Dominic Hunt

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Dominic Hunt is the son of Irene and Barker Hunt from east Texas. He has one younger sister, Lizzy Hunt.






  • Date of Birth:
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: --¬†
  • Mate: --
  • Pack: LN
  • Family:
  • Birthplace: east Texas, U.S.
  • Species: Wolfdog
  • cNPC:¬†

Lisette (Lizzy) Hunt

  • Minor NPCS:
  • Red (Red-tailed hawk)
  • Nan (Draft horse mix)



  • Fighting: Messing with his sister in any fashion can lead to vicious conflict
  • If you have a non-luperci character you want to become luperci, Dom's your guy!
  • Friendship Dom is very easy to get along with and befriend.
  • Flirting Dom has started taking interest in the opposite sex.

1.  Appearance

Dominic is a healthy and robust wolfdog, which is remarkable when considering his parent's ages at conception. He's a hearty mix of the Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute, while retaining the mental sharpness and focus of a Border Collie. His build is broader than the average wolf, but the overall shape is consistent. His fur is dense and an eye-catching slate blue, likely having resulted from a blue and white border collie in his gene pool. His eyes are grey/green and neither warm nor cold. His facial markings are comprised of a mix of a husky's mask and a border collie's white and speckled muzzle with a forehead stripe running up just short of his Optime hair line. His forelegs are a soft white and are feathered, as is his tail to a lesser degree. His tail is also curled and has a white ring and dark tip at it's end. He has a wolf's saddle peppered along his shoulders and back, but a thick white scruff. His left ear is only slightly folded and it's hard to say which breed he most resembles. He appears bulky like a malamute, but is leaner underneath that double coat. He is admirably resilient and has great stamina over all.

His secui is nearly double his lupus's size and his thick, white scruff is even more pronounced. His legs become thicker and more powerful. He is heavier but faster and capable of easily overpowering most prey. Other than the bulk and added benefits of this powerful form it is very alike to his lupus as far as his coloration and features.

In Optime he stands with a humanoid posture. His figure is overall a little broader than a wolf's. His shoulders and chest are most notable. His chest is beginning to develop visible muscle from his hard work on his family's farm and he'll likely develop more as he fully matures.

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Wolfdog Canis lupus nubilus, canis lupus lycaon, Canis lupus familaris
  • Fur: Dense with some feathering.
    • Optime Hair: Short on the sides with a disorderly plume in the middle.
  • Facial Features: His muzzle and face is sharp and wolfish with very slight feathering from his ears and down. He has a partial facial mask of a husky and the muzzle coloring of a border collie. His left ear tapers down slightly.
  • Build and Size: Sturdily built as is typical with wolfdogs. He is broader in the chest and shoulders than a wolf, but looks even larger than he is due to his dense fur.
  • Humanization: Medium-High.


  • Eyes: Coriander
  • Fur:¬†Predominantly Nevada and Gallery with some Cod Gray ticking.
  • Markings: He has a Gallery muzzle with Nevada splotches on the end of his snout. He has a Gallery scruff, and a husky fur pattern on the rest of his body. He has a Gallery brow dot over each eye.


Nevada (#646E75)
Gallery (#EEEDEC)
Cod Gray (#1c1c1c)
Coriander (#C4D0B0)

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scars:
  • Puncture wounds in his left ear
  • Minor scuffs in his right haunch
  • Scratches in belly hidden by fur

Jewelry and Accessories

  • Leather patterned belt an ornamental belt buckle


  • Jeans with holes in the knees cut off a bit down the calf



90lbs (41kg) — 35in (89cm)

  • His dense pelt makes him look heavier than he is.


156lbs (68kg) — 46in (117cm)

  • Thick and muscled. His gallery scruff is a dominant feature.

Optime (Preferred)

227lbs (104.5kg) — 6ft 9in (208cm)

  • Dominic is "farm strong," with a broader chest and shoulders than a typical wolf Optime. His mane is kept relatively short around the back and sides but sticks out in the front.


  • Speech: Lazy southern drawl. His voice is breathy, deep, gravelly and very tonally warm.
  • Voice Canon: Jim Parrack as Hoyt Fortenberry in Trueblood
  • Scent: Earthy. Dirt, leather, cigarette smoke, horse, hawk, and his sister.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Ruffles his scruff, sometimes puts a hand on his hip when he's deep in thought.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Humanoid, respectful. Dominic is not afraid to stand up for himself if required to.

