Doc Sullivan

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1.  Appearance

He has few wolfish traits, like slightly longer fur on his tail, nape and leg. He also has large ears that stand upright. It is quite clear, however, that he is a hybrid. His snout is shorter, and he is covered in spots that aren't usually seen on wolves. His body is shaped like a hound dog, long and lean. He has a variety of scars: two across his muzzle, a few faint ones on his back and visible bite marks on his legs and tail.

In Optime form, he wears a black wool overcoat that reaches past his knees, a brown vest over a white undershirt and a pair of dark brown pants. In hot weather, he may wear very little or nothing at all. Most of his clothing is wrinkled and frayed at the edges - though he is able to clean clothing, he doesn't know how to repair it. Some of it is stained with brown spots, bloodstains that he was not able to remove.

1.1  Build & Species

  • His bloodline is composed almost entirely of hunting or working dogs: Pointer, American Foxhound, Bluetick Coonhound, Golden Retriever, and Border Collie to name a few. He has some wolf blood, which accounts for his size. (5%, from his mother's side).

2.  Personality

Because of the culture he was raised in, he views women as being physically (yes, even if she's obviously stronger than him) and mentally weaker. He is reserved and polite around the female sex, and quite willing to do small favors for them. While he prefers to think of himself as a gentlemen, he comes across as a bit patronizing at times. Doc's attitude to men is much more complicated. It could easily be said that he hates men, but that isn't entirely true. He hates warriors, or those that remind him of his home's warrior caste. He is wary around them, though he may act polite for safety's sake. If they are wounded, he is unlikely to be gentle while healing them. He is more likely to be open around those whose personality or profession is based on intelligence rather than brawn. He treats elders with respect and reverence, partially due to the values Doc Finn instilled in him. He dislikes and ignores most children, because he envies their innocence and playfulness, traits he was not allowed to have as a child.

Because of a general feeling of powerlessness in his childhood, he has an attraction to acquiring power. On the other hand, he desperately longs for a normal, quiet life. These two goals come into conflict with each other often, making his actions somewhat difficult to predict.

He is sometimes prone to risky behavior, like drinking heavily or ingesting strange plants to see what effects they might have. Doc doesn't like his life, and it shows.


2.1  Interests

  • Likes: alcohol, singing, working with his hands, reading, intelligence
  • Dislikes: violence, large animals

2.2  Traits

Grumpy, passive-aggressive, fearful.

  • Outlook: A very firm pessimist.
  • Expression: Introverted and passive-aggressive.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil

2.3  Fears

  • Mockery, powerlessness, death

2.4  Motivations

  • Power, alcohol, trade, survival, a quiet life with a wife and some kids

2.5  Biases

  • Packs: None yet.
  • Species: Doc has no opinion on species, yet. He is the sort of person that would think 'that one other breed attacked me, so now I hate them all', though.
  • Non-Luperci: Believes non-luperci are savages.
  • Gender: Believes women are physically and mentally weaker. He is also, however, afraid of other men - particular warriors.
  • Sexuality: Uncomfortable with sexuality, even more so when it's not heterosexual.
  • Age: He is respectful of the elderly, and jealous of children and their innocence.

2.6  Sexuality

  • ??? on the Kinsey scale.
  • Bisexual
  • His fear/hatred of the male sex makes it difficult for him to acknowledge any attraction to them; it usually makes him feel very self-loathing. He is much more comfortable with women, and shows his interest by being polite and acting like a gentleman.

2.7  Substances

  • Alcohol; he'll try anything else once, too.

2.8  Spirituality

  • Vaguely resentful of god.

3.  Skills

Dorcas has been trained in a wide variety of skills, but has never truly focused on anything yet.

  • Surgery & First Aid (Master): He's been trained in a crude form of surgery by his mentor, Doc Finn. He knows how to amputate limbs and treat them - though it no guarantee that the patient will survive. He knows how to dock tails, crop ears, etc. He also knows how to bandage and clean wounds, and how to recognize illness in another canine.
  • Herbalist (Journeyman): He's aware of what types of plants can be used to treat a sore throat, a cough, etc and what can be used as poison. However, there are many unfamiliar plants in the 'Souls area that he doesn't recognize; he comes from a different climate.
  • Reading/Writing (Journeyman): He's better at reading than he is at writing.
  • Scavenging (Apprentice): Sometimes he needs to trade stuff for food, and the other party isn't interested in herbs or his ability to treat wounds. Therefore, he scavenges cities in hopes of finding something that might be valuable. Sometimes he's lucky.
  • Alcohol-making (Dabbler): He's got a vague idea how it works, but has never had the time nor the opportunity to try it seriously.
  • Trap-making (Dabbler): He knows how to trap small animals, which is unfortunately not enough to feed himself.
  • Singing (Dabbler): A passing hobby, used to entertain himself when he's alone.

