Drako Destiny

Drako Destiny

PlayerYour name
Name Meaning"A constellation in the polar region of the Northern Hemisphere near Cepheus and Ursa Major. Also called Dragon." "The inevitable or necessary fate to which a particular person or thing is destined; one's lot."
Name OriginLatin
Date of BirthMay 1, 2004
Subspecies70% Canis lupus arctos, 30% Canis lupus nubilus
Birth placeWar Horse Lake, Montana

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Previous Packs

Jaded Shadows

RanksSubordinate, Lehrling, Spaher


RanksGraduierter, Spaher, Jager


Attention span is short unless the task is enjoyable or necessary, then he can remain focused and determined for a long period of time. He is most happy when he is getting his own way and finds it even better when his way coincides with that of others. Unstable some of the time and tends to have a cynical view of the world and where everyone is headed in the long run. Violent when in certain rare moods, yet other times supporting pacifism. While he can be seen as bipolar, he's more maniacally happy than he is irritable and angry (and that never hurt anyone, right?). He doesn't feel remorse right away after doing something wrong, it tends to be delayed and finally sets in awhile afterwards. Moods come and go as well as the paranoia that shows up once in awhile. He is inquisitive all the time and often ponders his place in existence as well as everyone else's. He has a thirst for knowledge that is often satisfied which leads to slight arrogance and pride, though he doesn't mind being proven wrong if he ends up learning something. He tends to have a scientist's outlook, though on some topics he can seem extremely superstitious, such as his obession with the stars and moon and unfounded hate of coyotes and lesser canines. To those that manage to get close, he is blindly loyal.

  • soul grade: Evil-Good
  • likes: Stargazing, reading, dancing, music, drawing, puppies, teaching, being alone
  • dislikes: Rapists, murderers, carrion, losing, cloudy nights
  • skills: Intelligent, fast learner, very familiar with constellations, can navigate by the stars, knows a lot about humans, agile, fast runner
  • weaknesses: Weak physically, fast to anger, overly suspicious



  • ParentsUrukara Destiny and Korbal Destiny
  • Siblings: Oriona
  • Extended Family —
    • Grandparents — Atrox Destiny and Visha Bothro
    • Aunt and Uncle — Shara Destiny and Zeti Adrik (also adoptive parents)
    • Cousins — Kala Adrikm, Luna Adrik, Eclipse Adrik
  • Offspring with Satin XyliaSindri Xylia, Logan Xylia [alive], Hydra Destiny? [unknown]



Draco has black with silver speckles barely visible throughout the coat; silver muzzle, eyebrows, and ear tips; off white chest and sock on left front foot. Pattern is solid for the most part, only broken up by the significant changes in colour. He has orange eyes.


  • Right shoulder: A red dragon drawn inside the outline of the constellation Draco.
  • piercings: None


  • Right foreleg: Knotted and scarred around the entire knee area from back to front - Segodi Mogotsi
  • Right side, midsection: Small gash hidden beneath the fur - Segodi Mogotsi
  • Right eyebrow: Straight horizontal cut going across the entire length of the eye. - Brocc
  • Left shoulder: Three lines going from the top of the shoulder down to the middle of the back. - Blitz

physique (wolf):

  • height: 2'7" length: 5'6" weight: 80 lbs

Thin, not well muscled. Large paws and ears. Coat is rough and thick, only smooth on ears and face. Limbs are lanky and he appears very slightly malnourished. Uses: everyday tasks, hunting.

physique (halfling):

  • height: 4'8" length: 7'9" weight: 185 lbs

Large paws, shorter ears and tail. Stockier legs and body that bring him up from below average size to just average. Muscles increase in size especially on the chest and around the shoulders. Fur becomes very coarse and thick. Uses: fighting.

physique (werewolf):

  • height: 7'11" weight: 195 lbs

Tall and thin, weakest of all forms. Fur becomes thinner and smooth except for on the elbows and face where it remains the same as halfling. Black mane reaches the middle of his back. Limbs and fingers are long and flexible. Uses: reading, writing, exploring human areas, everyday tasks.


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