2.  Personality

Knight Templar Big BrotherTragic BigotBeware the Nice Ones

  • Mild mannered, Thoughtful, Naive:
    • Dominic is kind to a fault and could light up a room just by standing in it. It's not that he demands attention, the light he brings is softer. His presence is comfortable, gentle, and warm. He's genuine, hospitable, and self-sacrificing, and he cares about the people around him. He'd do anything for a friend.
    • He's generally quiet and equally enjoys companionship and solitude. But, when he's quiet he's usually deep in thought. A lot of worry comes along with taking care of someone, and his sister Lizzy has been ill since birth. While he's content with this burden, it does weigh on him. He's constantly thinking of ways to keep Lizzy comfortable and as well as he can make her.
    • And Lizzy's not the only thing on his mind. Dominic is constantly thinking about something: whether's it's concerning his hawk's training, or a new variety of trap he wants to make, or some hoof prints that could lead him to their next meal. He's constantly contemplative, pensive, even. He likes to ponder religion, or the nature of the stars.
    • Still young, there is still a lot for him to learn, and he's sometimes ignorant of that fact. He's largely self-taught when it comes to the practical matters of his daily life on his family's farm, but bigger issues are harder for him to grasp. He's entirely naive when it comes to the opposite sex, and can't understand prejudices that are based on species, or gender. He doesn't understand that his beliefs on right and wrong are entirely subjective, and expects everyone else to share his views. He's gullible and entirely open to suggestion. He'll take a stranger at face value and believe every word they say.
  • Hard-working, Self-reliant, Resourceful:
    • Dominic has been working to care for his family ever since he was able. He understands his responsibilities and finds reward in a hard day's work. It makes him happy to know that what he's doing has a real, solid impact on their daily lives, and he works towards goals with whole-hearted contentedness.
    • Because of his father's early death Dominic is used to being his family's provider. He doesn't have to be told when something needs doing, he does it, without hesitation. He could live as a loner as successfully as with his family or a pack, it doesn't matter to him. He longs for companionship, but it's not necessary for him to survive.
    • Resourcefulness goes hand in hand with his self-sufficient nature. He's learned to make full use of scavenged material and can come up with pretty ingenious solutions to difficult problems. He enjoys discovering the uses of things he finds and often puts them to noble purpose: hunting, trapping, repairing things. He's competent, handy, and loves to learn.
  • Overprotective, Prejudiced, Unforgiving:
    • He loves his sister and he'd do anything to protect her...everything. Dominic has gone to extremes to defend his family. Even the slightest offense: an offhanded remark about his sister's illness, a realistic account of her capabilities or lack there of has the potential to send him into an irrational rage. In these cases a few calm words could soothe him, but in more extreme cases Dominic will react with reckless and thoughtless violence.
    • Threats real or perceived are dealt with quickly, for good or ill. His mother taught him that the non-luperci were savages, less capable than full shifters, and owing to his gullibility the young Dominic has taken this lesson to heart. He's focused his rage on the ones that harassed his family's livestock in the past, and can't seem to differentiate these individuals from others like them. He believes that they need to be converted or killed, at least driven off and exiled. This ruthlessness is a branching aspect of his personality, very far from his usually calm and thoughtful demeanor, and and incidents are few and far between.
    • Dominic is a very trusting person, but when that trust is broken he has a hard time trusting again. He's sharp and his trust is fickle. He'll pledge someone undying loyalty, and at the first breath of a lie their bond is severed. He's kind but stubborn and forgiveness is rare, and usually only happens once. He'll put a polite distance between himself and any former friends, never seeking to harm them with words or actions, but never taking their word again.


Kind and mild-mannered, resourceful, gullible, thoughtful, and unforgiving

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Sociability: High. Dominic is a caregiver at heart and is very hospitable. He believes in repaying debts and thoroughly enjoys company. He is polite to a fault.
  • Expression: Thoughtful. His brows are often furrowed.
  • Alignment: Some variety of neutral


  • His sister's health and well-being
  • The welfare of his friends and family.



  • Packs: No opinions yet!
  • Species: He doesn't play into biases, Dominic respects everyone.
  • Non-Luperci: Dom will likely try to turn any non-luperci he sees into a luperci, whether they want to be turned or not.
  • Gender: Dominic respects women greatly. He is just slightly wary of other males.
  • Color: Unique but muted colors. Dominic isn't attracted to anything particularly flashy.
  • Sexuality: Dominic believes everyone has a right to love.
  • Age: Dominic respects his elders and likes puppies, so long as they're not too rambunctious.


Kinsey Scale 1 predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual


  • Likes: Birds, quiet, storms, the stars, farming, being luperci. His independence.
  • Dislikes:
  • Non-luperci, meddlers, arrogance, overly rambunctious individuals, anyone who tries to harm his sister.


