, though he managed to escape this during his adolescence. Traveling under an alias, he expanded his skills until violence once again forced him to flee. It was not long after this that he arrived in North America. In the months that followed Egregore would come to join the Thistle Kingdom, where he quickly put forth efforts to prove himself, participating in the Liberation of New Caledonia and permanently taking on the pack's symbol, the Hand of Eris, as a show of loyalty.

In time, Egregore would take on a servant, and find his kin -- including his now-mate, Innokentiy. His skills continued to grow and he participated in several smaller missions throughout the year, developing a reputation as an herbalist (and to those in the know, an assassin). Shortly after his wedding, Egregore both became a father and was named a Shield Apprentice.

With his new position, a House now established in the Thistle Kingdom, and young children to raise, Egregore has plenty of work ahead of him. Will he continue to rise to task, or will these new pressures prove disastrous?

1.  Characteristics

1.1  Appearance

General Physical Appearance

Egregore is a bearded wolfdog with a white pelt that fades into gray around his arms and legs. He sports many scars, both from battle and from intentional scarification. He heterochromia, one eye being blue and the other red.

Egregore is seventy-five inches (6 ft 3") in his Optime form, which is the preferred form of Soul. Over his time in Nova Scotia, he has regained his muscular form that he had in Moscow, Russia to match his broad shouldered frame. His pelt is supple and wavy, the density of which is more notable. He has longer feathering around the backs of his paws and tail as well as his underbelly.

His fur is white in color with a silvery tone when hit correctly by most types of lighting. This fades into a darker gray shade at his extremities, excluding the tail, and gives him the appearance of having waded through soot. This same color clings to the undersides of his eyes, accentuating the dark bags there and implying many a sleepless night. The same color is also present on the top of his head, making his Optime hair that color. He has grown it out somewhat recently, reaching about his shoulders in length.

In terms of accessories, Soul may choose to add more silver jewelry to match his usual earrings, though Blood normally foregoes these. Commonly worn are a combination of rings that are mostly simple bands with one or two among them with a gem inlaid in each. Egregore has no way to tell if these are real or not, but he likely does not care much.

Egregore has a beard. It has a similar curly texture to his hair, though it is lighter in color. This is from his dog heritage and he has given up on keeping it short.

Defining Features


  • Lupus: 32 in
  • Secui: 40 in
  • Optime: 6 ft 03 in

Each shoulder of his features scarification. On his left are the alchemical symbols for the elements arranged to be pointing to different cardinal directions. His right side has the outline of a crescent moon. However, despite these modifications, he only has one ear with piercings on the left. He may switch the jewelry out occasionally, but generally is seen wearing a triangular hoop on the lowermost hole with two studs lined up vertically above it.

He has a facial scar scored across his muzzle and under his eye on the side of his red one. Additionally, he is missing his pinkie on his right hand and has a long, vertical scar on his upper right arm.

Other Identifiers

  • Scent: Salsola (Pine/evergreen, with salty and marshy overtones), various medicinal herbs & poisonous plants. Conceals his scent with varying scents when disguised.
  • Body Language, Posture & Quirks: Varies depending on who is fronting.
    • Blood generally is not aggressive in his posture, though he tends to posture dominantly with most. Mostly approachable.
    • Soul is both aloof and business-like with a serious and domineering posture. He tends to tap his fingers or foot when feeling impatient.
    • Mind is overtly aggressive and dominant in his body language (exception being with higher or equal ranking Salsolans).
    • Lungs has a generally laidback posture. Is much more emotive and approachable than the other three.
  • Speech: Varies depending on who is speaking.
    • Blood has a deeper and more gravelly voice. He has a very thick Russian accent and usually omits articles ('the', 'this', 'that', etc). Frank and to the point.
    • Soul has an accent that is an odd mixture of British and Russian. It may sound a little 'faked' at times, as Soul maintains his accent out of pride. His voice is deep, but not as deep as Blood's is. He is noticeably superfluous in comparison to the other three.
    • Mind speaks without a Russian accent and instead a cadence that is more local to the board's playable area. His tone tends towards more condescending and threatening remarks. Mouth of a sailor.
    • Lungs doesn't like to say much. When he does, his voice is noticeably quieter. He speaks in a pitch that is higher. Similar to Mind, Lungs speaks with a local cadence.
Color Palette
Ghost (#C8CED2)
Shrike (#767C7F)
Improbable (#6D7376)
Pawpads, Nose, & Scars
Improbable (#6D7376)
Blood (#FF0000)
Soul (#0064CD)

Credit: Despi (lineart) & Viktory System (design)

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1.2  Personality

Blood: Loyal, devoted, fierce, defensive, protective, stoic, superstitious, paternal
Soul: Authoritarian, focused, obsessive, prideful, selfish, manipulative, self-indulgent, materialistic, diabolical
Mind: Condescending, predatory, merciless, mischievous, nationalistic, dominating, precise, sociopathic, demonic
Lungs: Rebellious, fun-loving, openminded, amicable, naïve, immature, young at heart

Summary: Egregore is a being of four: Blood, Soul, Mind and Lungs.