4.  Weaknesses

  • Fighting: He's terrible at it and makes no effort to improve, believing himself utterly incapable.
  • Hunting: While his heritage ought to make him a good hunter, he simply doesn't have the skill or the patience. In addition, he is afraid of large animals, which reduces his hunting options. He must rely on others to get what he needs. He usually accomplishes this by offering his skill as a doctor in return for food, or through trade.

5.  NPCs

  • Name: Cinnamon
  • Species: Donkey
  • Age:' 7 Years
  • Description: His coat is reddish brown, with white on his belly and nose.
  • Personality: Cinnamon is a donkey that Doc stole before he left town. He uses him as a pack animal. He has been trained to allow riders on his back, but his canine owner doesn't dare try. He's generally treated well, in terms of being given food and shelter - but Doc's lack of knowledge in equine care-taking has lead to some problems.

6.  Residence

  • Doc currently posses no home.

7.  Possessions

Travel Gear

  • A few sets of clothing, generally what he could gather before he fled.
  • Rope, harness and materials for Cinnamon.
  • A dented stainless steel mug he bought from a salvage shop.
  • A well-worn copy of The Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce

Medical Supplies

  • A chipped ceramic teapot covered in smoke stains. He uses this to make tinctures or tisanes.
  • A few books which he uses to record his medical findings or which herb has which effect.
  • A mortar and pestle for grinding up herbs.
  • A knife or scalpel.
  • Jars of dried herbs, either dried himself or stolen from Doc Finn's collection.
  • A bottle of alcohol.


  • Some old coins.

7.1  For Trade

Doc is always open to trading; it's rather necessary for his survival, considering he cannot hunt.

  • Offering: A variety of herbs and seeds, depending on the season and how much he has been able to gather. Occasionally, he may find a trinket or two he has no use for and is willing to trade.
  • Accepting: Food; meat, bread, feed for his donkey. ALCOHOL.

8.  History

Doc grew up somewhere in (what used to be) Mississippi. He born into something like a city, rather than a pack. Most were mixedbreed dogs; a few had coyote or wolf blood in them. Those that were descended from a particularly vicious dog fighting ring occupied the Warrior Caste and more or less ruled the town. Doc's father was a mercenary who used his tracking skills to find those who had violated the ruling council's laws. He never knew him, however. His father had lots of children, for it was perfectly acceptable for a high-ranking male to sleep around and he had neither the time nor inclination to visit any of his offspring.

Doc and his mother occupied a lower, working class caste. He was the only surviving child of a stillborn litter - and a runt at that. For this reason, his mother was very protective of him and held on to him when tradition dictated that the weak be left to die. He grew stronger and larger with time, but he was still behind other pups his age - and thus a frequent target for torment. He very quickly learned how to evade and hide from his tormentors, even if his lack of self-esteem told him that he couldn't fight back and win. He became known as a coward and a momma's boy.

The high point of his young life came shortly after he after he ate a batch of poisonous berries. A friend of his mother's found him passed out beneath a bush, and took him to the healer - or doctor, as he was called. The doctor 'cured' him (gave him a placebo and waited for the mild poison to subside) and helped him recover. Doc took a shine to the man and began to hang around him, which eventually led to his apprenticeship.

As a result of his apprenticeship, Doc was treated with more respect. He was no longer tormented or threatened. Doc's confidence and skill grew as Finn taught him. When he had the time, he experimented with cures on his own: he would trap an animal, get it sick or wounded and then try to cure it. Though he was still a pariah in some ways, unable to shake the reputation he acquired in his youth, his life bore some resemblance to a normal one. After three years of age, he started courting a sheep-herder's daughter.

All his plans fell apart when he made the mistake of taking a bribe from an arena fighter, to poison his opponent. Doc was caught, and forced to flee. He was not able to get word to either his family or bride-to-be about what had happened.


January 2016

  1. Ain't got none yet.

9.  Family

  • Mother: Mary Wolfsblood
  • Father: James Sullivan. Doc has never met him and is bitter about this.
  • Siblings: None. He's an only child.
  • Extended: His father gets around. He's got a lot of cousins; few of which he has any awareness of.

10.  Former Relations