  • Alcohol: Recreational drinking.
  • Cigarettes: non-habitually indulges. Dominic finds smoking relaxing, it gives him a reason to stop and think.


  • Christianity

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: Hunt

  • Mother: Irene Hunt
  • Father: Barker Hunt
  • Sister: Lisette (Lizzy) Hunt

3.2  NPCs

Lisette (Lizzy) Hunt

  • Species: Wolfdog
  • Age and DOB: 8-9 months old
  • Description: Dominic's anemic sister. She is always seen in Optime and forbidden to shift by her brother (for her own health and safety). She is a lot smaller than her brother and takes after the border collie aspect of their blood more than he does. She is lean and often appears undernourished, despite her big brother's diligent care. Her fur is soft and feathered and lacks a saddle. She is two-toned: light grey and a gentle snowy white. Her eyes are a light turquoise blue. Her hair is long and wispy.
  • Personality: Bright, intelligent, and sometimes soft-spoken. Lizzy likes to read. She is sometimes resentful of her own frailty and is highly dependent on her brother.

4.  Assets

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning:
  • Reading (Apprentice): Dominic can read, but with difficulty. He is a slow reader and has to sound out words that are longer than three syllables.
  • Mexican-Spanish (Dabbler): He knows enough to recognize the flow of the language and it's associated accent. He can introduce himself and speak common phrases, but his southern accent is abundantly clear throughout and any real knowledge is very limited.

5.  History

Dominic Hunt was born in east Texas and lived with his family in a small farmhouse. His mother and father, Irene and Barker, were sheep herders who fell in love young. They didn't expect to have puppies, and planned otherwise, but late in life Irene bore a litter. Most of her pups died due to their mother's age, Dominic was the only survivor. As he grew he learned how to tend to the sheep and began helping his parents look after them once he could shift. Barker passed away during Irene's second pregnancy, and it fell to Dominic to care for his elderly mother and his potential siblings. In her grief Irene gave birth to Dominic's sister Lizzy. From birth Lizzy was a sickly puppy and Dominic and his mother didn't think she would live long, but Lizzy surprised them and survived to shifting age. Ever since Dominic has been fiercely protective of his sister, and as she grew up he took on more and more of the family's responsibilities. He became their provider and protector, and eventually rescued a red tailed hawk. He named the hawk Red and began to train it.

Slowly the Hunt family became accustomed to father's absence and life was relatively peaceful. The peace was short-lived and eventually a few desperate non-luperci began to heckle the Hunt family's sheep in hope of an easy meal. They were discovered by Dominic, who ran them off. It worked in his favor that he was a sizable hybrid and capable of shifting, but he couldn't remain at the farmhouse all the time and soon he devised a plan to keep the non-luperci at bay. Dominic set up an array of primitive traps around their land and for a while it seemed to work. But it wasn't long before they came to trouble them again.

Irene was naturally distrustful of non-luperci and it rubbed off on her son. One day when he was tending to the sheep Dominic encountered one of the non-luperci loners, a hybrid of some variety. He'd gotten himself caught in one of the traps and Dominic came to notice. Out of the desire to protect his family and a simple-minded notion Dominic attempted to change the non-shifter into a luperci. He naively thought that by becoming a luperci the loner would be able to better distinguish right from wrong and that he wouldn't be so desperate if he had a Luperci's capabilities. Dominic had never changed a non-luperci before and he only half-remembered what his mother had said about a non-luperci and a luperci's blood mixing. So Dominic went and fetched a knife. He meant to make a small incision in the loner's side, but the loner struggled and the knife went deeper than Dominic thought. He cut himself and let his blood drip into the loner's wound, but the damage was already done. The loner cursed Dominic, his lung pierced, and slowly began to asphyxiate to death. Dominic thought the loner was changing and decided to hunt down the others rather than watch. He found them and they fought. The fight was vicious, the loners insulted his family and taunted him about his sister while they bit and scratched at him. That made something click inside Dominic and he flew into a rage. He stabbed them both to death, no longer willing to change them. While all the while his mother had been looking for him.

Irene had found the loner's corpse and followed Dominic's blood laden scent to witness her son killing the second of the two others. Even after she was dead Dominic kept stabbing her, much to his mother's shock. After witnessing the gory scene Irene refused to look at her son, and promised never to do so again. She didn't want to see him, and she couldn't after the horror she had witnessed. Dominic, confused and angry stormed off. He found his sister and told her that the loners had attacked and that their mother was dead. He convinced her that they needed to leave and he'd heard of a large settlement of luperci far up north.

The pair of them left with the family's draft horse Nan and a long while later arrived in 'Souls, thin and weary.

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