Blood holds the memories to Egregore's upbringing in the cults of Moscow and St. Petersburg. He holds the most reverence for witchcraft and the occult. He is superstitious, especially when it comes to omens and divinatory readings from witches and other oracles that he trusts. He is protective of his family and cares deeply for the other bonds he has forged. Despite being more friendly than Mind and Soul, Blood is still stoic in disposition.

Soul is the narcissistic ego. He is motivated by legacy, power and control. He tends to play mind games and enjoys manipulating others into benefitting him. He has the highest amount of medicinal knowledge. He writes the lengthiest entries into Egregore's collective journals. He tends to obsess over his possessions and passions.

Mind split off from Soul after Egregore joined Salsola. He initially resented his position in Salsola as he saw no reason to agree to obligation and attachment. He later saw the benefit in Salsola's finest qualities. He concluded it to be the superior kingdom in his opinion. He took quickly to the more brutal side of Soul's Segno work. When Blood relapsed into cannibalism (a ritual he was raised with), Mind found he enjoyed the thrill of the chase and kill more than anything else. He convinced Soul to allow Egregore to take the Assassino Job. Mind's skills sharpened from frequent bounty work until Soul saw fit to put Egregore where he would be even more useful: the Shield Faction. He gladly will hurt or kill you for any reason (including boredom) if given the opportunity to get away with it.

Lungs is the newest addition that Blood has taken under his metaphorical wing. He feels trapped in a land and life he did not agree to and yearns for freedom. He is prone to attempting to run away if allowed full control of Egregore. Lungs is much more willing to make friends with outsiders than the rest of Egregore is. He desires change.

  • Motivations: Status, power, freedom, entertainment, knowledge
  • Fears: Restriction, powerlessness, unpredictability
  • Likes: Oddity, information, sparring/fighting, his family (Salsolan Familia & House Prizmov), wealth, autonomy, individualism
  • Dislikes: Surprises, cowardice, challenges to his authority, restriction
  • Packs: is dedicated obsessively to Salsola and believes Salsolans to be superior. He tends to have a bias or disregard for outsiders (save for Blood & Lungs). Has no strong/collective dislike or appreciation for any other pack.
  • Color: Is often biased against homochromia and pink eyes in his blood kin.
  • Age: Blood feels most protective of the young and has a strong inborn paternal instinct. Since growing closer to his own children, Mind is beginning to warm up to the concept too. All of Egregore violently despises those who would take advantage of the young with sexual assault.
  • Species: Mind and Soul look down on coyotes, especially those with Infernian heritage.
Sexuality & Gender
  • Sexuality: Bisexual. Prefers submissive, cooperative and intelligent partners.
  • Gender: Generally masculine, though tends to be somewhat gender non-conforming and challenging to gender roles (by Salsolan cultural standards especially).
Spirituality and Substances
  • Spirituality: Soul is Christian. Blood is spiritual and has a reverent belief in the occult. Mind and Lungs are secularly atheistic, although Mind finds religion and superstition are great tools to control others with.
  • Substances: Prefers to dose others with inebriants and poisons than take them himself. Will indulge in marijuana, tobacco and alcohol on special or uncommon occasion.

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2.  Relationships

Immediate Family

Unknown relations indicated by *

Family Relationships (Hide)


Whilst still pregnant with Egregore, Niko and Lev, Lyuba killed and cannibalized their father, Gavriil. Egregore later killed his mother in self defense and cannibalized her remains.


Egregore feels complicated about his sister Niko. His house is a little too crowded for his taste, even after he kicked Lev out and found a separate home for Eris. This is exacerbated by her still current standing as an Associate and occupying his ability to sponsor any new Salsolans. He is not as close to Lev and the two of them have only drifted further into resentment over the years. However, Lev has made more attempts to talk to Blood recently, so there is some progress there.

Extended Family

Egregore loves his cousin (and mate), Innokentiy. He is similarly close to Jekaterina. He is not a fan of his younger cousins: Enigma, Echo & Ego. He is terrified of his uncle, Makariy Chernbelov?, and reveres his aunt, Diana Chernbelov.